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       When Serena was the Moon princess she fell in love with Prince Darien from Earth. During the time of war Darien went off to fight. Serena pleaded that he should stay or take her with him. During the night Darien snuck into the masquerade to tell Serena his good bye and his love for her. Then the evil pulled them a part. Queen Serenity with the last of her strength saved everyone by being reborn on Earth. Darien and Serena occasionally saw each other around. Usually with Darien calling her "meatball head." Keeping secrets and identities hidden they did not find their past love until the Moon princess was revealed. Quickly the evil washed Darien's mind prolonging his past knowledge. Sailor Moon had to help Darien fight the evil and find their feelings of love. Ever since Darien disguised as Tuxedo Mask helps Serena and he other Sailor Scouts fight. Their love is always stretched and strengthened. Who says love is easy?


Serena and Darien













Miscellaneous Pairings





  Moon Princess and Prince of the Earth








Moon Princess and Tuxedo Mask




Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask








Sailor Moon and Prince of the Earth