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Day 7

Trunks looks at the radar and control panel.

“We seem to be decreasing in altitude. We are going to land soon.”

“Finally, I was wondering if this bucket of bolts was working,” comments Vegeta.

“There is some bad news. We can’t slow down.”

“This will be a bumpy ride,” says Goku.

The time machine falls across the sky like a meteorite. They crash in a dry arid place sending sand flying everywhere. Through the windows of the time machine the Z Fighters catch a glimpse of two suns.

“I am guessing this is not Earth,” says Vegeta.


Two guys lay sprawled out in the middle of the desert. Looking up they see something shiny falling out of the sky.

“What do you suppose that is?”



The Z Fighters climb out of the time machine and stretch.

“At least we are in our own bodies,” says Goku.

They stand in silence.

“Let’s start walking and see if we can find a town,” suggests Trunks.

“The nearest town could miles away! Let’s fly,” says Vegeta after a while.

“Vegeta we don’t want to scare the people around here,” says Goku.

“People? People? Kakarrot we haven’t seen any people! We are in a desert! ”

Trunks catches a glimpse of something red ahead.

“Look Vegeta there are people here,” says Goku running up to inspect two men sprawled out on the ground.

“Well they are alive,” says Trunks.

One of the men grabs Vegeta’s leg.

“Hey mister do you by chance have any water?”

“Why you little … get off of me,” says Vegeta pulling his leg away.

“Oh come now I am not asking for much … just some water,” says the young man in the red coat grabbing at him again.

Trunks reaches for a capsule and throws it. A water jug appears.

“Wow that was a neat trick,” comments the young man dressed in a suit.

The man in the red coat takes a big swig of water and almost chokes. Refreshed he looks up at the Z Fighters with their unique outfits and pointy hair.

“Aliens!” screams young man in the red coat. He gets up to run when his comrade’s hand grabs his coat.

“Don’t mind my friend here. He is usually more polite,” says the young man dressed in a suit.  “Well it was nice meeting you. Thanks for the water but we must be on our way.”

“Could you possible direct us to the nearest town?” asks Trunks.

“Right behind us a couple miles. You can’t miss it.”

“Thanks,” says the Z Fighters leaving.

“Those two where a strange bunch,” comments Vegeta.

“I thought they were great guys,” says Goku. 


They approach the town. There seems to be a lot of destroyed buildings.

“Wonder what came through here?” asks Vegeta.

As they walk around everyone in the town is busily working to fix up the town.

“Excuse me …” asks Goku to people rushing about.

“These people are rude. You think at least we could talk to someone,” huffs Vegetta. Trunks notices a piece of paper under his boot.

“Hey what’s this?” The others look.

“It’s a reward poster for a guy named Vash The Stampede,” reads Trunks.

“May be this weirdo caused all of this,” comments Vegeta.

“Hey if we catch this guy maybe we can use the money to buy parts to fix the machine,” suggests Goku.

“Kakarrot how on earth are we supposed to find this guy anyway?”

“Yes, we don’t know much about him,” comments Trunks.

Goku shrugs, “We can ask around.”

They walk along and ask others about Vash. They end up with a variety of descriptions.

“That was helpful,” says Vegeta.

“Well someone said that he just left here and is headed north,” says Trunks.

“You have the ship in the capsule right?” Trunks nods.

“Let’s see what should we get to travel in?” ponders Goku.

“I see an old truck I can fix up over there”, says Trunks.

“Good then let’s head out,” commands Goku.

 “I still think we should fly,” comments Vegeta.


They end up in the next town. It is a nice quiet town.

“I am guessing he hasn’t arrived yet,” says Goku.

“Or they don’t know he is here,” says Vegeta.

Trunks parks the truck.

“Let’s walk around and see if we find anyone matching the descriptions,” says Goku.


They meet several hours later. They go through all their suspects.

“I say we just wait for the fool to show up,” says Vegeta.

As they sit in the bar they notice the bank across the street has a lot of commotion.

“Do you suppose?” starts Trunks.

