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Day 6

“So when are you heading home?” asks Heero in the morning.

“I forgot about the time machine!” blurts out Trunks.

“What! This could be a problem.” says Vegeta entering the room.

“Trunks, I want to tell you how impressed I am that you and Sandrock worked very well together yesterday,” comments Quatre.

“Thank you,” says Trunk blushing.

Trowa comes onto the video monitor in the room. “I need to see all of you in the hanger.”

“Let’s go then,” says Goku stretching.

They all walk into the hanger.

“The time machine!” says Goku shocked.

“How?” asks Vegeta.

“Trowa put it on the carrier ship we exited on,” comments Quatre.

“No way,” says Goku still trying to figure it out.

“We fixed up the machine for you,” says Heero.

“Goku relax, it doesn’t matter how it happened.”

“Your right Trunks. Well thank you everyone.”

“No problem,” says Duo for the group.

 “Remember the Z Fighters are always welcome here,” smiles Quatre.

“Same goes for Gundam Pilots if you happen to fall to Earth during our time,” says Goku.

Everyone says their goodbyes while Trunks sets the time machine.

“We’re ready.”

The Z Fighters climb aboard as the Gundam Pilots take a few steps back.

The time machine disappears in a flash of light.


“I wonder what improvements they made?” questions Trunks.

“I am setting it this time,” demands Vegeta. “There that should do it.”

“I don’t think that will help us find our time. You have too much on that magical reading,” observes Trunks.

“Tough,” says Vegeta pushing the destination button.

They whiz along till they lightly settle down on the ground.

“See wasn’t that a nice ride?”

The others agree the ride was better.



“I am so bored. We haven’t had a case in weeks.”



His teacher glares at him.

“Pay attention!”

“Yes, sir?” Yuske sighs.

The bell rings and Yuske is the first one out the classroom door.

“How was class?” asks Kako.

“Boring as usual.”

They stand quietly on the roof of the school.

Yuske’s compact brakes the silence.

He quickly opens it.


“Hi Yuske. There has been a report of a strong amount of energy heading this way. Probably some demons.”

“Right I am on it,” says Yuske already off school grounds.

“Bye Kako!” he yells.


“See you later,” says Yuske passing Kuwabara.

“Huh. Wait for me!”

Up ahead Hiei and Kurama are waiting.


“Looks like we landed in a city. Glad I put the time machine in a spare capsule I had.”

“Good idea. We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves,” says Goku.

“Where to now?” asks Vegeta.


Yuske follows his radar to the outskirts of the city.

“I sense strong energy ahead,” says Kuwabara.

“There are three of them,” says Hiei.

“Stop right there!” yells Yuske.

The Z Fighters look at each other.

“Does he mean us?” asks Trunks.

Yuske and his group look the Z Fighters over.

“They don’t look that strong,” observes Kuwabara.

“That’s because they haven’t reveled their true forms yet,” says Hiei.

How do they know we transform? asks the Z Fighters to themselves.

“They look astonished that we know so much about them,” says Kurama.

“Why have you come here?” asks Yuske.

“That’s sort of hard to explain,” says Goku. 

“Besides why should we tell you?” says Vegeta.

“We are Spirit Detectives. We destroy evil spirits here on Earth,” says Yuske.

“Can you excuse us for a moment?” asks Goku. He turns to his comrades. “The reason they are after us is that they detect our energy.”

“How can that be? Our levels are way below detection,” says Trunks.


“These three don’t seem like the regular demons we fight,” comments Kurama.

“They do seem smarter than most,” observes Yuske.

“If they wanted to fight they would have done so by now,” states Hiei.

“So why did the compact reading show they have a strong energy level?” Yuske gets out his compact. Boton said there where demons around here. “Boton!” Yuske yells into his compact.

“Yes I am here.”

“By what we can tell these guys are not demons. Any ideas on why they would have a high power level?” asks Yuske.

“Maybe they are something else?” says Boton.

“Kurama and Hiei don’t see them as a threat.”

Boton appears behind Yuske.

“Boton! Boton!”

“I am right here,” she says smiling. “So what’s the


Boton sees the Z Fighters.

“Oh, I see your point. Well I suggest talking with them first.”

“I will go talk with them,” volunteers Kurama.

“Be careful,” warns Yuske.


“Here comes pretty boy,” says Vegeta.

