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~ March 2003 ~

* Major site renovation.  

1. Main page redone.    

2. New polls.  

3.  Links updated.

4. Little touch ups around site.

* See my banners under links.

* Need more fan art and websites. I can put up your site or a recommended site up on to my links page. 





* Cartoon Network is beginning new shows starting March 17! These include more DBZ, Boo Saga, and Kenshin.  

* Cowboy Bebop has an official website come see the movie in theaters soon!

* Lupin III goes Hollywood! "The perennial master thief Lupin III is now set to become a major Hollywood motion picture. Gerald R. Molen, producer of Schindler's List, has acquired the live-action film rights to the character." - Yahoo news .


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