Sailor Pluto

A big THAN YOU to my dear friend P. She helped me learn how to put this site together. She and I always put out heads together and come up with great ideas. For example she is the one to invent PUNCH. She also has a hand and mind in the fan-fiction. Although we disagree on which anime shows are good and which guys are cute, shrugs. Thanks to P she helps keep the guys under control and the prisoners locked away.                               (Her other idenity is Washuu)


   Sailor Venus

V is the one with the facts and insight. She is often the one to see new anime series and tell us about it. She also knows a lot about each series she gets into. She helps us to keep our facts straight. She helps with editing the fan-fiction. Thank You V for putting up with us!

                Sailor Jupiter

My friend J has great ideas and writing skills. She has written some of the fan-fiction. She and I are so into anime. She has a vivid imagination and creative thinking skills. We work well as a team. Thank You J!

Lina Inverse

My good friend T is a very artistic person. We have written fan-fiction together. We also have the same good taste for anime and some of the guys. T always has good ideas and a fun attitude. Thanks T for all your help and support!

 Sailor Saturn

My friend Saturn has seen a lot more anime then I. She finds the more adult promoted anime. Although she loves Sailor Moon and Slayers. She helps me in my Japanese spelling and information. Saturn too is artistic. She is one cool friend =)

 Sailor Mars

My friend Mars studies Japanese. She helps in translating anime for us. She really likes anime and likes to find out the information behind some of the series. Keep up your Japanese knowledge Mars!

 Chibi Chibi

 Thanks to my friend Chibi Chibi. She is a really nice person and is intrigued by anime. She is learning about it and always likes to have fun. She is quiet but is full of personality and friendliness. Thanks for your friendship =)