“There seems to have been a misunderstanding,” states Kurama.

“I agree,” says Goku.

“We would like to ask you some questions, for our own safety.”

“Ok, I guess,” says Goku.

Yuske and the others join around.

“Where did you come from?” asks Yuske.

“We came from another dimension,” explains Trunks.

“What are you?” asks Kuwabara.

“What type of question is that? We’re human beings!” says Vegeta.

“Why is your energy level so high?” asks Hiei.

“Where we come from we use our energy to fight,” explains Goku.

“How did you get here?” asks Yuske.

“In a time machine I created,” says Trunks.

“Yeah right. I don’t believe this,” says Kuwabara.

“It is a little far fetched,” says Karama.

“Trunks show them the time machine,” orders Goku.

Trunks takes a capsule out of his pocket. “Stand back,” he warns.

When the smoke clears the time machine stands before all of them.

“How …” asks Kuwabara puzzled.

“We have been traveling in this trying to get back to our own time,” says Goku.

“Well it fits their story,” says Kurama.

“So why can’t you leave? “ asks Hiei.

“The time capsule takes a while to recharge itself,” explains Trunks putting it back into the capsule.

“You say you fight using your energy?” questions Boton.

“Yes. There have been some who have wanted to take over or destroy our planet. So a group of us know as the Z Fighters protect the Earth and its inhabitants,” says Goku. 

“Based on what they have said I don’t consider them enemies,” says Hiei.

“I agree,” says Kurama.

“So it’s settled,” says Boton. “I am going to tell King Koenma the news,” she says disappearing.


“By the way my name is Goku. This is Vegeta and Trunks,” says Goku to break the silence.

“Sorry we haven’t introduced ourselves either. My name is Kurama and this is Hiei.”

“The name is Yuske, and this is Kuwabara.”

“Nice to meet you,” says Trunks.

“Just how strong is your energy?” asks Kuwabara.

“Depends on who you’re asking,” says Vegeta. “Each of us has a different level we can reach.”

“That’s interesting,” says Kurama.

“So who’s the strongest?” asks Yuske.

“That would be Kakarrot, I mean Goku,” says Vegeta.

“You’re telling me that you guys are stronger than us?” asks Kuwabara.

“No one said that,” ventures Goku.

“I’ll settle this,” says Vegeta. “Hey you. Can you blast down that tree over there?”

“The one ten feet away? Haha. No problem,” says Kuwabara.

“Not that one. The one 100 feet away.”

“Hum no. But Urameshi can.”

“Wait. I have an idea. Want to pair off and do some practicing?” asks Goku. “I need to keep myself fit. Besides I haven’t been able to work out in (Goku counts)…four days!”

“You guys go ahead,” says Hiei.

“Let’s stop talking and fight! Cacarott you get pretty boy here. I’ll take the little punk,” comments Vegeta.

“Watch who you are calling names.” Yuske warns.

“Guess that means I am teamed up with the kid,” says Kuwabara.

“Watch who you are calling a kid,” smiles Trunks.

“Let’s fight,” says Goku.

All agree.

“Short stuff and I will go first,” says Kuwabara.


Trunks and Kuwabara face off.

Trunks draws his sword.

“I have one of those too,” boasts Kuwabara presenting his Spirit Sword.

Trunks is not surprised.

Kuwabara runs at Trunks. Trunks runs to meet him.

Their swords clash. Trunks takes the defense.

Kuwabara slashes and hacks at Trunks. Trunks holds his own ground.

Since Kuwabara is a bit bigger Trunks powers up.

Kuwabara shocked takes a step back. “What the…”

Trunks is now muscular with yellow hair.

“How did you do that?” asks Kuwabara dumb founded.

“It’s something we Sayajin fighters can do to boost are energy level,” explains Trunks.

“Oh,” says Kurabara a little confused. “It won’t help you!” says Kuwabara attacking Trunks again.

Trunks sheaths his sword and puts his arms up to block Kuwabara’s Spirit Sword.

No way! Says Kuwabara to himself. He has to be hurting, after doing a crazy thing like that!

Trunks bounces back from the power of their collision.

“Do you give up yet?” Trunks asks.

“Never!” shouts Kuwabara.

Trunks aims his finger at Kuwabara. Kuwabara stands ready to block the blast with his sword. Trunks releases a blast of energy.

