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Day 3

In the morning Goku was the first up. “Trunks I want to apologize for what I said yesterday. I said it without thinking.”

“I understand. You were just being polite.”

 “I have been thinking this plan ahead a bit. If you want the time machine back you will have to come with us so you can bring it back here.”

“Yes, I know. I haven’t decided about what to do yet.”

“Oh. Well then let us know when you decide.”

“I will.” Goku leaves and goes into the house. Vegeta is awake.

“Trunks sure works hard,” comments Goku.

The two do their morning exercise routine in silence.


Trunks comes in a little after 1:00 pm. “Well it’s about finished now.”

“Great! Let’s go see,” says Goku.

The time machine stands in the garage looking like new.

“It’s all fixed up except for a paint job. But we don’t have the time.”

“We?” asks Vegeta.

“Well I was thinking how since I fixed it up, I should take you guys home then bring it back here. It won’t be any trouble.”

“Are you sure Trunks?” asks Goku.

“Yes I am sure. Well let’s turn it on.” Trunks presses the button on the machine. All the lights come on. Trunks climbs in to check the circuits and control panel. “Looks good.”

“Well I hope it works. I don’t want to be sent to who knows where. I am just glad that this time we happened to come to a place we knew,” grumbles Vegeta.

“That’s his way of saying thank you,” Goku whispers to Trunks, who nods in agreement.

“We have wasted enough time, let’s go!” says Vegeta climbing aboard.

Goku is the last to get in.

Trunks punches in their settings and they take off.

The time capsule lurches. Time seems to fly by as they sat in silence for what seemed like eternity. Then it feels like the machine is slowing.

“This isn’t right,” says Trunks.

“What do you mean?” asks Goku.

“It hasn’t acted like this before,” comments Trunks.

“Hang on we are going for a ride,” says Vegeta as the time capsule suddenly drops like a rock.



The capsule crashes creating a small crater.

The three step out of the time machine. Goku and Vegeta catch their breath while Trunks inspects the machine.

“I think it just shorted out. I just need to recharge the battery.”

“That sounds easy enough,” comments Vegeta.

“But where are we going to get help with that?” asks Goku looking around.

Every direction he looks there is either forest or grass.

“How about we follow the road. It probably will end up in a village,” suggests Trunks.

“We could wait here for help,” says Goku.

“Right like anyone will be coming anytime soon,” remarks Vegeta.

Just then two humans run by them on the road.

“Wonder who they were?” Goku says after they pass.

“Do you think the letter R on their uniforms stand for something?” says Trunks.

“Never mind that. Why were they running?” questions Vegeta.

“Maybe it has something to do with the caged animal they were carrying,” Trunks surmises.

Three kids come running up the road. They stop to catch their breath. The boy in a baseball cap talks first.

“Excuse me but have you seen Team Rocket or my Pikachu?”

The three Z Fighters look at each other puzzled.

“Does the letter R on a uniform stand for Team Rocket?” asks Trunks.

“Yes,” says the older boy. “Did you see which way they went?”

“They just went up the road here a few minuets ago,” says Vegeta. “Why?”

“They took my Pikachu!” says the boy in the baseball cap angrily.

“You mean that is what that yellow caged animal was?” asks Trunks.

“Yes,” says the red haired girl. “Excuse us but we need to catch up with them.”

“Wait, would you like are help?” asks Goku.

“Sure, we need all the help we can get,” comments the older boy before running up the road after his friends.

The Z Fighters decide to help the three kids.

“By the way my name is Brock,” says the older boy introducing himself. “Up there is Ash and this is Misty.”

“Hello,” says Misty.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Goku. This is Trunks and that’s Vegeta.”

While they were talking Ash seems to disappear ahead of them.

“Watch out!” warns Brock.


They stop just in time to miss a hole.

“Ash are you ok?” asks Misty yelling down into the hole.

“Yes I am fine,” Says Ash from inside the hole. “I choose you. Go Bayleef!”

“Bay Bay!”

“Use your vine whip to get me out of here please.”

 “Bay Bay!”

