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     Vegeta and Goku, now friends, live the quiet life. Since the destruction of Boo people on Earth are a bit more carefree. And who save the Earth from Buu? Hercule of course, but you and I know who the real heroes are. Back on Earth Goku has time to spend with his family and friends. Vegeta too stays around sometimes. Remember once a fighter, always a fighter. The Z Fighters still train and spar with each other. Just incase, for you never know what will happen next.

Day 1

“Kakarrot!  Oh, where is he?”

Goku sticks his head out of a window, with a mouth full of food. He attempts a muffled, “Oh m’s you Megetta.”

Figures, says Vegeta to himself. “Well it seems you are busy. Come find me when you are ready.”

Goku swallows. “Wait, I am just finishing!” says Goku as he stuffs his mouth again and crawls out the window.


At the sound of Chi Chi’s voice Goku falls to the ground.

“How many times do I have to tell you Not To Crawl Out That Window!”

“Sorry Chi Chi. I have to leave now.”

“Oh no you don’t! You haven’t finished eating yet.”

A sweat drop appears on Goku’s brow as he laughs.

Vegeta stares at him.

“I will be waiting then. You know where,” says Vegeta leaving.

“I’ll be right there,” Goku yells after him.

“Well? What is it you are up to today? More training I suppose.”

“Yup, Got to go. Bye.”

“Be back before dark. They boys will be anxious to see you after finishing their homework,” Chi Chi yells after Goku.


Ever since Vegeta acknowledged Goku is stronger, their matches now are about skills and tactics, not power. Gohan and Videl come to train after school. The others come once in a while. Yamcha and Oolong often place bets on who wins each match.


During a break between matches Bulma shows up.

“What are you doing here?” Vegeta tries to ask casually.

“I brought the boys. Chi Chi allowed Goten to come since he finished his homework early.”

“Way to go Goten!” shouts Goku.

Krilin and 18 soon show up. “Hey guys.”

“Hey,” Krilin says Goku.

“Isn’t about time for Gohan and Videl to show up?” asks Krilin.

“Guess we are right on cue,” says Gohan.

They all laugh.

“Oh, I just remembered why I decided to stop by,” says Bulma. My dad has just completed a new fighting simulator. He became interested in creating one when you all talked about Babidi’s ship. He wanted to create a simulator that would help you train in various places around the galaxy.”

“Does it work?” asks 18 skeptical.

“Of course it works,” huffs Bulma. “My father is looking for volunteers to help him test it.”

“We’ll do it,” says Vegetta.

“Who? Us!” says Goku shocked.

“Is Kakarrot scared?”

“No, course not,” says Goku with a sweat drop and a grin.

“Fine then it’s settled. Tomorrow we will test it out,” says Vegeta.

“Great! I will go tell my dad. Thank you so much Vegeta,” says Bulma giving him a peck on the cheek, causing Vegeta to blush for a second.

Krilin snickers.

“Quiet you!” shouts Vegeta.


The next morning everyone arrives at Capsule Corp. to see the new invention.

“So how does this thing work?” asks Goku puzzled.

“Well just take a step inside and I will show you,” says Dr. Briefs.

Goku hesitates.

“Come on Kakarrot!”

“Ok, I guess,” says Goku shrugging.

Everyone enters the first chamber as Dr. Briefs explains his machine. “Let’s see where to start? Oh yes how about I just turn this on…”

“Do you think this is a good idea?”

“Krilin my dad knows what he is doing!”

“Sorry Bulma,” says Krilin with a grin and sweat drop.

Dr. Briefs turns on the computer. “Here the gravity pressure and oxygen level can be changed. Along with any other simulation techniques.”

“Simulations aren’t real. How is this supposed to help!” yells Vegetta.

“Yes, I see your point. The only simulation part is the set up. Once you’re in the environment you choose it will feel totally realistic,” Dr. Briefs explains.

“I don’t how it’s possible,” Vegeta grumbles.

 “So I don’t get what you are saying. Do we fight in this thing?” asks Goku looking around.

“Oh heavens no. Once you set up your simulation you stand on the platform in the next room push a button and the machine will transport you to the nearest likeness of the simulation you choose.”

“Wow, this sounds cool. What else can this thing do?” asks Goku.

“Well I have programmed some of your past enemies into the memory so you can fight them, you can use the basic simulation room with lasers and such, or you rest in the rehabilitation room.”

“All that is in here!” says Vegeta surprised. “It’s not possible.”

“It is all right through that door. So, who wants to be the first to try my machine?” asks Dr. Briefs.

“We will. Come on Kakarrot.”

“Ok, I guess. See you guys later.”

Dr. Brief explains how to set up the computer and how to confirm their location to Goku and Vegeta. He then escorts them to the next door and shuts the door behind them as they enter the room.

Dr. Briefs return to the group. “We can watch them on the monitors here,” Bulma says to the rest of the group.

“You mean we can see them train?” asks Krilin.

