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                                                                    Mission 2


        A cool breeze ruffles Heero’s hair as he sits on a porch railing staring over the country side. The only sounds breaking the silence were the birds settling in the trees for the night and the far off sound of a train. “It’s late.”

“Come in Heero, it’s getting chilly,” says Peace.

Heero stares a bit longer. “I’m coming.”


Beep…   Beep…

Duo sits in front of the TV watching an action movie, ignoring the phone.

Beep… answering machine picks up.


Duo: “Yeah…yeah…(picks up phone) Duo here.”

“Duo you have to pick up the phone when people call,” lectures Camo.

“Yeah, but I had to see my favorite part of the movie. So what’s up?”

“War came across some important information about a train. Blade is sending special location information so check your computer. That’s all for now, Camo out.”

Duo sighs and snaps off the movie.


A computer fax is printed. Duo takes it and walks out of his apartment.



As the sun rises a bed sits undisturbed.

Heero sits at the computer. Click Click…


Knock Knock

“It’s open.”

“What have you found?”

“No changes that I can find.”

“Guess they hide there tracks well.”

“Peace says get some sleep.”

Fish walks out leaving Heero to his thoughts.



Heero brings up a screen on the computer.

“Find anything?” asks Force.

“I need to do some investigation.”

“Oh no you don’t. I’ll put someone else on it. Now get some rest Heero.”


Heero lies in his bed thinking of his plans.

He hears a train whistle. “Late again.”



Duo arrives at the location point, an old building, he walks inside.

“For once you are on time,” observes Blade.

“So what’s this about a train?”

“Camo informed me that there’s some strange yet dangerous cargo on the late train.”

Blade hands Duo sheets of paper.

“What’s this?”

“Ninja’s reports on the train. And Ninja found that Wing is close by.”

“He would be.”

A familiar voice in the shadows echoes, “Your equipment is ready, there is also more information about the mission in that report in your hand.”

“Hey Wufei, where have you been?”

Wufei jumps down in front of Duo and pulls out his sword, “The name is Ninja.”

“Whatever, take a chill pill and give me my supplies.”

Ninja presses a button hidden under his sleeve and two sacks drop down from the rafters.

Duo checks through the supplies.

 “Ahem. There is something missing.” Duo holds out his hand.

Ninja looks to Blade. Blade nods and Ninja pulls out a black belt.

“My toy belt,” says Duo snatching it.

“Call if you need more information, Spirit and Spaz are also online for a stand buy team if needed.”

Duo gathers his supplies and leaves the factory.

He heads to a small motel near the train station.



Knock Knock


Fish opens the door to reveal a vacant room.

Going over to the computer he calls Peace.

“Heero is out.”

“Can’t he ever wait for instructions? Oh well send out some team members.”

“Well I figure he can use my help so I’ll get a team together.”

“Alright and tell Heero to contact me.”

Cough, “Yeah I will. Fish out. Oh boy, well I better get going.”

Running down the hall he jumps into the elevator. “Down.”

Entering the invention room Fish goes up to Q.

“Hey Quatre any items Heero left behind that he might need?”

“Hi Fish. Uhm no he came and got equipment before he left actually.”

“What! And you didn’t tell anyone?”

“Well he told me not to tell you.”

“He did did he. Well I’ll have to talk to him about that.”

Fish looks at his watch and pushes a button.

“Detective, Thief, meet me in the elevator.    

Thanks Quatre, see ya later.”

“Bye Fish.” Quatre says smiling and waving.


As the elevator opens Thief and Detective are inside.

“Good you got my message. Let me fill you in.”

Fish steps inside the elevator to explain.



Duo enters his motel room and sets up his laptop computer.

He places the report next to the laptop, then inserts a disk, and turns the computer on.

Only the voice of Ninja can be heard.

“The suspect train passes by several stations. Every other day the train stops at two certain stations. Today it stops here. Wear this uniform and take only one bag of supplies.”

Duo pulls out the uniform and puts it on, the phone rings.

“Bat here…”

“Camo reports that Wing has been seen at the second station. According to Ninja’s report the train will pass it. Be alert if Wing finds away to get on board. Blade out.”

Duo chuckles to himself, “We are a step ahead of Heero, this is better than

I expected.”

Whoo… Whoo

“Right on time.”

Duo leaves his room with only one bag and heads to the station.



Heero walks around the train station looking and listening for clues.