Bayleef stood at the hole’s rim and rapped her vines around Ash. She picks Ash up and places him on the ground beside her and gives him a hug.

“Thank you Bayleef. Return.”

“Can’t they think of any original attacks?” sighs Misty.

Team Rocket laughs.

Appearing they start their motto.

“Prepare for trouble.”

“And make it double.”

“To protect our world from devastation.”

“To unite all peoples within our nation.”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love.”

“To extend our reach to the stars above.”



“Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light.”

“Surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, fight.”

“Meow, that’s right!”


“That motto doesn’t make any sense,” whispers Trunks.

Misty nods in agreement.

“Hahaha. We have your Pikachu squirt!” exclaims Jessie.

“Come get it if you can,” temps James.

“Where is Pikachu?” demands Ash.

“It’s up you to find where we hid him,” says Meowth.

“Sounds like we will have better luck finding Pikachu if we spilt up,” suggests Trunks.

“How about Trunks goes with Misty, Goku goes with Ash, and Vegeta comes with me?” suggests Brock.

“Right,” everyone agrees.


“Misty what are these animal like creatures?” asks Trunks pointing at Togepi.


“You guys aren’t from around here are you?”

“No we aren’t.”

“The animals here are all called Pokemon. There are over 500 Pokemon species known. Most people here are trainers like Ash and I. Others are Pokemon watchers, some are breeders like Brock, and others study and help the Pokemon in other ways. We all love to catch Pokemon and raise them to be our friends and to train them to battle other Pokemon in tournaments to win badges. Some like Ash want to eventually receive the title of Pokemon master.”

“So these Pokemon learn attacks?”

“Yes each type and species can learn a different attacks. For example Pikachu is and electric Pokemon. Where as Togepi here is an egg Pokemon.”

“Sounds complicated.”

As they talk they enter a clearing.

“It sounds that way when you explain it…” the ground suddenly falls apart under their feet and they fall down into a hole.

“Not again,” sighs Misty.

From behind a tree Team Rocket laughs. “Oooh looks like you made the wrong choice,” says Meowth.

“I’ll get you Meowth … I choose you Goldeen! Goldeen use horn attack!”

“Ack! Retreat…” yells Team Rocket.

“Here you can climb onto my shoulders to get out.”

“Oh thank you,” says Misty blushing.

Once Misty is out she yells down to Trunks, “How are you going to get out?”

Trunks thinks for a minute. I can’t fly out that would defiantly freak her out. It would be too far for a normal person to jump out of. So I guess I’ll climb out.

Trunks starts climbing.

“Sorry I don’t have any Pokemon that could help us out. I collect mainly water Pokemon, as you see. Thank you Goldeen, return.”

“That’s ok, I didn’t feel like getting wet anyway,” says Trunks climbing out and dusting himself off.

“Since Pikachu is not in this direction. Let’s turn back.”

“Right,” agrees Misty.


Close by Brock explains Pokemon a bit better to Vegeta.

“I see so you train these Pokemon to battle.”

“Not everyone battles. Those who do train learn about training their Pokemon and themselves and they then build a strong relationship between each other.”

“Guess that makes sense.”

“You seem to know a lot about fighting. I assume you aren’t from around here.”

“Yes I am a warrior. I have come from another dimension I guess.”

“Are the others fighters too?”

“Yes both Goku and Trunks are warriors too.”

Team Rocket Holds their breath in anticipation.

Brock looks around. “I don’t think we are finding anything let’s head back.”

“I agree.”

 “There seems to be something wrong with the hole,” says James.

“What, that can’t be,” counters Jessie.

The two start arguing.

“Quiet! We still have to get Pikachu and get out of here,” Meowth reminds them.

“Oh right,” they say.


On the other side of the forest Ash gives a similar explanation about Pokemon to Goku.

“So why does Team Rocket always take your Pikachu?”

“They think he is special. I mean he is to me but I don’t see why they want my particular Pikachu.”

“Watch where you step!” warns Goku.

Ash steps back in time to miss a hole.

“Uh, thanks.”

“Pi pika chu!” Yells Pikachu from high up in a tree.

“Pikachu!” yells Ash.