A tall guy with black sunglasses, long black trench coat, and large gun stands in front of the bank. He is accompanied buy a group of men. The bank’s armed car of money sits just in front of the bank. The small group of guys set to work trying to get near the armored car.

“Looks like trouble,” says Goku.

One of the guys speaks, “Everyone stay back! This here is Vash The Stampede!” The crowd and villagers talk and start panicking. Murmurs of Vash’s name are heard.

“What should we do?” asks Trunks.

“Let’s just watch,” says Goku.

The men take control of the armored car.

A blond haired young man with a long red trench coat slowly makes his way up to the guys.

“Hey you,” says the leader shooting at the man. “Stay back!”

“Sorry sir, I don’t know what I was thinking,” he says.

A BANG is heard.

“Oops, I shot the wheel of your get away car.”

“You idiot! Did you not hear who he is? He is Vash The Stampede,” says one of the men.

“Is that so …”

“Get out of here!” says the man shooting at the blond haired young man. The young man blocks the shots using a metal trashcan lid.

“I don’t think I can do that. You guys have upset these nice people.”

“What do you think you are going to do?” asks the leader.

The young man fires a couple shots disarming the leader.

“Get him!” the leader yells.”

The young man disarms all the men.

“Now sit hear quietly,” the young man teases.

The city’s mayor steps forth from the crowd to take care of the robbers. The mayor looks around to thank the young man but he is gone.

“Did you see that punk?” asks Vegeta.

“He is one of the guys we met in the desert,” says Goku.

“I wonder. Let’s head to the next city,” says Trunks.


By the time they get to the next city everyone is panicked that Vash The Stampede is coming.

“Oh bother,” says Vegeta.

They decide to find a place to rest for the day. They fall asleep in a hotel room. A few hours later a lot of blasting is heard. The Z Fighters sleep through the noise till Goku falls out of bed.

“Ouch,” he says rubbing his head. “Guys wake up!”

“What on earth is making all the racquet!” yells Vegeta.

“Over there,” says Trunks pointing out the window.

A large person with a smaller person on his shoulder was attacking something.

Goku catches a glimpse of the young man with blond hair and red trench coat. He and Trunks meet eyes in recognition.

“What?” says Vegeta looking at the both of them.

“Let’s go,” says Goku.


They lock in on following the young man. They enter a bar and see him alone at a table. They walk up to him. The young man looks a bit out of it, as he sits surrounded by empty bottles.

“Hi,” says Goku.

The young man looks up. “Hello …” his eyes go big, “ …the Aliens!”

“No idiot! Shouts Vegeta.

“Pardon out intrusion but we would like to talk with you,” says Trunks stepping in.

“Oh you are the guys from the desert, sure have a seat,” the young man says smiling. “We have been following you and …”

“Yes I noticed that.”

“Well actually ever since we met I thought you would be a fun person to talk to,” says Goku.

“Really? Me? Huh,” says the young man thinking.

“Oh come on! Just have him tell you his name and be done with it!” states Vegetta.

The young man directs his comment to Goku, “My, he has a temper.”

“Alright as you guys probably have figured I am Vash.”

There was a silence.

“Oh come now I know you weren’t that surprised,” says Vash.

“Sorry but you don’t fit the descriptions people generally give,” says Trunks.

Vash laughs. “Come to think of no they don’t,” Vash takes a drink then shrugs.

“Well actually I thought that you could help us,” says Goku.

“I doubt you guys need body guards,” says Vash looking at the three of them.

“No actually we were wondering if you knew anyone who could help us rebuild our time machine,” says Trunks.

Vash spits out his drink.

“A what!”

“We came here from another place,” says Goku.

“Oh,” says Vash not quite registering.

“Actually if you can find somewhere where I can work on it that would work too,” says Trunks.

Another man walks into the bar.

Vash calls out, “Hey Wolfwood!”

The man walks over and recognizes the Z Fighters from the desert.

“Hey guys, you finally caught up to us. By the way the name is Wolfwood.”