Walking around to the back he finds a locked door.

“The Store Room.”

Taking out his laser pen he “opens” the door.

As the dust settles Heero walks into a shadowy room.

Sunlight filters through the dirty window landing in a darkened corner.

Walking over to the corner Heero finds crates.

He starts to examine them.

“These were to be shipped out yesterday.”

Searching further.

“These were to be shipped earlier today. Something’s not right here.”

A shadow appears in the doorway.


“You left your team behind.”

Heero turns to look at the visitor.

“I can handle it.”

“Oh,” sounding left out, “then I’ll take the team and go.”

“See ya around Heero.”

“Fish …”

Heero is left alone once more.

Stepping out side the wind ruffles Heero’s hair.

Whoo Whoo…

Heero climbs to the roof of the station making his way to the balcony roof.

The train rushes by and Heero jumps onto one of the boxcars.

The wind force pushes him down flat against the roof of the boxcar.

Heero creeps along the top till he finds a door.

Heero attaches a small bomb to it and tries to quickly slide away.

Caught off guard by the bomb’s intensity Heero is hurled towards the edge of the car.

He reaches out to try and grab a part of the car but something grabs him.

“Need a hand?”

Heero looks up through the wind, “Fish?”

“Glad to help.”

Fish stands on the side of the boxcar with the door open grabbing on to Heero.

“How did you get on the train?”

“We followed Duo?”

“What do you mean by we? Duo’s here?”

“Well I gathered some team members for the mission. And since you didn’t need us we also snuck onto the train.”

“Someone’s coming.”

They shut the boxcar’s door.

“Heero where should we hide?”


“You know stole a ways are against the law.”

They turn to see a ticket collector.

“Your tickets please.”

“We don’t have tickets.”

“Oh, and why’s that.”

“Cause your not a real ticket collector, Duo Maxwell.”

“Ok so… then I’ll let this pass.”

“Hold it.”

Duo stops.

Heero backs him up against the boxcar’s wall.

“What are you doing Heero.” says Fish sternly.

“Who are you?” Duo asks looking at Fish.

“Heero’s team mate.”

“Oh so he does have a team.”

Heero takes out handcuffs and puts them on Duo.

“What are you doing this for?”

“You will ruin the mission.”

“Well you’re ruining my mission!”

Heero shoves Duo over to a post.

“Can we talk about this?”

Heero ties up Duo with his hands tied above his head.

Duo stands tied and feeling ashamed.


“Fish come here for a minute.”

Fish walks over. Heero quickly grabs his arm and holds it behind his back.

Fish holds in the pain.

“I said I can handle this.”

Heero quickly ties up Fish behind Duo.

“Don’t get in my way.”

“Why you…”

“It’s no use talking to him.” Duo says in a casual voice.

“Yeah I know.” Fish sighs.

Heero vanises.


“I can’t believe he went so far as to tie up a team member.”

“Partner actually.” Fish says sounding bummed.

“Partner!” Duo starts laughing.

Fish kicks him.

“Ouch, watch the heels.

So what’s your name? And none of that code name crap. It’s too complicated.”

Fish lifts an eyebrow.

“And you’re an agent?”

“Yup that’s right. Duo Maxwell at your service.”

“You’re a little full of yourself aren’t you?”

“Well you haven’t said who your are.”

“I am Sai Mouri, Heero’s partner.”

Duo looks puzzled, “oh? And what are your special skills?”

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out.”

“Ok hot shot how about getting us out of this little predicament?”


Heero sneaks towards the front of the train.

Hearing voices Heero slips into the car connecting to the perpetrator’s and crouches by the wall listening.

In the next car sits two young men.

One has dark hair, black trench coat, and a scar on his face.

Holding a laptop the young man says: “Well Harry this plan was too easy. We should have our money in no time.”

He says smirking.

Harry: “Hehehehe really, these plans were flawless.”



“This is Little Washu.”

“I have the perpetrators in my sight.”

“Ok then, what do they look like?”

“Well one has blue hair and doesn’t act human like. It’s like he’s a robot. He is called Harry.”

“Not human… hum. Well I’ll look into it.”

“Roger that.”



“So Ron when is this shipment going to space.”

“It will be on its way late tonight.”

“And there is no one to stop us.” Harry says with a wild grin.

Heero steps into the doorway with a gun pointed at the Mac Dougal brothers.