Kuwabara finds he can’t hold the blast and ends up being thrown against a tree.

Trunks waits.

Kuwabara slowly tries to get up. “It’s going to take more than that to bring me down.”

“I was playing nice,” says Trunks.

“Don’t do me any favors,” says Kuwabara regaining his Spirit Sword. He starts his next attack.

Trunks gathers a ball of energy and throws it at him.

Kuwabara, now blinded, sees Trunks coming at him out of the corner of his eye. Too late to attack or block he sees Trunks pull out his sword and feels a blow to his head.

Trunks, using the swords handle, knocks Kuwabara on the back of the head. Kuwabara goes down hard.

Trunks steps back.

Kuwabara gets up slowly. “I am not out yet …,” he coaxes.

Trunks walks over and grabs Kuwabara’s right ankle and starts to swing him around, then Trunks lets go and the others see Kuwabara flying into the forest. Trunks waits for him to return.

Trunks senses him coming and begins to gather a large amount of energy. He quickly sends it in Kuwabara’s direction. Kuwabara doesn’t have time to dodge it braces himself from the attack.

Kuwabara lays defeated on the ground.


“Wow! Good job Trunks,” cheers Goku.

“These guys are interesting fighters,” states Hiei.

“I am glad they are not our enemy,” comments Kurama.


“Well done. We’re next,” says Vegeta pointing at Yuske.

Yuske and Vegeta face off.

“Go Urameshi” mumbles Kuwabara from the ground.

“Are you ready boy?” asks Vegeta.

“Ready when you are.”

“Ok then. Let’s start.” Vegeta holds up his hand with his palm out towards Yuske.

“Try this,” says Vegetta releasing a blast of energy towards Yuske, who barely dodges it.

Yuske gathers his footing and comes at Vegeta. He gathers up spirit energy in his fits. After Vegeta’s blast clears Yuske yells, “Shotgun!”

Vegeta puts his arms up to block himself. Then counters by throwing many small balls of energy at once repetitively at Yuske.

Yuske doges or shields himself from most of them.

Once the balls stop Yuske shapes his fingers in the shape of a gun and yells, “Spirit gun.”

He aims directly at Vegeta.

Vegeta is taken off guard from the power behind the blast. Thinking quickly he diverts the blast skywards, where it explodes.

Vegeta grows impatient.

Yuske is a bit drained and out of breath.

Vegetta yells and powers up.

Him too? Who are these guys? Yuske asks himself.

Vegetta comes straight for Yuske.

They begin doing close fighting maneuvers until Vageta takes the offence and hits Yuske. Yuske hits a tree and splits it in two.

Yuske gets to his feet as quickly as he can. He quickly gathers energy and yells, “arched ballast!”

Vegetta is blinded for a moment but comes quickly at Yuske with his fist.

Yuske gets his arms up to block the punch.

The two block and dodge each other.

Yuske’s compact starts beeping.

What the?

Yuske keeps fighting.


“I think we need to end this before someone really gets hurt,” says Goku.

“They are almost evenly matched,” states Kurama.

“Almost. But if Vegeta powers up again your friend doesn’t have a chance,” says Goku.

“Goku is right we need to stop this now,” Hiei emphasizes.

“I agree,” says Trunks. “Before Vegeta gets carried away.”


Everyone approaches Vegeta and Yuske. “Guys stop this now!”

“Vegeta stop,” demands Trunks.

“Why should I?”

“Yuske stop now,” Hiei threatens.

“Why should I stop?” questions Yuske.

 “Stop now or I’ll finish you off myself,” comments Hiei.

Boton appears. “What are these guys up to?”

She walks up to a loud argument taking place.

“Yuske Urameshi! What do you think you are doing?”

“Oh, hi Boton,” says Yuske.

“Oh no you don’t. I know you heard the compact Yuske!”

“We were just having some exercise matches,” explains Goku.

“When there are demons on the loose!” yells Boton.

“What!” says Kuwabara as he comes over to join the group. “Real demons?”

“Of course real ones and while you all are having fun the demons are running amuck in the city!” screams Boton.

“Sounds like we better get on it,” says Kurama.

“Hey kid, that was fun,” says Vegeta to Yuske.

 “Well I think we have passed enough time here,” says Goku. “Sorry about our match Kurama.”

“No problem.”

“It was nice meeting all of you,” says Trunks.