“So you found your Pikachu runt. But you won’t be able to save him,” says James. “I choose you … Wheezing! Use smoke screen attack.”

“I choose you… Noctowl! Use tackle attack,” says Ash throwing a Pokeball.

Noctowl causes Weezing to be thrown in Team Rocket’s direction.

“I choose you… Arbok! Use poison sting attack!” yells Jessie.

“Noctowl use reflect!”

Arbok too is sent back towards Team Rocket.

“Why you little …” yells Jessie.

“Let’s make our get away,” suggests Meowth.

“Right,” agrees Jessie and James.

Their large Meowth balloon appears above the forest trees. They hold Pikachu in a cage.


“Here come the others,” senses Goku.

“How can you tell?” asks Ash.

The others come hearing the commotion.

“Noctowl use tackle attack to get back Pikachu!” says Ash.

Noctowl attacks bumping into James making him let go of Pikachu.

“Noctowl catch Pikachu!”

After Pikachu lands on Noctowl’s back Ash says, “Pikachu thundershock!”

“Oh no! Team Rocket’s blasting off again!” they yell disappearing over the horizon.

“Wow that was fun,” comments Goku.

“Not when they do this all the time. It gets very irritating,” says Misty.

“Ash are you ok?” asks Brock.

“Yes I am fine. Oh and thank you three for your help. Is there anything we can do for you?”

“Well you see our time machine is in need of a charge up,” explains Goku.

Trunks thought of an idea. “Ash would you mind restarting our battery using you Pikachu’s energy?”

“I’ll have to ask Pikachu. Well what do you say Pikachu?”

“Pi pika chu!”

“I think that’s a yes,” says Goku.

The others laugh.


They walk back towards the time capsule.

“Would you guys like to spend the night? It is nearly nightfall,” observes Brock.

“We can either go to the nearest Pokemon Center or camp out here,” suggests Misty.

“I think we would prefer to camp near our time capsule,” says Trunks.

“Well then we need to go get supplies. I will go get some things up the road,” offers Brock.

“I’ll come with you,” offers Trunks.

“Well we need to build a camp fire,” says Ash.  He sends some of his Pokemon to collect wood.

“It’s so beautiful here,” observes Goku looking up into the sky.

“Yeah,” agrees Ash and Misty.

“So where were you three headed?” asks Vegeta.

“We were headed to the next town so I can win a gym badge,” says Ash.

“Look their back,” says Goku.

“Hey guys,” says Trunks.

“Here are the supplies. You guys set up camp while I cook the food,” says Brock.

Soon everyone was eating, including the Pokemon.

Everyone talked by the campfire till they fell asleep one by one.


Day 4

“Shh. Don’t them hear us.”

“Quick grab Pikachu.”


“Hehehe. I can’t believe we are pulling this off.”

They step on a stick.

“What the? Wake up their back!” Vegeta yells.

“Who’s back,” says Ash half awake.

“Who do you think runt?” says James.

“Pikachu!” yells Ash.

Team Rocket appears and starts their motto.

“Prepare for trouble.”

“And make it double.”

“To protect our world from devastation.”

“To unite all peoples within our nation.”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love.”

“To extend our reach to the stars above.”



“Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light.”

“Surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, fight.”

“Meow, that’s right!”


“Quick into the balloon,” says Meowth.

“How are we going to catch them?” asks Brock.

“This is just getting annoying. Those two are really ticking me off. Especially with their stupid motto!”

“Oh no Vegeta is mad,” sates Goku. “Watch out you three.”

“Who do you think you are with those silly uniforms and making up a stupid motto.”

“Hey! How dare you insult us!” yells Jessie.

“We worked hard on that motto,” says James.

Vegetta takes a stance and puts is his hand up facing his palm towards Team Rocket.

“What do you think he is doing?” asks Meowth.

“I don’t know,” says James.

“Be gone. And leave the kid alone!” a ball of light forms on Vegeta’s palm.

“This doesn’t look good!” cries Jessie.

In the distance you hear, “Team Rocket’s blasting off again…”

“Wow that was awesome,” says Ash impressed.

