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                                                                       Mission 1


“It’s been one year since peace has been established between the colonies and Earth.”

“My mission… to keep it this way.”

“My name… Heero… Heero Yuy.”


A shadow falls over the street.

A building falls.

“Mobile Dolls.” Heero says jumping into his vehicle.


Speeding into a parking garage a hidden tunnel appears.


Getting out of the car, “Fish any reports?”

“We have been detecting Mobile Dolls around the city.”

“Any leads?”

“Paws is on it.”

“Have Fang and Disco out scouting.”

“Already done.”


Heero walks over to the control panel. “Force any information?”

A shadowy figure appears on the screen.

“Raids have been sent throughout this city. It seems they want you flushed out.”

“I’m on it.”


Heads down the hallway to the elevator, “Down.”

“Hello Heero.”

“Any useful devices?”

“Hum… I think your usual ones will be enough.”

“Thanks Q.”


Upon entering a large blackened room Heero types in a code then pushes a button.

A compression lock opens a pressurized door to reveal…

“I think this will come in handy.”

“Using that in your mission?”

Heero nods.

“I am amazed that you built that from scratch.”

“I was bored.”

“Guess so. Well I’ll be standing by.”

“Roger that.”

The large craft shoots out of the dome up into the sky.



Flick, flick, flick,...


“Oh man, not another earthquake.”

Boom …

          Blast …

“What the?”

Beep….   Beeep…

“What’s that?”


Gets up to search around.


“Ok, hold on.”

Feels vest pocket. “Huh?”

“OH!” Grins sheepishly.

“Duo here.”

“Yeah I heard it… I couldn’t… ok… then what’s up?”

Listens. “A mission… all right!”

“Yeah I’m here.”

“On my way.”

Grabbing his jacket he walks over to his closet. The door opens to a very busy room.


“I’ve been trying to get a hold of you.”

“Sorry Blade I couldn’t find the phone.” Feeling sheepish.

Blade shakes his head.

“Well what’s up?”

“Mobile Dolls have been attacking the city.”

“Say no more. Leave it all to me. I’ll find who is behind this.”

Blade doesn’t seem to be reassured.


Walking down a metal stair case Duo enters a very machine animated room.

“Hey red head!”

“The name’s Gene.”

Duo smiles, “Oh right,” cough. “So any new toys?”

“Yeah I think you will like this one.”

They walk over to the corner of the animated room.

Duo’s eyes widen. “Wow, cool. It even matches my outfit.”

Gene shakes his head.


“Before you go, you should know that Ninja is out, and Spaz and Phantom are roaming,” says Blade.

Duo is puzzled, “Ok…”

 “Check your watch, the team members names are in there.”

“Oh right… hehe…”

Gene and Blade look at each other and shake their heads.


Duo straps himself into his contraption.

A large metal door opens behind him.

“Duo Maxwell is in commission.”

Running up the ramp he takes flight.

“The only way to fly.”

Moving the bars in and out he takes off in direction of the city.


Upon reaching the city Duo finds all the Mobile Dolls blown up.

“What in the?”

Flying further he spots…

“Wing! He’s here!

Darn it.

Oh well, why he’s here I’ll go to the heart of the matter, hehe.”




Another Mobile Doll falls.

Wiping the sweat from his brow Heero notices a hang glider with black wings in the distance.

“The Bat is here.

I should have known he would come.”

Pushing a button he brings up his screen.

“Force, any reports?”

A shadowy figure appears. “Fang reported action at the vacant factory on the west side of town.”



Heero pushes button.

“Fang here.”

“So what did you find?”

Fang: “Well…”

Heero watches the red head play with his fan while he gets his thoughts together.

“Ahh, right… I found the factory actively working. Mobile Doll suits were guarding the premises.”

“Did you see anyone in charge?”

“Hum… there was a large white tiger guarding the main entrance.”

“You mean you didn’t go inside?”

A sweat drop appears on Fang’s brow as he smiles sheepishly.

Heero quite angry bangs the screen blinking it out.

He flips switches and flies off to investigate himself.



“I’ll just land here.”

“Now let’s see… ah there it is.”

Duo creeps up to the factory.

“Now how to get in?”

Creeping around the foundation he hears paw steps.

Quickly he hides around the corner.

A white tiger walks by and noses and open widow then walks away.

“Should I? Oh hey why not?”

Looking around quickly he sneaks in through the window.

He finds himself behind crates stacked against the wall.

“Wow.” His thoughts were covered by the large machine’s noises.


With footsteps sounding close Duo lays low to the ground peering through a space between two crates.