“Same here,” says Hiei.

Trunks pulls out his capsule and the time machine appears from within a cloud of smoke.

“Sorry about when we met,” says Yuske.

“Have a safe trip,” says Hiei as the time machine vanishes.

The three Z Fighters quickly settle on a course. Worn out from all the afternoon activity they soon fall sound asleep.


The time machine begins lurching and turning around and around.

The Z Fighters sleep on.

The time machine throws Goku’s body against the hatch release. Vegeta is sleeping closest to the opening. Trunks half awakens to the situation at hand. He startles himself awake as Vegeta is floating out of the time machine.

Trunks tries to reach for Vegeta’s ankle and comes within inches of grabbing him but Vegeta floats away.

“Nooooooooooooo!” shouts Trunks waking Goku.

“What’s…?” was all Goku could say noticing the open hatch and Vegeta missing. “What happened?” asks Goku shutting the hatch.

“I don’t know. I had just woken up and saw Dad … I mean Vegeta floating out the hatch and I couldn’t reach him. I tried but I wasn’t quick enough,” says Trunks blaming himself. As they sit in silence the capsule begins to pick up speed and spins out of control. The two remaining Z Fighters are knocked out cold.


Man it’s hot in here! Hold on, where am I? questions Vegeta.

His body feels heavy and tightly restrained.

His eyes open. He is amazed at what he sees around him. White spirit looking people are all around him and his body is restrained in some sort of lava pit.

Where the heck am I? And what is this that I am wearing?

He notices the armor he is wearing is some how protecting him from these spirits and the lava pit. A large head that seems to be floating in mid air appears.

“Anubis have you decide to change your mind about your loyalty to me?”

The words “I will never join you again!” come out of his mouth.

What’s going on? I didn’t say that.

“Very well then. I will force you to change your mind! Spirits come forth!”

Man can’t that guy stop singing!

In the distance Vegeta hears three rings clinking together.

What’s that sound? He says weakly.

A man appears with a large hat covering his face.

“No it can’t be,” says the giant head.

“Yes Talpa it is I.”

“I will not let you take him Ancient One. He still belongs to me!”

“His mind yes, his heart no longer.”

“How dare you come here! Spirits come forth,” commands Talpa.

The Ancient One raises his staff and the rings clink faster and faster. The spirits are warned off and the Ancient One quickly grabs the weakened Anubis and disappears.

“No!” yells Talpa.


This feels relaxing, sighs Trunks.

Cool water flows over his head as he deeply meditates.

Trunks senses another presence from within. Who could it be?

Opening his eyes he looks at his hands. He is wearing some kind of green armor. A very light and flexible armor.

He gazes at his reflection in the water. He has blond hair and bluish eyes.

“Sage we should be getting back soon,” says a woman’s voice. Who is that?

“Be there in a minuet,” he calls back.

Well I at least I know this person’s name is Sage.


Where am I? Goku’s voice echoes.

He senses another presence, but it’s very weak.

My, this body is weak. It’s like its been drained of energy.

“Rio. Wake up. Rio!” comes a voice close by.

“Yuile. Don’t wake Rio just yet. He had a tough battle yesterday.”

“Sorry Rowen.”

“He will be up soon. Why don’t you go play with White Blaze out back.”

“Yeah!” says Yulie bounding away.

Goku feels flush and warm. He lifts his heavy eyes and stares up at the ceiling for a moment. He looks around him as best he can. He tries to sit up. A blue haired young man comes quickly into the room.

“You should rest some more.”

“I am alright …” Goku hesitates “…Rowen. I just need to get my strength back.”

“I don’t think this is a good idea Rio. Your body is stressed as it is.”

“I told you not to worry.” Goku decides to try and stand up. He almost falls but catches himself. So I am now Rio.


A voice is heard downstairs. “Hey, where are you guys? Hello …” Kento walks up the stairs to the second floor and passes the room Rio and Rowen are in. Seeing them he quickly turns to enter. “Oh here you are. So Rio how are you feeling?”

“Good I guess.”

“Great …” Another set of footsteps are heard in the hallway.

“What’s the fuss?”

“Sai come look Rio’s better!”

“Already, that’s great news,” says Sai entering the room.

“I have an idea,” ventures Kento. “I will make dinner. How about some barbeque?” says Kento heading downstairs.

“Does Kento know how to work the grill?” asks Goku.