“Exactly,” says Bulma.

“Do you think they want us to watch?” asks Yumcha.

“Who cares what they want. I bet Goku wins again.”

“No way Oolong. I say Vegeta,” counters Bulma.

“Care to make a wager?”

“Your on!”

Everyone else sighs with a sweat drop on his or her head.


“Ready Kakarrot?”

“Let’s go.”

The two Z Fighters confirm their settings.

“Now what?” asks Vegeta.

“Don’t we push a button?” asks Goku.

“I don’t remember. All the stuff he said was too confusing.”

“What! You weren’t listening.”

“No. Oh and let me guess neither where you,” says Vegeta raising his voice.

Goku smiles and a sweat drop appears on his head.

“Figures I have to do everything. Now let’s see,” says Vegeta walking around.

“Here is our programmed computer settings…”

“Hey Vegetta. I think we stand here,” says Goku standing on a platform.

“Kakarrot get down from there!”

“Why?” asks Goku as he disappears.

“Cacarott!” yells Vegeta landing on the platform as Goku disappears.

“What the?” Vegeta too disappears.


“Huh, were did they go?” asks Krilin.

“They should be on the screen,” says Dr. Briefs.

“Sir there is nothing there,” clarifies Yamcha.

“Bulma dear check the radar.”

“Nothing,” says Bulma with tears in her eyes.

“So what happened?” came a deep voice from the back.

“Piccolo!” says Gohan.

“Come on old man explain what happened!” shouts Oolong.

“Hey Piggy don’t insult my father!” warns Bulma.

Everyone waits.

“Well?” asks Trunks impatiently.

“Let me see how to explain this,” Dr. Briefs sighs.

“Goku and Vegeta landed on the platform before their settings were complete.”

“Meaning?” asks Krilin.

“That they were taken to another place in the universe.”

“The universe! You mean we have to search the whole universe for them!” yells


“Well that’s partially correct. They could be in any dimension. Meaning they could be in any place at any time.”

Everyone becomes silent.

Goten approaches Dr. Brief with teary eyes, “Will I ever see my dad again?”

“Of course you will Goten,” Says Gohan putting his hand on his brother’s shoulder. “Dad’s been in worse situations. He will find a way home.”

“So who is going to break the news to Chi Chi?” asks Krilin.

Everyone falls silent.


“Kakarrot! Where are you?”

“Vegeta I am right here,” says Goku from across the room.

“Where are we?” questions Vegeta.

“It looks like the same room we just left, but old and rusted,” observes Goku.

“The door is over here. Let’s get out of here,” orders Vegeta. Vegeta goes over to the

door and blasts it open.

“Why did you do that?”

“It was rusted shut. That’s why,” says Vegeta walking out. “Let’s go.”

They emerge outside. It looks different. The buildings and everything looks so high-tech and there are fewer people around.

“This reminds me of Trunk’s time,” comments Goku.

“What do you mean?”

“Remember when Trunks came from the future to bring me the medicine so I could fight Cell? This has to be the time he is from.”

“Oh right. That kid who was a super Sayajin.”

“Wait you mean to tell me you still don’t get the connection?”

“Huh. What do you mean?”

“You said it yourself during the time of Cell. How could he be a super Sayajin? Well now you should get the connection.”

“Yeah I got that he is my son. The question now is what to do?”

“First we have to figure out how we got here.”

“That’s easy to figure out. If that thing can transport us through time then that’s how we got here. The reason we are here rather than where we were programmed to is because the computer wasn’t finished searching for a place to send us!” 

“Well that makes sense.”

“Come on. Let’s find that boy. Maybe he can help us.”

“You mean Trunks?”

“Of course I mean him! Who else?”


“Stop right where you are. Don’t turn around. I demand to know what you are doing here!”

No one spoke.

After a minuet the voice changes.

“Do I know you? You look familiar.”

Goku and Vegeta turn around to see Trunks.

“Goku! Father!” says Trunks tearfully. “What has brought you here?”

“Good question,” answers Vegeta.

“It seems this machine has,” says Goku pointing to the simulation chamber.

“I don’t see how that can be. That thing has lain dormant for years,” says Trunks.

“Well it did. Now we need to find a way to get back.”

“Do you still have your time machine Trunks?” asks Goku.

“I do, but it needs a lot of work. Come I will take you to where I keep it.”

“So I guess you are more aware of where you put your toys then?”

“Yes. I learned my lesson the hard way.”

“Oh speaking of those learning their lessons the hard way. We just finished getting rid of

a monster called Buu.” Goku and Vegeta explain on the way.


Back on Earth everyone’s mind is racing.

“Well Gohan good luck on telling your mom what happened,” says Krilin. “Gotta run.”

“What! Who says I have to?”

“Gohan she is your mother,” counters Bulma.

“Yes but…”

“Gohan you know you have to,” says Piccalo.

“Oh all right,” says Gohan giving in. “I hope to see you at school tomorrow Videl.”

