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Adventures at Purdue University….Anime Style ^_^

…documented by Sailor Pluto

CS 110 Lecture…the torture continues…  

Cast: Heero, Trowa, Duo, and P….also with Quatre, & Wufei…who have CS lab on Tuesdays

T= teacher


T: Today we are going to talk about how to resize a window and move it across the desktop.  We are also going to learn about MS word.  

P & the guys shift in their seats  

P looks around, Quatre is taking notes, Wufei is glaring at his work book, Trowa and Heero are both sleeping and Duo is fidgeting.  

P: (whispers to Duo) Can you sit still for one hour!  

Duo: Sorry but this guy is a jerk.  

Heero and Trowa take out 2 boxes from their back backs

T: Now lets see how we can change font sizes and colors.  

P & guys sigh of total boredom

Wufei: This class is a waste of time.  This teacher is a cream puff who is weak.

Quatre: I heard that he is the worst teacher in the whole CS department, no one likes him because he is totally clueless and not skilled enough to teacher higher levels of CS courses.  

Duo: Really?!  

Q: Yeah, That’s why he only teaches this class.  

P: Shit this sucks!  

Duo and guys turn in their seats and looks at P  

Heero: You said “Shit”…good for you.

P: …  

Duo notices the two boxes on Heero & Trowa’s desks  

Duo: What’s that?  

Trowa: Nothing.  

The group shifts in seats of boredom but Trowa and Heero open their boxes  

T: Now lets make a paragraph…Pretend you are writing a paper…  

Wufei and P: OH MY GOODNESS!!!  

Quatre noticing Heero & Trowa typing  

Quatre: You are typing?  

Heero: Yeah.  

Trowa takes out a small camera and takes a picture of the teacher  

5 minutes pass  

T: Now that we know how to type papers lets move on to basics of the internet.  

P screams in frustration

Duo: Whoa! Calm down!  

P: ~sniff~  

Suddenly the teacher’s PowerPoint blacks out and a picture of Heavy Arms and Wing Zero are shown killing the CS 110 teacher  

Group Laughs  

T: What the!!!  

Heero: hehe (he presses a button and then a message appeared saying ‘made by Duo Maxwell’)


Duo whips around to see the two boxes gone and Heero and Trowa looking like angels.  

T: Duo Maxwell…Please come forward!  

Duo: Damn…Heero did it again! P HELP!!  

P sighed, she didn’t help him last time in CS lab, she just injured the TA (teachers assistant).  She looked around while thinking on how to help Duo through the prank.  P hated the CS teacher and didn’t want Duo subjected to such BS.  Then she spied Relena sitting a few rows down, and came up with a perfect idea that made P smile a wicked smile.  

P: (whispers) Hey Relena!  

Relena turned around to see P waving at her  

P: You must help Duo.

Relena: How? He played a prank…  

P: Heero framed Duo!

Relena: Ahhhh  

P: You must help him, here take this  

P hands Relena her time staff  

P: Now say “Time Stop”  

Relena: Why?  

P: So you can stop time and we can fix what has happened.

Relena looked unsure  

P: (growing inpatient) You MUST do it for PEACE!  

Suddenly Relena felt strong, she held up the staff.  

Relena: Please let this work…  

Quatre: Setsuna why did you give Relena your staff  

P: You’ll see….  

Relena: TIME STOP!!!  

The whole room paused, Duo erased his name off the computer display.  When everything was done time ran and Relena collapsed.  

Relena: (gasping for air) Why do I feel so weak?  

Duo: Thanks Relena, but you where tricked by P…you stopped time so you die.

Relena gasped in shock and the suddenly dies on the steps.  The lecture hall cheered.  

P looked at Heero  

P: You owe me one. I killed Relena so you have to stop picking on Duo.  


(Heero takes out his cell phone to call Lita)  

Duo: Hey look class is over…  

P: good…I am going back to bed!  

Wufei: Sleep is for the weak.  

P turns around and smacks Wufei with her staff.  All of the guys run away to their next classes to escape her wrath…  

So forth we go on another day and another class…