 “We were just asking for a favor,” says Trunks.

Vash tells Wolfwood and with the Z Fighters they discuss the things they need and a place to go.  


The Z Fighters find refuge at an orphanage, thanks to Wolfwood. They leave Trunks to work in peace in an adjacent room. Vash starts playing a game with the kids. Soon Goku joins in followed by Wolfwood. A child comes up to Vageta.

“Do you wanna play mister?”

“Who? Me? Play!”

“Please,” says the kid with watery eyes.

“That’s it I am going to the other room.”

Goku sees Vageta leaving.

“Oh come on this is fun …” says Goku being piled on.

Vegeta keeps walking. He finds a nice quiet place to take a nap.


Vageta awakes to the others talking about Trunk’s findings.

“Well pretty much I need a lot of new parts, including rewiring. It should be fine till we get home.”

“If we ever do,” grumbles Vegeta entering the room.

A silence falls over the group.

Wolfwood clears his throat. “Well we are glad to be of help but we don’t like to stay in one place to long.”

“Yeah I guess when you have a reputation like yours you need to keep moving,” says Goku. “Trust me I know how it feels,” sighs Goku.

“Well then I wish you guys good luck on your way,” comments Vash getting up.

Everyone walks outside.

“It was nice to meet you,” says Trunks, “and thank you.”

Wolfwood and Vash wave as the walk away. The Z Fighters walk the opposite direction out into the desert where Trunks throws out a capsule. The time machine gleams in front of them. The Z Fighters look towards the stars, their hearts aching to return home.


Before heading to bed Bulma and Chi Chi stand looking up to the stars their hearts acing. They make a wish, hoping that their loved ones will return soon.


Day 8

The time machine seems to floats around space endlessly. It drifts in and out of many solar systems. The Z Fighters one by one doze off. They fail to notice that the ship looses power and drifts.


“There is a ship approaching.”

“Huh, what?”

“Melfina is picking up a ship on radar.”

“And …”

“It seems the ship isn’t responding to any communication signals.”

“All right then bring it up on picture.”

“That is an old ship,” says James.

“It’s in need of repairs. It doesn’t seem to be functioning,” says the ship’s computer.

“It also doesn’t look like it’s made to move around space for long distances.”

“I agree with James,” says the computer.

“I suggest we tow it somewhere.”

“How about the shop?” suggests Gene.

“Yeah I guess. But what if there are people inside the ship?”


They tow the smaller ship towards Earth. As they do so the Z Fighters start to wake up. Goku yawns and stretches. He looks around and starts to panic. Trunks awakens to Goku’s uneasiness.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well. Uh. We have no electricity.”

Trunks and Goku check the ship.

“Can you guys keep it down!” yells Vegeta.

Vegeta looks out a window beside him.

“As long as we are moving can you please sit still!”

“Moving?” says Trunks.

“But how?” questions Goku.

“What do you mean?” asks Vegeta.

“We have no power,” states Trunks.

The Z Fighters turn and see a large ship towing them.


“Hey Gene how are we going to get the ship down to Earth?”

“What? I thought you had a plan,” yells Gene.

“Pardon my interruption but maybe you can ask the crew on the other ship,” suggests the ship’s computer.

“How, they have no communication,” says James.

“I can send an small electrical shock down the tow line,” says the computer.

“Go for it,” says Gene.

“I will send them the communication signal,” says James.

A few minutes pass.


The Z Fighters feel a small shock around them.

“What the…” starts Vegeta.

“Some of our smaller systems are online,” comments Trunks.

“There is a message coming through.”

Trunks pushes a button opening their communication lines.


“Hello? This is the Outlaw Star can you here me?”

“Yes, I can hear you,” replies Trunks.

Both sides fall silent.


“This is the Outlaw Star. We found you drifting in space and thought you may need assistance,” says Gene.

“Yes, thank you for coming to our aide. Do you know of somewhere we can all talk?”

“We are docking on Earth soon. We can talk then.”


“Hey Jim. How are we going to pay for two docks?”