Staring through the crack he sees the back of a woman, if that, she was close to his age.

“Oh no, not her,” he says sounding bummed.

Just then he heard a gun cocking behind him.


“Get up.”

Duo becomes a bit relieved. “Ahh, so it’s you.”

“Stand. Now. Hands up.”

“Ok, gees. Don’t be so pushy.”

“Look who I found,” says the soldier.


The young woman turns around.

Duo flinches.

“Nice to see you again Duo.”

“Wish I could say the same.”



Landing his suit behind a building Heero investigates the factory.

Sneaking around he decides to come in from the top.

Finding a narrow ally between two buildings Heero climbs up.

He makes his way around the roof carefully, so not to trigger the launching doors. Crawling on his stomach Heero looks through the glass to see Duo.

“Oh well keeps them occupied.”

“I figured she was behind all this.”



Bullets go through the glass.

The cracked glass buckles under Heero’s weight causing Heero to fall

down …


                                …to the floor barely able to catch himself he rolls to his feet.

The soldier flips from the ceiling window down to the floor, covering Heero with a gun.

Heero sees Duo and doesn’t seem surprised to find him there.


Clap. Clap.

“Some show you two agents put on. Heero Yui and Duo Maxwell.

 Well at least you will be out of my way,” says the young woman.

“Put them in separate cells and search them …carefully.”


The two soldiers lead Duo and Heero away. 


“So what you going to do with me?”

The soldier leading Duo says, “Shut up.” Pushing Duo forward.

 “In here,” he says shoving Duo in to cell.

“Aren’t you going to search me?” asks Duo.

Holds out hand. “Your belt.”

The soldier leaves with the “toy” belt.

“Ninja out.” The soldier locks Duo’s cell.


The soldier leading Heero says,“In here.”

He walks Heero into the cell.  Then pats down Heero.

Finding many devices the soldier confiscates them.

“Enjoy your stay.” The soldier locks the door.

“Oh and don’t bother trying to get out.

  Cameras are everywhere.”


Both prisoners sit in the dark.


Knock … Knock

“Your dinner is here.”

“All right I’m starving!”

Getting up to look Duo sees the large white tiger from earlier with his dinner.

“Huh?”  Puzzled. “Yeah sure what ever.”


Their food is slid through a small door into their cells.

“Aww man… who can eat this crap!” Comments Duo.



The prisoners sit in their dark cells in silence.


Heero sees four paws under the door to his cell.

“I heard your paws,” says Heero.

The white paws move.

“There is a lot of unwanted crap on TV,” says a voice.

Heero nods and pushes his food tray away hearing the soldiers returning.

The white paws disappear in a white blur.


Small doors at the bottom of their cell doors are opened to retrieve their food trays then locked again.

The prisoners are left once more to the silence.


Click … Click … Click

“Gee this thing sure comes in handy.”



Heero pulls out a tool from his shoe.


From across the hall Heero hears the clicks.

“Don’t tell me you still have that thing.”

“Course, my Death Scythe is too cool.” Grins.

 “Don’t you think so Heero?”






“What now,” says the young woman picking up her cell phone.

“Some of the cameras seem to be out,” says security.

“How can this be?”

“It looks as though rats have chewed the wires.”

“Rats? Check on the prisoners!”




“Time for my escape.

Hair pins are always good.”

Quickly unlocking the door Duo slips into the vent system.


A gun cocks.

“Stay where you are Dorathy.”

A soldier puts his gun on Heero. “I think you’re mistaken.”

Heero slowly drops his gun.

“Hold it right there. Duo Maxwell has you covered.”

Soldiers drop their weapons.


Heero picks up his gun once more.

“No fair Heero. I came here first.”

“Dorathy it’s over,” says Heero.

“You got that right,” backs Duo.

Duo comes over and puts cuffs on her.

“So you thought you could out smart Duo Maxwell?”

Dorathy starts laughing.

Duo stands confused.


“Dolls launch,” commands Dorathy.

“What the?”

“Save your precious city now.  Hahaha…”

Mobile Dolls shoot up out of the factory and towards the city.


Heero races off to his Gundam.

Duo calls on his watch communicator. “Blade I need back up here.”

“Sending out team,” Blade reports back.

“How about some jail time for your actions …and some wax for your eyebrows.”

Dorathy stands smirking at him.



Heero one by one demolishes the Dolls.


“The factory is under investigation and Dorathy is heading to prison for a while. Force out.”

“Fish I’m docking.”

“Roger that Heero.”

As Heero flies back to base he says, “Mission accomplished.”