Sai and Rowen look at each other.

“I will go assist him with dinner,” says Sai quickly leaving.

“I should help also,” the others should be arriving shortly. “Come down when you are ready Rio.”


Downstairs dinner is almost ready when Sage and Mia walk in the door.

“Wow, this looks wonderful,” comments Mia.

“It was Kento’s idea,” says Sai. “We just prevented him from burning down the house.”

Sage stands quietly listening. Rio descends the staircase.

“Now that we are all here let’s eat!” says Kento.

The food in front of them quickly disappears.

“Wow, I didn’t know how hungry I was,” comments Kento.

Everyone laughs.


After dinner everyone decides to do some training. Kento, Sai, and Rowen all leave at the same time. Goku hears them make some comments as they leave. “Sage seems quieter than usual,” “And more reserved.”

Goku quickly thinks. Trunks acts quiet and reserved …. I wonder. “Hey Sage. Let’s go train in the forest,” suggests Goku. Sage follows. He seems to be deep in thought.

“So what’s on your mind?”

“Nothing really.”

“Anything about fixing the time machine?”

Sage’s eyes grow large. “How … no wait. Goku!”

Rio smiles. “Now we have to find Vegeta.”

“We also need to find out how to get out of these bodies, which is going to be more difficult than it was before.”

“I hear something.”

Rio and Sage stop. They see shadows shifting around the forest.

“Something does not feel right,” says Trunks.

Out of nowhere three large suits of armor appear before them ready to attack.

In a flash Rowen, Kento and Sai arrive.

How did they? asks Trunks and Goku.

“Ronins to arms,” says Rowen holding out a blue ball in his hand. Kento and Sai change also. Rio and Sage reach into their pockets each finding a colored ball. Following what the others did they each throw up their ball and jump at it. All of them stand wearing light and flexible armor each of a different color. They all turn to face the small army of armored suits.

“All right, these are my kind of odds,” says Kento.

With that said they start fighting.


They quickly take down the armored soldiers.

After they are done they hear a familiar voice, “My friends …”

“It’s the Ancient One,” says Sai.

The Ancient One appears on a small bridge built over a small river in front of them. He is carrying Anubis.

“Why did you bring him here?” asks Kento.

“He needs help in finding the way back,” explains the Ancient One as he lays Anubis down on the bridge.

Goku is terribly puzzled. Trunks thinks for a minute. He nudges Goku pointing at Anubis. Goku thinks for a moment, when it hits him.

Just then Anubis slowly comes out of his trans. His eyes widen and he tries to move his stiff body and ends up balancing himself on the railing of the bridge.

“Anubis you need to find yourself once again. To do so you need to follow your heart. It will help you to be cleansed of your past and help you choose a new path,” says the Ancient One.

Anubis seems calm. Lots of things are running through Vegeta’s thoughts. Anubis talks to him and helps him to calm his thoughts and focus.

A strong eerie presence forms around them as the three War Lords appear close by.

“Anubis, how dare you let yourself be fooled by these mere boys,” says Cale.

“Come back now and Talpa may be lax on your punishment,” says Dais.

“Tell Lord Talpa I will never join his side again,” says Anubis from deep within himself.

“You fool. You would throw it all away just like that,” says Seckment.

The three War Lords snatch up Anubis and leave.

“We should go after them,” says Sage.

“Wait, how do we know we can trust Anubis?” asks Kento.

“Rio use your feelings and tell us if you feel any difference in the bond between the five of us and Anubis’s bond,” suggest Rowen.

Goku tries to search for the bond Rowen described. He feels a tight thread connecting the five of them. Then he feels off shoots that also link the War Lords including Anubis. “They are the same,” says Goku quietly.

“Ronin’s do not worry about Anubis for he will find his way …” says the Ancient One disappearing.

Mia, Yulie, and White Blaze come running. “What happened?” questions Mia.

“Let’s discuss it at the house,” suggests Sage.


While the others talk Sage steps outside to think. Rio notices and follows.

“What’s on your mind?” asks Goku.

“I am thinking about the Ancient One’s words.” Rio looks puzzled.

“Remember what he said Anubis needed to do? It sounds like what we need do to return to our normal selves.”

“So how can we help Vegeta?”


“Lord Talpa we have brought him back,” says Dais.

“Tell me Anubis why do you fight it?” asks Talpa.