“The rest of you should go too,” suggest Bulma. “I’ll contact you as soon as we find anything out.”

Everyone decides it best to leave.

“Bulma would you like me to stay?” asks Yamcha after the others had left.

“No,” sniffs Bulma. “I’ll be fine.”


“Here it is.”

“How long do you think the repairs will take?” asks Goku.

“Two days maybe,” Trunks guesses.

“What, two days!” says Vegeta.

“I say two days only because I have to find some parts and repair some electrical wiring.”

“We could help you look,” suggests Goku.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. If the people see you, who knows what might happen.”

“So where do you suppose we stay then?” asks Vegeta.

“Well this is a small remote lab. Not many people come by this way. There are rooms upstairs. If you stay here I suggest you stay as quiet as you can.”

“Vegeta might have a problem there,” jokes Goku.

“The only reason you don’t Kakarrot is because you eat all the time,” Goku smiles.

“Well I better get going home. Mom will worry. See you early tomorrow,” says Trunks waving good-bye.

“What a great kid,” sighs Goku.

“What do you mean by that?” asks Vegeta with his eyebrow cocked.

“Nothing. Let’s go inside,” Goku suggests. 

The two Z Fighters settle down for the night.


Day 2

Vegeta awoke early the next morning to find Trunks working on the time machine.

“So I see you are up early.”

“Only because of Kakarrot’s snoring!” Trunks smiles.

“So how you doing kid.”

“Good I guess...”

There was a long pause.

“So, you haven’t really explained how you got here.”

“It was due to Dr. Briefs stupid machine. We were supposed to test it out for a fighting simulation program and we ended up here.”

“I am surprised that that thing still had some electricity left in it. I mean it hasn’t been used since…”

“Gee let me guess.”

A silence fell over the garage.

“Oh I almost forgot. My mom had me bring breakfast for my guests.”

“If we want any we should probably eat some before Kakarrot gets up.”

Trunks laughs, “Yeah to be on the safe side.”

No sooner than they start eating, Goku awoke.

“Wow this looks great!”

“Well I need to go find some parts. See you guys later. There is a television in the next room if you get bored,” says Trunks heading out the door.

After eating Vegeta and Goku do their morning exercise routine.

“Whew. That felt good. Now where is this television Trunks talked about?” Goku searches the second room. “Is this it? Hum. How does it work?” asks Goku hitting it.

Vegeta stands in the doorway. “There is a button to turn it on.”

“Oh yeah bet you’re right. Let’s see…” Goku pushes the first button and the screen comes on. “I did it. Now what?”

“You change the picture using a different button.” Goku pushes the second button and the volume goes up.

“Ouch it’s too loud!”

“Push the next button!” Goku pushes the third button and the sound goes down. “Cool.”

Goku pushes the fourth button and the picture switches. Goku flicks through all the channels once and then continues flicking through the channels again.

“Will you just pick one!” shouts Vegeta.

Vegeta sits on the couch closest to him.  Goku picks a stand up comedy show. Goku laughs and laughs. Vegeta even chuckles at a few of the jokes. Both soon fell asleep.


Trunks wakes them as he is working on the time machine later that day.

They came out into the garage. “Oh, I have good news. I should be done by tomorrow afternoon, If everything goes right.”

“Great! Thank you so much Trunks,” says Goku sincerely.

“That’s ok. Truthfully there isn’t much for me to do around here.”

“Hey, would you like to come back with us?”

“Kakarrot listen to what you are saying. It’s already hard enough on him for us to be here.”

“Thank you but I don’t think I should. Da… err Vegeta’s right, I don’t think I could handle it.” Trunks turns away and blushes.

Vegeta turns and walks back into the house, Goku follows. Once inside Vegeta turns to face Goku. “What were you thinking? Do you know the complications that could come from you little idea! I don’t think young Trunks should see his future self and it would be terribly difficult on him.”

“He came before. So, I thought…”

“He came because he had to. Even then you could tell it was hard on him seeing his dead friends alive again!”

“Your right. I just wanted to give him the option. Besides if he wants his machine back he will have to come with us so he can take it back.”

“That’s for him to decide.”

They decide to watch television till Trunks finished up for the night.

Trunks comes in a few hours later, “How about ordering pizzas?”

Soon Trunks left for his house and the two Z Fighters went to bed.


Back at home Chi Chi is pacing.

“Gohan. Where is your father!”

Gohan swallows a large mouthful of food.

“Huh well…”

“I am waiting.”

“Like I told you before, he’s off training somewhere.”

“Figures, he can be so inconsiderate sometimes,” huffs Chi Chi.

Gohan is very relieved.




“Bulma dear?”

Bulma is inside the train machine working furiously. She has been doing so since it malfunctioned.

“Bulma do come get some sleep.”

“No. I have to do something!”

“I am sorry to say, but, there is nothing you can do.”

Bulma breaks down crying.

“I just want them back safe,” she sobs.