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Adventures at Purdue University….Anime Style ^_^

…documented by Sailor Pluto

Computer Science 110 lab…fun (NOT) with Heero, Duo, Trowa, and P

TA (teachers assistant)

TA: Hey guys sorry to subject you to boring work…today you have to work on these 5 work sheets and then do 96 problems…

Duo: (whispers to P) Bla bla bla   can’t he say any thing interesting…

Duo looks over at Heero and Trowa…  

Duo: See even those two are asleep from boredom!  

P: They aren’t asleep.  

Duo: What? Then what ARE they doing?  

P: They are talking.  

Both P and Duo look over at Heero and Trowa….  

Heero: ….  

Trowa: ……….  

Heero: ..  

Trowa: ……?  

Heero: ………, ……., ………….!  

Trowa: …..  

Duo: You have got to be kidding me…all I see are dots.  

P: That’s how they talk.  You know when Heero makes that grunting noise and then looks to the side squinting his eyes at the same time?  

Duo: Yeah?  

P: He is thinking about killing some one…  

Duo: Ahhh True true… but they are actually writing out the dots!!!  

TA: Duo Maxwell!  

Duo looks up  

Duo: YEAH!  

TA: Where is your home work?  

Duo: !!! (whispers to P) Hey can u stop time for me so I can run and get my home work?  

P: Just because I am Sailor Pluto doesn’t mean I have to throw away my LIFE to help you!  

Duo: What do you mean throw away your life?

P: if I stop time I die…duh (P throws Duo a copy of Sailor Moon Manga book 7)  

Duo: Man, what am I going to do.  

Heero: Here is my work  

Heero takes out papers with Duo’s name badly erased off and his name written on top. The TA accepts it and continues to collect other papers. Duo sees this and is livid.  


Heero: So what?  

Duo: You keep taking every thing from me!! You took the last room in the dorms forcing me to live off campus, you bought the last book for this class, and in fact you took it out of my shopping basket!  Then you took my parking spot, and my girlfriend!!!


Duo: Sorry, but the point is you keep taking things from me and it all started when you took my parts from MY Gundam to fix yours!  

TA: DUO MAXWELL! Start your assignment!  

Duo: ok ok ok  

P: Maybe next time you should keep a copy of your work and the other copy should have the wrong answers on it…then Heero would end up taking the failing paper.  

The group start working on their lab assignment and the TA begin checking on their progress.

TA: Good Job Setsuna, you work quick.  

P: well duh! This class is so easy it hurts!  

TA: Duo you are doing a good job too despite your lack of home work.  

Duo: Shut up and leave me alone!  

The TA walked over to where Heero and Trowa are and was astonished at what he saw  

TA: What are you doing…this isn’t the assignment!  

Trowa: Your point…  

The TA points at the assignment…

TA: You are supposed to do this!  

The class gathers around to see what is going on.  

Duo: Whoa…Trowa hacked in to the CIA data bank!  

P: Yeah and Heero hacked in to the Purdue system…  

Heero: Bills paid…check, housing paid…check, grades updated….check, GPA standard for Heero Yui….4.0 with honors.  

TA: You can’t do this!!!!

Duo: He just did  

Duo looks closer at what Heero was doing and was livid.  

Duo: WHAT!!! My GPA went from a 3.8 to a 1.9!!!!!!! MY BILLS ARE UNPAID!!!! HEERO!!!  

Heero: hehehe

TA:  I am calling security

Trowa: I suggest you should forget what you just saw…Those who have seen a hacker will not live to tell about it…  

Duo: Isn’t it ‘those who have seen a gundam would not live to tell about it’ ?  

TA: I don’t care you are going to the Dean!  

P: I don’t think so…  

TA: Miss Setsuna!  

P: This is an outrage…being subjected to such a boring class.  I hate this class!  

Duo: Oh no P is angry!  

Trowa: I suggest we should all leave.

Heero: Lets stay. 

Duo: Why?  

Heero: I have to see her fry that guy.  


Setsuna transforms into Sailor Pluto, and she stands in front of the TA holding her Garnet Rod tightly  

Trowa: Lets stand over here so we won’t get hurt.  


P: I am Sailor Pluto! Guardian of Time! And you are wasting my time! I am hungry, tired, and I have a quiz to study for my next class! And I will let you go if you forget what you just saw.  

TA: You don’t scare me, I am going to turn your friends in!  


A ball of energy smacks the TA and knocks him cold on the floor.  

Duo: Man! What if he comes to and tries to turn us in!  

Heero: don’t worry, he can’t trace my computer.  

Duo: You lugged that thing in here…its older that life!  

Sailor Pluto de-transforms back to Setsuna…  

P: Well now I am really hungry…lets go get some pizza.  

Duo: YEAH  

Heero: ….  

Trowa: …….  

The group leaves the  CS 110 lab…