“They interrupted my sleep. Besides they are even more annoying than Kakarrot.”

Goku smiles weakly.

The others laugh.


When everyone arrives at the time capsule Ash tells everyone to, “Stand back! Pikachu use thunderbolt!”

“Pi ka chuuuuu!”

The time capsule comes to life. The lights turn on and the engine starts.

“Thank you so much,” thanks Trunks.

“Your quiet welcome,” says Ash blushing.

“Thanks for you help,” says Brock for the group.

“We better get going,” says Vegeta.

“Right. Sorry we couldn’t stay longer,” apologizes Goku.

Everyone says his or her good byes.

“Pika pika!” “Toge piii!”

With a flash the Z Fighters are gone.


“Well that place was interesting,” comments Vegetta.

“Those Pokemon where kind of cute,” smiles Goku.

In the silence Vegeta asks, “Are we going home yet?”

“I am working on it. The trouble is how to get back to our own dimension.”

“Vegeta just let Trunks handle it.”

“All right fine.”

There was tension in the air.

“Ok, let’s try this.”

The capsule picks up speed then stops suddenly.


Did we move?

Where am I?

How can I be floating in outer space?

What is this thing I am in?

The Z Fighters realize they are no longer in the time machine. Instead they are in large metal suits.

“Quatre are you ok? Come in!” Trunks looks around. He catches his reflection in the monitor. I am a blond kid!

“Quatre do you read? Come in, this is Trowa.”

Trunks talks into the microphone, “Yes I am fine.” My voice, it’s different!

“Come in Duo. Duo are you there?” Goku looks around. Guess that’s me. “Duo here.”

“Right. Stand by for attack. This is Trowa. Out.”


“Wufei you there?” Who does he think he’s talking to? Thinks Vegeta annoyed.

“Stand by for attack. This is Heero. Over.”

Wait a minuet. This can’t be! Vegeta sees his picture on the monitor. They think I am this runt of a kid!

Wait…did they just say stand by for attack? No time like the present to figure out what these suits can do, thinks Trunks.

Goku studies the panel and buttons then scratches his head. Does this thing come with instructions?

Blast how does this thing work? grumbles Vegeta.

How many of us are there? asks Trunks. Well I am guessing there has to be at least four of us. Guessing that each one of us became one of these kids… wait what frequency did Trowa call on? Let’s see it was this one, and I have four others here. So that would mean there are five of us.

Over their monitors Heero tells everyone that OZ has decided to retreat for now.

“That’s not a good sign,” states Trowa.

“Let’s head back to the colony,” says Heero.

Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta try to stay close behind.


Once out of their mobile suits they all sit quietly in a room. The Z Fighters can’t tell who is who and the two Gundam Pilots sense there is something different about their friends.

“Duo you are being unusually quiet,” comments Heero.

“Well I am just thinking about things,” says Goku quickly.

“So why do you think they backed down?”

“Good question Wufei,” says Trowa.

“I would suspect because they need a new plan of action and more supplies,” comments Heero standing up. “We have been hitting OZ hard over the last few days.” Says Heero leaving the room while eyeing his three suspiciously.

“I am going to run a maintenance check on the suits,” says Trowa leaving.

The others let out a sigh of relief.

“Which of you is Kakarrot!”

“The names Duo.”

“Cut it out braid boy.”

“Vegeta, shh....”

“It’s Wufei. If you want to play along.”

“You are ..” asks Goku.

“Quatre,” smiles Trunks.

“So you aren’t Quatre, Wufei, and Duo.”

The Z Fighters turn to see Heero.

“We can explain…” says Trunks.

“You better,” says Trowa entering the room.

 There is tension in the room.

Trunks explains, “Well some how when we came coming through to this dimension in our time machine we were placed in these bodies,” summarizes Trunks.

“So then your bodies switched places?” confirms Heero.

“What?” says Goku confused.

“Your bodies are out there somewhere switched with our friends,” states Trowa.

“So that means we have to find ourselves,” says Trunks.

“Could that be why they stopped the attack,” questions Vegeta.

“Heero looks up, “Could have very well been.”


