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Random Fic by P


…Life is random so why not make it anime too?  

Driving around town…  

P, Duo and Heero are on their way to the mall.  Along the way a bored Duo is reading street signs.  Then P stops in front of an old bakery shop with its original sign on it but it said something that made Duo scratch his head.  

Duo: (reading sign) Now serving: Choc ip ookies  ebra sqers & ough uts?  What the heck?!  

Heero: (looks up, and cracks a rare smile)  

P: that’s an old bakery…over time the letters fall off making the words look like they are misspelled.  

Duo: hey lets stop and get some treats!  

P: well I am thirsty, and I wouldn’t mind some chocolate.  

Heero: (stops smiling and looks horrified)  

Duo and P go into the store.  

Store Keeper:  Hi everyone how can I help you?  

P: I would like to have three chocolate chip cookies.  

Duo: yeah and I would like to have a dough nut too….with regular glaze.  

P: OH! And a bottled water too.  

Shop Keeper:  You what?  

P and Duo look annoyed…  

P: three cookies, a bottled water and one regular glazed doughnut.  That’s all.  

Store Keeper: We don’t serve that.  

P: What?  This is a bakery, why don’t you serve what we asked for?  

Duo: Yeah!

Shop Keeper:  Our today’s special is Choc ip ookies  ebra sqers & ough uts.  That’s what we have to serve for now.

P: meaning chocolate chip cookies, zebra squares and dough nuts???  

Shop Keeper: No...  

Duo and P:  WHAT?!  

P and Duo soon stood in silence starring at the shop keeper and at the treats.  

4 minutes later…back in P’s car.  

Heero: So what did u get?  

P: (rummaging through the bag she is holding)  we got three Choc ip ookies, one ough ut and one bott waer.

Heero: What???  

Duo: Don’t ask, just eat  your ookie.  

(This fic in honor of such signs we drive by every day.)