“I do not belong to you! You have told us nothing but lies. The Ronin Warriors have found the truth behind their armor.”

“How dare you talk that way. My spirits will change your mind.”

“I will not return to you Lord Talpa!” yells Anubis to the spirits around him. He grabs at the goo holding him. Transforming into his armor Anubis frees himself and leaves the castle.


Standing on the back porch Rio sensing something raises his head followed by Sage. The others soon follow.

“They are back,” says Sage.

The War Lords appear before them.

The Ronins quickly change into their under armor.

“Alright let’s show these weirdoes what they are up against!” says Kento. “Armor of Hardrock …”

Sai follows. “Armor of Torrent …”

Then Rowen. “Armor of Strata …”

Rio follows soon after. “ Armor of …” the word wildfire echoes in Goku’s head “wildfire …” Goku feels the instant surge of fire running throughout his body. Heavy red armor appears over the under armor along with two long swords.

Sage is last to follow. The word halo echoes in Trunks’s head. “Armor of Halo …” The power of light flows throughout his body. Heavy green armor appears over the under armor along with a large sword.

“Well that’s more like it,” says Cale.

Trunks feels his body wanting to attack Cale. “Come on Halo I am waiting,” sneers Cale.

Kento and Sai attack Dais.

“These guys are much stronger than the last time we fought?” states Sai.

“Rio take Seckment. I will help Sage with Cale,” says Rowen.

Goku faces Seckment and pulls out his swords. “Come on boy.” Goku attacks and quickly dodges Seckment’s swords. What is on his swords? Could it be an acid of some sort? Goku thinks to himself. “You are being very foolish boy.” Goku listening to Seckment talk and looking at Seckment’s armor concludes, It’s snake venom!

Sage attacks Cale. Trunks feels the darkness trying to absorb him. He notices how quickly Cale moves. Trunks counters every attack Cale makes using his sword.

Rowen tries to through off Cale’s concentration with random attacks from his arrows.

After ten minutes of fighting everyone feels another presence.

“Anubis. What are you doing here?” demans Dais.

“I have come to join the Ronin Warriors.”

The Ronins all look shocked.

“Traitor!” yells Cale.

 “I would advise for you three to leave,” says Anubis.

“War Lords let us return to our master,” says Dais disappearing followed by the others.


“Dais why did you leave?” asks Cale.

“Did you two notice anything different about Halo or Wildfire?”

Seckment and Cale think for a minute.

“Wildfire seemed to react weird the first time he got close to my swords and stayed quite far away after that,” says Seckment.

“Halo seemed to be more reserved and on the defense,” says Cale, “Why do you ask?”

“I think perhaps they are not feeling themselves,” says Dais.

“Interesting observation says Talpa appearing. No matter. For it is time to move forward with my plans.”

“What do you mean?” asks Dais.

“I need your powers to help me defeat the Ronin Warriors once and for all. Give your armors to me!”

“Nooo …” the War Lords scream in unison.


Meanwhile Anubis, Rio, and Sage are talking.

“So Vegeta is inside you?” asks Trunks.

“Yes, like the other Ronins are inside of you. They are there but faintly.” Goku and Trunks nod.

“I have a feeling that soon you will be yourselves again,” reassures Anubis.

 Rio raises his head sensing a large amount of energy. “Talpa has just become much stronger, we must attack him now.”

“I agree,” says Rowen putting his hand on Rio’s shoulder.

“Then let’s head out,” says Kento eagerly.

“Hey Kento wait for us,” says Sai.


The Ronin Warriors and Anubis stand in front of Talpa’s large gate in their under armor. As they get closer a mist appears.

“Kento do the honors.”

“Will do,” says Kento approaching the large doors and pushing them open.

Many armored soldiers stand blocking their way in.

“Looks like the only path leads through them,” says Sage.

“Let’s get rid of these bucket heads and find Talpa,” says Kento.

The others agree and start attacking.

After a while of fighting Rowen says, “Ronins to arms!”

Goku feels Rio calling the name of his armor from deep inside him. “Armor of Wildfire …” says Goku. The others follow.

They fight their way through a sea of armored soldiers to Talpa’s stronghold.

“Don’t you think it is weird we have not been attacked by the War Lords yet?” comments Rowen.

“I wonder what is keeping them?” asks Kento.