Day 5

The next morning they all met in the same room.

“Where’s Trowa?” asks Trunks.

“He is working under cover as an OZ soldier,” says Heero. “I have learned from Trowa that they have three prisoners and they have put them in a prison cell in the colony. When Trowa reported last the bodies were unconscious.”

“We have a problem,” sates Goku. “With our own bodies we have lots of power. With your friends bodies we have to use their machines, which we don’t know how to operate.”

“I see your point. Gundams can only be handled by the best. Don’t think my friends are weak. It takes both mental and physical skills to operate a Gundam. I can give you some practice time now. You will be able to see what it feels like to be a Gundam Pilot.”

The three Z Fighters look at each other.

“I suggest you learn how to use the mobile suits,” says Heero walking out of the room.

“That kid drives me crazy!”

“Calm down Vegeta er should I say Wufei?” teases Goku.

“I guess this means we will be attacking soon. I am going to do as Heero suggests,” says Trunks.


Back at the OZ base the OZ soldiers cuff the Z Fighters and place them into a cell. “That should take of these guys. Besides they should be out for at least a couple more hours,” says the soldier in charge.

“Who are they captain?”

“I am not sure. Maybe some radical civilians.” They leave their prisoners and lock the door.

The closing of the door wakes Duo.

“Augh, Where am I?” asks Duo looking around. Something weird happened. I don’t feel like myself. Duo inches himself over to the light coming from small cracks in the door. What are these clothes I am wearing? What happened to my voice? “My hair!”

Duo’s movements wake Wufei.

“Keep it down.”

“Ahhh! Who are you!” asks Duo wide eyed.

“What do you mean? It’s me Wufei,” he says looking up. “Wait, your not Duo.”

“Yes I am! But how do I know you are Wufei?”

“Well I believe you are Duo…”

“How come?”

“You act like him.”

“Well you are acting like Wufei. But… it could be a trick.”

“What are you guys arguing about?” asks Quatre holding his head.

The others turn and stare at him.

“What?” asks Quatre.

“He doesn’t know,” whispers Duo.

“Know what?” asks Quatre.

“Take a look at yourself,” suggests Wufei.

“What the? You guys too?” surmises Quatre. “So then who are we?”

“More like who is us?” comments Duo.


Back at the colony the Z Fighters are working on figuring out how to operate the mobile suits.

“We need to talk,” orders Heero.

Once gathered Heero brings up their options.

“The way I see it we have two ways to get into the OZ base. Either we do a frontal attack and blast our way in or we sneak in.”

“How about a little of both?” suggest Trunks. “Heero you and I can keep the soldiers busy while they get in.”

“Then what?” asks Vegeta.
  “We can have Trowa waiting for you in the hanger with a plane ready,” says Heero.

Why does it sound like he has done this before? thinks Vegeta.

With their plans set they move on to the next thing, training.

“Are you ready to find out what it is like to be a Gundam Pilot?” asks Heero.

The Z Fighters follow Heero to the hanger where the mobile suits are kept.

“Wow I didn’t realize how big they were!” says Goku.

“The first one here is mine. It’s called Wing Zero. The second one is yours Duo. It’s called Deathscythe. The third one there across the hanger is yours Quatre. It’s called Sandrock. The other one over there is yours Wufei. He calls his Shenlong.”

“Where is Trowa’s?” asks Trunks.

“His mobile suit is called Heavyarms. He took it with him.”

Trunks ponders how that would be possible.

Each pilot walks over to their mobile suit.

“I suggest you first sit in the cockpit and see what it feels like moving the machine. I’ll give you a few minutes to get yourselves adjusted then we will go out and do some practice battles.”

“Let’s just go already,” says Vegeta.

“Wufei, try using your communication system,” says Heero.

“All right let’s go!” cries Heero blasting out.

Trunks quickly follows.

“Show off,” says Vegeta following.

Goku follows last.

Heero gives them a minuet to become acclimated to their suits and their surroundings. “Training now begins. Find your controls for your weapons. Let’s see your reaction time!” says Heero coming at Vegeta.