“Maybe we can ask to pay it off later.”

“What! Oh no, I am not doing an extra job just to pay this off.”

“Come on Gene. Try to do something nice once in a while!”

“I do. As long as it doesn’t cost me money.”

“Yeah. The little money you earn.”

“What is that supposed to mean!”

“Pardon my interruption but maybe the other crew has a suggestion,” says the computer.


“This is the Outlaw Star. We may have a problem with docking. We don’t have enough money to dock two ships,” says Gene.

“Not a problem. Once we are in the Earth’s atmosphere we can take care of our own ship,” says Trunks.

“Roger that,” says Gene happily.

“I wonder what they mean by that?” questions James.


While the Outlaw Star is being docked the Z Fighters assist their small ship to the ground where Trunks puts it into a capsule. They wait for the crew of the Outlaw Star.

“That’s them over there,” says James eagerly.

“Hi. My name is James Hawking. It’s nice to meet you.”

“This is Gene and Melfina.”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Goku and this is Vegeta and Trunks.”

Trunks asks, “Do you know of a place we could repair our ship? And perhaps where to find parts?”

“Your in luck! Gene and I own a business. We can find and fix anything you are looking for.”

“That’s good to hear,” comments Vegeta.

“We do have one problem,” states Goku. “We don’t have any money.”

“How about helping us with job offers we get? To equal out the cost,” asks James.

“Yeah, we can do that,” says Goku.

“By the way, where is your ship?” asks Gene looking around.


As they are walking to the shop Trunks explains to the others about the capsules he carries. Upon entering the shop everyone helps in clearing a place for the time machine. Trunks gives a demonstration showing how the time machine comes out from inside a tiny capsule. The others are amazed. Trunks and James begin fixing the time machine by first looking over the ship.

“So what are these jobs James talked about?” asks Goku.

“We created this business to bring in money. We take odd jobs that are worth the effort. Any thing from repairs to body guards,” explains Gene.

“Great. I can’t wait to get started,” says Vegeta sarcastically.


Gene, Jim, and Trunks are at work on the time machine when the phone rings.

Jim bumps his head, “Ouch.”

Looking around aggravated Jim yells, “Melfina please get the phone.”

“Ok,” says Melfina.

“Hello Starwind and Hawking how may we help you?”

“It‘s someone who needs equipment fixed and guarded,” says Melfina.

“Ok. Get all the information possible about the job. I’ll be done with this part in a second,” says Jim as he continues to work.

“Ok Jim,” says Melfina.

“There that should do it,” says Gene standing up and stretching.

“Where do you think you are headed?”

“I need a break.”

“Ok then how about getting started on the job?”

“What job?” says Gene confused.

“We got a call for a job. You and the others are going to do it.”

“Since when are you telling me what to do?”

“Because you are the one who blows all of our money!” says Jim.

“Finally we have something to do,” mumbles Vegeta.


Melfina tells the group the information she collected.

“This sounds easy enough,” says Trunks.

“The way I figure it,” says Jim. “Is that Trunks and I can fix the equipment and the rest of you can guard it.”

“Fine with me. Let me know when your done with it,” says Gene yawning and walking off.

“Not so fast. We need materials. And Gene you know were to get them.”

“Oh no. I am not going to see him unless absolutely necessary,” states Gene.


“Gene! Oh how are you! And who are your friends?”

“Hi Fred,” says Gene with a long face as Fred gives him a hug.

“This is Goku and Vegeta.”

“Hello and welcome! Now what can I do for you today?” asks Fred.

Gene hands Fred a list of items. Fred looks over the list.

“Yes, well most of these items are no problem to get but a couple of these last items may take a while longer.”

“Great …” sighs Gene.

“As usual I have a favor to ask as payment for these items,” says Fred smiling.

“A favor?” says Vegeta raising an eyebrow.

“Yes. Yes. You didn’t think you would get this all for free? Did you?” questions Fred.

“Well then what’s the favor?” asks Goku.

