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Sailor P’s Short Story Fic!


NOTE: this is based off of a Gundam Wing  model kit commercial…if you have seen it then you will get the story! ^_^


X-mass day

Relena: Merry x-mass! Open your presents! 

(Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, & Wufei open their presents)

Q: (clears away wrapping) COOL! 

Wufei: I have to admit this is a great gift. 

Duo: I agree this is great! What do you think Heero. 

Heero: ~grunts~ 

(Duo turns to Trowa) 

Trowa: I have never gotten a gift like this before. Heero you should be more nice to Relena its x-mass after all. 

Heero: ~grunts~ Appreciate the gift. 

Duo:: (holding up box) This is neat a small model kit of our gundams! 

Q: yeah the box says that there are up to one hundred parts to piece it together and some need to be painted. 

Trowa: This will take great skill, an amateur would have trouble building something like this.  

Wufei: Yeah, It won’t take long to put this together. 

Heero stares at his box

Relena: well lets see who can put theirs together and make it stay together with out the pieces falling off due to lack of glue. 

Heero looked up from the box 

Duo: Great you just have to turn this into a challenge, now you really got Heero’s attention! 

Heero: (stands up and grabs his coat) Well lets get started. 

Trowa, Wufei, Duo, & Quatre walk out thanking Relena for their gifts. 

Relena: (runs to door after guys leave) WAIT what about my present! 

Heero turns around and takes an object out of his pocket.  He ties the bow from his present onto the object and throws it at Relena.  

Relena: (catching the object)  HEERO THIS IS A GRENADE WITH A BOW ON IT!! 

Heero smiles while he gets into his car with Duo and drives away.

Several months has past and Relena and the GW guys meet up again at her house. 

Relena: Ok its May and since December you all have been working on your gundam models.  Did  you all keep record of the time spent on building them. 

(guys nod) 

Relena: Great! Quatre lets start with  yours. 

(Quatre unveils his model) 

Q: Here is my beautiful Sandrock, it took me two days to build. 

(Wufei presents his model) 

Wufei: The powerful Nataku, it took me 18 hours.  I am not worthy of this gundam model. 

Relena: You don’t have to be ashamed!  Quatre took longer so far! 

Trowa: Well here is mine. 

Duo: What’s that button? 

Trowa pushes the button and the model Heavyarms starts to walk around pointing the mini gun at random things. 

Q: I’m impressed! 

Trowa: (looking satisfied) I was displeased that it had no ability to move around so I adjusted it to walk it took me one month, and 8 days to finish it. 

Duo: Well you are not the only one that made adjustments, (pulls out his model) see here I didn’t like the plastic replica of my scythe and the wings didn’t flip out.  So I have it that the wings flip out when I push this button and I built a  small replica of my scythe, you see. (duo pressing the button.  The wings flipped out and the mini scythe shoots out the familiar curved green plasma) It can also walk! (duo presses the button again and the mini Deathscythe walks to Wufei’s Model and slices it in half) Oops. 

Wufei: (screams) NATAKU!!! 

Q: WOW how long did it take you! 

Duo: Three months! 

Relena: well Heero its your turn!

Heero pulls out his model (Gundam Wing Custom) and sets it down.  He then pulls out a small bottle and a control with several buttons on it.  He opens the bottle, which is gasoline, and pours it into a small fuel tank on the model’s back side. 

Heero: This model was insignificant to my real gundam, so I modified it. (he presses one of the buttons on its controller and the green eyes of the gundam lit up)  I also installed a self destruct in side, and its complete with explosives, bullets, and the beam rifle also works.  Oh I forgot. 

Duo: what else did you add? 

Heero pulls out 2 small batteries and places them inside the gundam’s legs

Heero:: I was also disappointed that it couldn’t fly so I installed a little motor that can activate the wings. (pushes another button and the model flies around) It can simulate a battle too. 

Heero fiddles with the controller and the gundam flies to Quatre’s gundam and lands.  It walks to Wufei’s sliced gundam model and points the mini beam rifle and shoots at it until it was totally melted.  

Wufei: NO! 

Heero: (smiling) It shoots until its out of gas. 

Relena: Cool how long did it take you 

Heero: Three and a half months, though by next year it should have a working zero system inside. 

Relena: Well besides Wufei I have to say that Quatre’s gundam is the best. 

(Duo, Trowa, and Heero looked stunned) 

Duo: why, may I ask, makes Quatre’s gundam better than mine (pulls a small object from his pocket) See, mine looks cool too just look at the blue prints I made. (duo clicks a button on the object and a small plan of his model gundam appears on the wall) 

Wufei grabs the controller to Heero’s gundam and flies it over to Duo.  It hits Duo’s hand causing him to drop the clicky object.  Wufei then shot at the object causing it to melt. 

Wufei: I can’t believe you still had that thing! You bugged me with it, heck you bugged every one with it! 

Relena: Well, Quatre’s is best because it’s the complete model with no modifications and it took him the least amount of time to build it. 

Heero: I forgot to tell you one thing, my gundam also knows who is the enemy.  (he takes back the controller and types in a name then presses a button.  The gundam starts to shoot small explosives at Relena.) 

Relena: OUCH!! 

Heero smiles: You know this was the greatest x-mass gift I have ever received.