“Wanna bet?”

“And who are you?”

“If you want a name call me Heero, Heero Yuy.”

“So you must be the boy that’s been interfering with our plans.

“Could be.”

“I don’t think it’s us you have to stop, it’s the cargo.”

Ron types a code in the computer.

“That’s right, highly explosive you know,” comments Harry.

The train lunges, then starts heading backwards very quickly.


Heero it thrown into the car behind him. He grabs onto the doorframe as the train splits into two.

“Now what you going to do Heero Yui?”

Heero watches as the front of the train grows smaller and smaller.


“Ya … ya…”

Heero looks to the left side of the train.


“Hey Heero I brought you a horse.”

Heero jumps on the horse Thief was leading.

“Let’s go.”

Heero digs his heels into is horse and races after the train with Thief on his heels.



“Ouch, what was that?” asks Duo.

“I don’t know but we ‘re going faster now,” observes Fish.

Fish feels around his left cuff with his right hand.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s good to wear a suit.”

Sai pulls out a small knife and cuts his wrist ropes.

“I should have thought of that. Help me down will ya?”

“One condition.”


“You finish the mission.”

“You got it,” says Duo smiling.

Fish cuts himself free then helps Duo.


“Hey Quatre has Heero called in?”

“Yes Fish. Washu is trying to find further info.”

“What he say?”

Washu gives her report.

“Is that all?”


“Ok, thanks.”



“I’ll try to find out more information,” suggests Duo.

“Hurry we need to get off the train.”

Beep… Beep….Beep…

“And they complain that I don’t pick up.”

“Gene here.”

“I need to know some information on our two suspects.”

Leans back in chair. “Ok, shoot.”

“Well one of them has blue hair and is some kind of android he goes by the name…”

“Harry Mac Dougal!” Gene says almost falling out of his chair. “It’s the Mac Dougal brothers.”

“Mac Dougal brothers?”

“They are out laws like me. Except their ship is called the El Dorado, it’s yellow. And …”

“Ahh great thanks. Could you put on Blade?”

“Blade here.”

“I need for you to search computer files for me.”

“What for?”

“A ship called the El Dorado and it’s pilots the Mac Dougal brothers.”

“Hurry up Duo.”

“Who is that?” asks Blade.

“Heero’s partner Sai ..err hum… Fish.”

“Ok? Well I’ll get looking at this and beep you back.”

“Hurry we don’t have much time,” says Duo.

“Got it.”



 “So how do we get off this runaway train?” asks Fish looking around.

“No fear Bat Duo is here.”

Duo gets out his hand glider.

“That works?” asks Fish opening the door.

Wind rushes in and the scenery rushes by.

Fish straps in next to Duo.

“Let’s go…”

They fly out and above the train.

“Now to catch up with Heero,” Duo says.

“Well I was going to head to the port,” says Fish.

“Actually I need to make a little stop first too,” says Duo.

“Ok then let’s meet at the port in a half hour,” suggests Fish.


Fish unstraps himself as they land on a building top.


Fish pushes a button on his watch.

He walks down through the building to a side street.

He stands waiting.

Vrooom….. Vrooom…

As a motorcycle passes by, Fish jumps on.

He types in some coordinates.

“To the port.”


Duo glides into his headquarters.

“I found information about that ship and its trades.”

Duo cuts Blade off.

“No need to tell me.”


“Your aren’t working with me. Your going to help S… I mean Fish.”

“And you will be?”

“In space.”

“How are you…”

“You better get going. Fish will beat you there.”

“I can fly remember.”

“Oh, right.”


Duo walks down the steps into a dark room.

“So is it done?”

Five voices whisper.

“Yes it’s complete.”

Green reflects off a black metal shape in the corner.

“I will be the God Of Death once again!”


Ya… Ya…Ya…

The two hurry to catch the train.

Standing up in their saddles they jump onto the train.

The Mac Dougal brothers aren’t there.

“They must be up guarding the cargo,” suggests Thief.

“I figured.”

They head towards the front.

Heero: “Let’s get going.”

They come to a boxcar heavily locked down.

“This must be the shipment.”

Heero walks up to the lock on the door unwraps a piece of gum. Folds the gum on its self.

Thief hits the floor.


“Well there’s one way to do it,” says Thief brushing himself off.

Heero walks into the boxcar.