“Oh goodie,” says Fred taking a seat behind his desk. “Well I have a friend who needs a lot of cargo moved. And I told them you would be the ones to do it.” Fred turns his computer so they can get a look at the various items.

“No way am I going to help transport whatever retched creatures those things are,” states Vageta.

“Sound like we have no choice,” says Goku to Vegeta.

“Thanks for you help Fred,” says Gene leaving. Gene sighs as they leave.


“What do you think is wrong with it?” asks Trunks.

“It seems a multitude of parts are failing,” says Jim. “On the list I gave Gene I asked for parts we need to fix the time machine and for the equipment for the job. It will probably take some time to find the parts for the time machine based on the type of parts you need. Don’t worry. We have a connection. Fred can find anything,” says Jim.

The others walk in the door.

“How did it go?” asks Jim.

“Oh just the usual…” sighs Gene. “And we picked up another job, as usual.”

Gene shows the pictures of the cargo and the person who needs the cargo shipped.

“That’s the man who called here,” says Melfina.

“So this means we have to fix, guard, and deliver this guys cargo?” asks Goku.

“At least we have three days to do it,” says Vegeta.

“So any idea on how many trips we will have to take to deliver this cargo?” asks Trunks.

“In our ship probably two trips. One for the electrical equipment and other items and another for the … creatures,” says Gene. “The destination is a bit far too, about half a days journey.”

“I can help with the first load since we can’t work on the time machine much until we get the new parts anyway,” says Trunks.

“And I can start on things tomorrow when the parts for the second load should be coming,” says Jim.

“Then we leave tomorrow morning,” says Melfina.

“Ok, let’s work out sleeping accommodations,” suggests Jim.


In the morning everyone is preparing for the job.

“Before you leave Gene, Fred said the parts are in. Can you and Melfina go pick them up? I’ll take Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks to the docks so we can start loading the creatures onto the Outlaw Star,” says Jim. “Meet us at the ship once you drop off the parts at the shop.”

Jim sits in his usual chair inside the Outlaw Star.

“So you decided to come a long Jim?” asks Gene as he and the others walk into the ship.

“There isn’t much I can do right now. Besides you probably will need my help,” comments Jim.

“Hello Jim and Gene,” welcomes the ship’s computer.

“Hello Gillium. We have some new friends with us today,” says Jim.

“So I see.”

“Wow. This is an amazing ship!”

“And you are?”

“Oh sorry. My name is Trunks.”

“Nice to meet you Trunks,” says Gillium.

“Hi, I am Goku.”

“Welcome Goku.”

“This is nonsense,” says Vegeta.

“Oh don’t mind Vageta,” says Trunks.

“Welcome to the Outlaw Star,” says Gillium after everyone has found a place to sit.

Gene puts in their destination coordinates.

The Outlaw Star blasts off.  

There is tension in the air.

“Be on the look out,” warns Jim.

“Why do you says that Jim?” asks Gillium.

“I just don’t trust this guy we are dealing with.”

“I sense something,” says Goku.

“I am not picking up anything,” says Gillium.

“There is something approaching from the left,” says Melfina.

“I am on it,” says Jim running for the gun pod on the left.

“I’ll get the right one,” says Trunks.

“Gillium bring the laser guns up online.”

“Yes Gene.”

“I see a ship,” says Jim firing.

“There is another coming from the right,” says Trunks.

“Another is coming from above,” reports Melfina.

“Hold on everyone,” says Gene taking the controls.

The Outlaw Star speeds forward.

“They are still on our tail Gene,” reports Gillium.

“Would it not be easier just to make a stand?” comments Vegeta.

“Just what I was thinking,” says Gene slowing the Outlaw Star.

“Gillium deploy the grappler arms.”

“Yes Gene.”

“Get ready cause here they come,” says Gene.


Trunks fires on the ship coming from the right. The ship manages to twist and dodge the gunfire. Trunks stops firing and watches the ship’s movements. As the ship came closer Trunks focuses on his target and fires. The ship starts smoking and backs away from the Outlaw Star.