“What the…” says Vegeta moving Shenlong out the way just in time.

Heero next came after Trunks who stops Zero’s sword with his blades.

Goku decides to come at Vegeta who blocks him with his weapon.

The pairs fight for a while. Trunks radios Heero, “How about we do a little teaming up?” Heero looks down at Shenlong and Deathscythe. “Roger that,” is all he had to say. The two of them came in fast upon Shenlong and Deathscythe.

“Watch out!” radios Goku to Vegeta.

“Why the little…”

The fight was on.


“Whew that was fun!” says Goku.

“It was definitely a workout,” agrees Trunks.

“You guys learn fast. That’s good. We need to finalize our plans so we can get the prisoners out as soon a possible,” says Heero.

The Z Fighters agree.


Back at the OZ base the prisoners try to find out who they are.

“It’s time for switching,” a new guard says to the man guarding the cell.

“Wufei come here.”

Wufei causally comes over and leans his back against the door. Trowa’s back also is against the cell door. “You three have switched bodies with three guys that call themselves Z Fighters. They are not from this dimension. Wufei your name is Vegeta, Duo is Goku, and Quatre is Trunks.”

Wufei sits down in the middle of the cell.

“So what did he say?” asks Duo impatiently.

“He will tell us when he is ready,” counters Quatre.

Once Duo was quiet Wufei told them what Trowa said.

“Well that explains who we are but…” Duo ran up to Trowa.

“You don’t happen to know anything else do you?” asks Duo impatiently.

“Quiet prisoner,” is all Trowa says.

Duo storms off to the corner to sit.

“I wonder what abilities they have?” says Quatre out loud. “Trunks here as a sword and you guys have fighting suits on.”

“I bet they use physical attacks during one on one combat,” comments Wufei.

“Yes that would make sense,” says Quatre satisfied.

“How boring is that?” asks Duo getting up. “I mean its not like they could aim their finger, point, and a blast comes out,” just as Duo finishes his sentence a blast comes out the end of his finger. Duo looks dumbfounded.

“How did you do that?” asks Quatre startled.

“Uhh, I don’t know,” says Duo wide eyed.

OZ soldiers come running. “What was the commotion?”

“Sorry sir. My gun went off trying to silence the prisoners.”

“So they are awake. What information did you get out of them?”

“They say they are from another dimension sir. They said they have been traveling a while and they happened to end up here. They seem very dangerous.”

“The weird ship we found holds to that ridiculous story,” says the commander. “Keep them under surveillance.”

“Yes sir,” salutes Trowa.


“Trunks and I will keep the OZ soldiers busy while you help the prisoners escape. Trowa will be waiting for you in the hanger. Instead of taking the Gundams you two will take the two Leo mobile suits we have. Just dump them once you get inside. Use the weapons I gave you to work your way in,” explains Heero.

“Let’s go,” says Vegeta.

They climb into their mobile suits and head toward the OZ base. 


“Sir. Two Gundams are coming this way!”

“What! Sound the alarm!”

“You are relieved of your post,” says a soldiers to Trowa who salutes and heads for the hanger.

“The two Gundams have been identified as Wing Zero and Sandrock sir.”

“Send out the mobile suits immediately!”

“Right. Mobile suits deploy.”

All available Taurus and Mobile Dolls are sent out.


“Get ready. Here they come,” says Heero warning Trunks.

Trunks couldn’t believe it. It was like hitting a wall with all the mobile suits firing at once. Concentrate on one suit at a time, Trunks thinks to himself. 

Goku and Vegeta wait behind for an opening.

“Quick, there,” says Goku to Vegeta.

They quickly head for the opening. Heero covers them till they get safely into the hanger.

“Where do we go from here?” asks Vegeta.

“This way,” says Goku running.

Along the way they set bombs and use guns.

“Why are we doing this the slow way?” asks Vegeta.

“If this is how they do it, then we will too. Beside we aren’t far from the cell.”

Goku was correct. Right up a head was the prison cells.

“I am guessing it’s the one with the guard,” remarks Vegeta.

“It’s the Gundam Pilots!” Yells the soldier firing.