Reading the warning labels Thief whistles, “wow this stuff is powerful.”

“It’s a very dangerous chemical. Highly unstable.”

“That’s nice to know.”

Heero walks through the next car.

The door shuts behind him.

“Heero?” Thief turns to find him gone.


Turning around Heero encounters Harry Mac Dougal.

“I don’t think you’re going anywhere.”

Heero sets in a fighting stance.

Harry starts shooting at Heero.

Heero flips and doges the bullets.

Watching for an opening Heero kicks the gun out of Harry’s hand.

“Why you little…”

The next thing Harry sees is Heero’s fist.

Thief barges into the car and sees Harry slumped against the wall.

“Well let’s try the next car.”


As Blade flies towards the port he spies a motorcycle. So he follows.


Fish parks his motorcycle near the port.

“Now to where is Duo?.”


“I wonder if that is Fish?”

Dropping out of the sky Blade lands behind of Fish.

“Are you Fish?”

Fish jumps. He turns to see a teenager with purple hair and a sword.

“Yes, and you are?”

“I am Duo’s partner Blade.”

“Oh ok.”

“So what’s going on?”

Fish tells Blade what has happened and what he knows. Then Blade reports his findings.



“So Heero do we go after the other one?” asks Thief.

“There’s no need.” Ron Mac Dougal stands in the doorway.

Heero points a caster gun at Ron.

“Where did you get that?”

“None of your business.”

They start a gun fight canceling each other out.

As they fight Thief takes a seat at a table near by.


“So guys how do you work one of these?” Thief asks the fighters.

“Where did you find my laptop?” asks Ron.

“Oh this? A couple cars down. A thief’s eye never misses anything.”

Heero kicks Ron into the corner.

“Let me see that.”

“Heero watch out!” Yells Thief as Ron rushes up behind.

A shadow steps between them and Ron.       

“Detective is always in the right spot at the right time.”

Detective fights Ron while the other two look at the laptop.

Heero sits hacking away at the computer.

“There that should do it.”

“That will …only stop… this train. …not to mention the ship …that’s leaving …and there’s…also the warehouse,” Ron gets out between blows.

Beep… Beeep… “What the?”

Heero pulls up a window.

“Hey Heero, Duo here.”

“Don’t worry about the shipment going out I have it covered.”

“Where are you going in your mobile suit?”

“Outer space of course, see ya Heero.”


The train slows and comes to a stop.



“The ship called the El Dorado is docked in port 15.”

“That way,” points Fish.

They run.

A large bar comes down in their path. They look up to see a booth keeper.

“Do you have a ship docked here?”

The two agents look at each other. “No.” They say in unison.

“Then you can’t come beyond this point.”

Fish tries talking to him.

He walks up to the young man in uniform with long brown hair covering half his face.

“Look we need to stop a ship that is carrying some dangerous chemicals.

“All shipment have been checked.”


Mean while Blade calls back to base.

“Hey Gene you have a ship docked here right.”

“Yeah, why?”

“We need to get in but the booth keeper won’t let us.”

“My ship is the Outlaw Star. To get help go to the registration desk and ask for a copy of the papers, say Gene sent you.”



“The cargo could have been over looked,” argues Fish.

“Are you implying something?”

Blade pushes Fish out of the way.


Booth keeper reads the registration, “Ok you may go.”

Blade grabs Fish and they hurry inside.

“Port 15 is right ahead of us.”

“Wow that’s a big ship. Hey Blade take some of these.”

“What are they?”

“Mini bombs. We can put them on the crates and blow them up somewhere else.”

“Good thinking.”

They hurry aboard and place the bombs on the crates.

“Now let’s get out of here.”


They leave the port and as they walk out Blade pushes the button.



Heero turns to Ron.

“Well I hope you have a nice long rest where you’re going.”

Thief holds Harry and Detective holds Ron.

Heero comes over and put their handcuffs on.


“The Bat is on the move. Let’s see, this warehouse is on… that colony over there.

Well Deathscythe let’s make our entrance.”

Sneaking in unnoticed Duo arrives in the colony by the warehouse.

“This thing makes me sick.”

Deathscythe stands up to reveal it’s self.

Screams are heard. Someone yells, “It’s a Gundam!”

Duo blasts the warehouse leaving no remains.



 “Were done here,” says Blade contacting Duo.

Duo flies into space towards his headquarters.

“Mission Accomplished.”