“Nice shot Trunks,” comments Gillium.

“Thanks,” says Trunks. Readying for a new target.

Jim shoots at the ship coming from the left to keep it at bay. The ship makes a run at the Outlaw Star. Jim shoots at its tail. The ship begins to roll then drop.

Gene tries to grab the last ship with the grappler arms. The ship is quick, dodging and staying out of range.

“Damn it!” yells Gene. “Gillium accelerate. We are going to beat these guys at their own game.”

“Yes Gene.”

The Outlaw Star blasts off at full speed, the other ship follows.

Gene watches the other ship. “Gilluim when I say “now” stop the Outlaw Star.

“Are you sure that is wise?”

“Just do it!”

The others look shocked at such a drastic move.

“Ready … NOW!!!”

The Outlaw Star comes to an abrupt stop as Gene reaches out with the grappler arms tearing off part of the enemy ship as it flies quickly by.

“I am going to hurt that kid for that stunt,” says Vegeta.

“Yeah we got rid of them!” says Jim smiling.

“Wow that was a great move!” says Goku.

“Good job Gene, but we are behind schedule now,” Melfina comments.

“All right let’s get these things delivered,” says Gene. “Gillium full speed ahead.”


The group walks in the door very tired and ready to crash for the night.

“Man what time is it?” asks Gene.

“About 3:00 am,” says Jim.

“What! We had to wait to go through customs for that long!” says Vegeta.

“At least we delivered the cargo intact,” says Jim.

“Oh yes the cargo. You mean those creatures! I am grateful that cargo didn’t take our lives!” yells Vegeta.

“Remind me to hurt Fred later,” says Gene.

“Not to mention the odor and the mess those creatures left in the ship,” says Trunks.

“Guess we will have to clean it tomorrow,” says Jim.

Everyone groans.

Everyone finds a place to sleep for the night.



“Bang …”

“Crash …”

Goku and Gene sleep on.

“What the …” says Trunks.

“I am going to kill that kid,” says Vegeta.

Jim looks up from his work.

“Oops. Sorry guys,” says Jim.

“I’ll give you a hand now that I am up,” says Trunks.

“Are these the parts you ordered for the time machine?” asks Trunks.

“Yeah. I picked them up this morning.”

“Before you guys go into fixing this piece of junk where do we pick up today’s cargo?”

“Let me see, where is it?” says Jim searching through his pockets. “Ah here it is,” handing Vegeta the address.

“Now to get these two clowns up,” says Vegeta.

“Gene isn’t easy to get up,” says Jim.

“Neither is Goku,” says Trunks.

“Kakarrot!!!” yells Vegeta over and over in Goku’s ear.

After a few minutes Jim gets up, goes to the kitchen, and grabs a pot and ladle. “Here use these.”

Vegeta looks puzzled.

“Like this.” He puts the pot over Gene’s head then hits the ladle on the outside of the pot.

Gene sits up with his ears ringing. “Jim! I am going to get you!”

Smiling Jim says, “See it works every time.”

“So how about some breakfast Jim?” says Gene sternly trying to compose himself.

Jim heads to the kitchen and starts cooking.

Soon Goku wakes.

“Mmm. Smells good.”

“Figures. Food would be the only thing Kakarrot would wake up to.”

“You guys have the new batch of cargo to deliver today,” Melfina reminds them.

“Here’s the address of where the stuff is,” says Vegeta handing Gene a piece of paper.

“Meet us at the ship around noon. We will gather supplies to repair the stuff from the shop.”

“See you guys later,” says Trunks as the others head out the door.


“Since we have an early start we can get started on the time machine,” says Trunks.

“Yeah. We have lots to work on it before we meet up with them,” agrees Jim.

“Which parts need replacing the most?”

“These here are about shot. This here is probably creating a short. Many of your wires are frayed and this is cracked.”

“Yeah well I hadn’t used it in a while,” says Trunks with a sweat drop on his brow.

“Looks like you got quite a bit of use out of it though.”