Seconds after Kento’s question the whole area shakes as Talpa appears. All stare at Talpa’s true form.

“How can he be a solid figure?” asks Sai in wonderment.

“It seems he has absorbed the War Lords,” comments Anubis. “He is now physically able to appear on this plane.”

“That is correct Anubis. You and the Ronin Warriors will soon become a part of me once again!” yells Talpa coming for them.

The Ronins scatter as Talpa’s giant hands come for them. “You are no match for me!” says Talpa grabbing the Ronins.

Anubis intercepts Talpa from grabbing Rio.

“You have evaded me long enough,” says Talpa grabbing for Anubis. Anubis tries to quickly attack. Talpa picks him up in his hand. Talpa quickly absorbs Anubis leaving behind his yellow coat.

One of Talpa’s massive metal hands comes for Kento next.

Kento jumps out of the way and starts up his attack, “Iron Rock Crusher!”

Talpa’s hand appears right on top of Kento. Kento uses his attack’s power to oppose the giant hand. The huge hand engulfs Kento smothering him. The power from his own attack sends his body flying. Sai watches Kento out of the corner of his eye. Seeing what just happened Sai becomes infuriated and takes a stance in front of Kento’s body to fend off Talpa’s hand. Sai tries to keep Talpa away with is Yari weapon. One of Talpa’s giant hands comes from behind. Sai is too late to react.

“Sage you stay and protect Rio. I will go help Sai and Kento,” says Rowen.

Rowen starts up his attack yelling, “Arrow Shock Wave!”

Rowen’s attack covers the giant hands with many arrows Talpa. Talpa becomes annoyed. One of the large hands knocks Rowen off his feet. Rowen looking up sees Sai’s body coming towards him, as Talpa throws Sai on top of him. Tapla throws the Ronins around like little rag dolls.

“I am sorry Rio but something is telling me to help them,” says Sage

“Go, I will be fine.”

Sage moves quickly towards Kento who is trying to get up. They look up in horror to see Rowen and Sai being absorbed by Talpa. Kento and Sage’s anger rises. Without hesitation they both attack with a mixed fury of emotions. Talpa calls upon Sai’s Super Wave Smasher attack. Kento and Sage are badly hurt by the attack. Talpa quickly absorbs both of them before they can resist. Goku quickly realizes he is the only one left.

What can I do? Everyone else is gone, thinks Goku to himself.

“So Wildfire are you going to come quietly?”

Goku did not know what to say. He lets Rio’s words come to the surface.

“I will never give in to you Talpa!”

“Wildfire. Why don’t you come quietly?”

Yes I do need the rest. But if I go the others have fought for nothing. No, I can’t give in. I have to fight so I can save my friends and the human world.

“Why do you hesitate? Attack me Wildfire!”

Rio, now in control, starts up his attack, “Flare Up Now!”

He blasts fire at Talpa. Talpa counters his attack. Rio falls to his knees. Rio soon hears the screams of his friends. Rio realizes that Talpa has stopped attacking. Rio looks up to see his friends revolting by stopping Talpa’s actions from within.

“Attack Talpa!” they cry.

“If I do I might hurt all of you!” cries Rio.

“Do it!”

“We can’t hold him much longer.”

“No, I can’t, I won’t do it,” says Rio dropping his swords.

His friends stop and Talpa is now back in control. “What are you going to do now Wildfire?” asks Talpa.

Rio goes for one last powerful attack. “Flare … Up … Now …”


Talpa grabs Rio who is now very weak. Rio feels a pull and drifts to a place that is dark and peaceful. His human body now lacks the will to move. Rio awakens inside Talpa next to his friends. They too are at peace. The Ancient One appears. “I am sorry for creating this destiny for each of you. This was a task too great for you alone,” says The Ancient One to the Ronin Warriors.


“Ancient One what’s going to happen?” asks Goku.

“Relax young warrior the path way is opening. I am sorry to involve you in this. I feel you have greatly helped the Ronin Warriors. I will help you on you way.” Goku feels as though he is in a dreamy state and is being pulled along. The next moment Goku awakens up from a deep sleep. He looks around the space capsule to find Vegeta and Trunks sound asleep. Goku drifts back to sleep. Soon Goku dreams about the Ronin Warriors defeating Talpa using a new suit of white armor. His last thought before he goes back into a deep sleep is, I hope we are on our way home soon.