Inside the cell the others hear the commotion.

“Wait but we’re the Gundam Pilots!” Duo cries.

“Duo have you forgotten already?” comments Wufei.

The door blows open.

“Hurry up let’s go!” yells Vegeta.

They didn’t have to be told twice. They bolt out the door and ran behind themselves.

I wonder if anyone else thinks this is weird, comments Duo to himself.

“Which way is the hanger we are to meet Trowa at?” asks Vegeta.

“This way,” directs Quatre.

 “He’s in that one,” says Wufei.

They all quickly climb into the carrier.


“Sir, there is an unidentified carrier leaving the hanger without authorization.”


“The prisoners are reported missing sir.”

“This can’t be. Tell the suits to shoot that carrier down!”

“I am on it sir.”


“Duo take over flying the carrier,” orders Trowa.

“What’s going on?” asks Goku as Duo takes over the controls for flying the carrier.

“Don’t tell me the little sneak put his suit in here!” says Vegeta loudly.

Quatre opens the hatch allowing Heavyarms to join Zero and Sandrock.

Mobile Suits come at the carrier. “That’s are cue to get out of here!” says Duo picking up speed and blasts off.

“What about the others?” asks Goku.

“Don’t worry they’ll catch up,” says Wufei.

They sit in silence.

“Ok does this seem weird to anyone else?” voices Goku at last.


Back on the colony they all sit in the same room.

“This is too weird echoes Duo,” exasperated.

“So what do we do now?” asks Quatre.

“We need to switch back,” says Wufei.

“I think we first need to figure out how this happened,” suggests Heero.

“I think what happened was as we came through a tear in space the force of changing dimensions knocked us, the Z Fighters, out and our minds somehow switched bodies with you guys,” says Trunks.

“Huh?” asks Duo.

“Sounds to me your signals got mixed up. When your mind and body separated you found the closets link to go back to,” says Trowa.

“During the battle you three were hit hard at one point and must have been knocked out by the impact of the blast,” says Heero to Wufei, Quatre, and Duo.

“That makes sense because my head was hurting while we were in the cell,” says Quatre.

“And that was why you guys were yelling at us on the monitors,” says Vegeta. 

“So we have similar frequencies and that’s why we switched?” asks Goku.

“Yes, that would make sense,” thinks Trunks out loud. “So all we would have to do is make physical contact with the other person and call ourselves back to our bodies,” says Trunks.

“Will it work?” asks Quatre.

“This sounds stupid,” says Vegeta.

“Let’s find out. Quatre let’s do this,” says Trunks extending his hand out. Quatre grabs Trunks’s hand in a firm handshake as they start reflecting on their body’s inner self. As they open their eyes they are not staring back at themselves any longer.

“It worked,” says Quatre smiling.

“Wufei come on it’s our turn,” says Vegeta standing.

Wufei walks over slowly and extends his hand.

The two stand opposite of each other and reflect on their body’s inner self. As they open their eyes they are relieved.

“Guess that leaves you and me Duo,” says Goku.

Duo approaches Goku. “One question.”

“Sure what is it?”

“How do you do the blast thing out of your finger?” Duo asks.

“Huh, oh. Well if you concentrate enough of your life energy into one spot it will come out that spot.”

“You mean like this?” says Duo pointing at a chair. The chair explodes. Duo’s eyes widen as he looks at his finger.

“Yeah kind of like that,” says Goku laughing with a sweat drop on his head.

Next the two stand opposite of each other in a firm handshake. They reflect on their body’s inner self. As they open their eyes they each feel their hair. “Yeah my hair is back to normal,” they say in unison and laugh.

The others shake their heads or smile.

Everyone sits and talks the rest of the night, Goku and Duo do most of the talking.


Back home Chi Chi interrogates Gohan again.

“I know you are hiding something from me.”

“No mom, honestly. Dad said he would back in a few days.”

“It’s been longer than a few days!”

“I am sure he has a good reason.”

“Yes I am sure he does. But his family needs him too!”

Bulma finishes up working for the night. She washes up and heads to Trunks’s room. She stands watching him sleep as tears roll down her cheeks.