“Yeah …” sighs Trunks thinking about the changes he made for his friends and family.

“By the way. Who made this?”

“My mom and I put it together.”

Jim’s eyes got big. “Wow. Now I feel like I am intruding on your machine,” says Jim rubbing the back of his head.

“No. It’s ok. I have been wanting to work on for a while now but never had the time.”

“Ok then. How about you do the rewiring then?”

“Right,” says Trunks getting to work.


Trunks and Jim worked on the machine till around 11:00 am.

“Whew. There. What do you think?”

“Wow Jim it looks great.”

“Thanks,” says Jim smiling and rubbing the back of his head.

“By the way. Shouldn’t we gather the equipment and meet up with the others soon?”

“Yeah. Let’s get going.”


As they approach the hanger they hear many voices yelling and arguing. Vegeta and Gene are arguing while Goku talks with Melfina. Their clothes are filthy and smell, as well as a bit singed.

“What happened to you guys?” asks Trunks.

“Those bastards from yesterday,” grumbles Vegeta.

“Yeah but we got them good,” comments Goku.

“I hope the cargo is intact,” says Jim.

“Let’s fix this stuff and get it delivered,” says Gene.

Everyone helps out in loading and fixing the equipment and other cargo.

The delivery goes smoothly.


“Yeah! We have money!” says Gene happily as they return to the shop.

“Actually after taking off how much we owe Fred we …”

“Don’t say it,” sighs Gene.

“Well we have good news. The time machine is fixed,” says Trunks.

“Thank god. Now we can get out of this place,” comments Vegeta.

“We can leave once we are ready,” says Goku.


Standing in a small field the Z Fighters get ready to leave.

“It was nice to meet all of you,” says Goku and Trunks.

“Thank you for all of your help,” says Jim.

“You too,” says Trunks.

“Thanks for helping us with that job. It would have been difficult with out you guys,” says Gene.

“Sure thing,” says Goku.

“Bye,” waves Melfina as they take off.

“Finally we are going home,” says Vegetta with a sigh.


The Z Fighters wait in anticipation.

“I see Earth!” Says Goku standing by the window.

“Don’t get too excited Kakarrot,” says Vageta from the floor.

The time machine comes closer and closer.


“I am sensing something.”

“Gohan, what is it?” asks Videl.

“I think… I think… It might be …”

“Dad! Daddy’s home!” cries out Goten.

“What are you guys so excited about?” asks Chi Chi coming into the room.

“Daddy’s coming home!”

“Gohan are you kidding around with your brother!” warns Chi Chi.


Bulma is working hard on fixing this and that when she gets a funny feeling. Loosing her concentration she gets a slight shock.



“Yes Dad?”

“Your friends want to see you outside.”

“Ok. Thanks.”

Bulma comes outside and sees Gohan and his family along with her other friends.

“What’s up guys?”

“We think Goku is on his way back!” says Krilin smiling.

“I think I see something,” says Trunks.


“Look we are almost home. I see Dende’s tower!” Says Goku as they approach Earth.

“Really, let me see.”

Trunks stands quietly off to the side.

Goku elbows Vegeta.

“What do you …”

Goku points to Trunks.

“Well thanks for your help Trunks,” says Goku.

“No problem,” he modestly says.

“Thanks kid,” says Vegeta.

“I think I can get us home from here,” says Goku.

“Good luck.” Says Trunks.

“You too,” says Vegeta as they disappear.


“Look here they come!” says Marron.

“Hi guys!” says Goku.

Everyone is full of smiles and tears.

“Where have you been?” yells Chi Chi.

“I am sure he will tell us in time,” says Piccollo.

“I have an idea. Since we are all here… Let’s have a barbeque! Err… if it’s alright with Bulma.”

“I think it’s a wonderful idea Yumcha.”

Everyone enjoys the food and company till the sun starts setting. Family by family they head home.

Bulma watches as each person leaves.

She walks over to Vegeta.

“I am glad you are home,” she whispers.

“Me too,” he says holding her tightly.