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       Here are my guys that hang around here. They are the hosts of this punch party. Ahem. Occasionally the guys are hyper from the punch. Well here are some characters I have gathered from watching various anime, my harem. 


This is Orphen from Sorceress Stabber Orphen. He is a sealed mage (knows magic well) and a great swordsman. He is very quiet and head smart. He acts tough but has a funny side too. He is just too kwaii.

This is "Trowa Barton" well that's the name he goes by now. He is the pilot of Heavyarms in Gundam Wing. He is the quiet, smart, and cute one. 

This is Rowen of the armor Strata, the dark blue one. He is from The Ronin Warriors. His symbol is life. His element is air. He his very smart and often picks up the role of leader. He is the last Ronin they find but also the one to set the three other Ronins free. I like his accent and his character =)

I hope you know this is Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Usually I don't fall for main characters but he is one of my exceptions. Though a bit goofy he looks good fighting. 

Do you know who this hansom fellow is? This is Kouji from Fushigi Yuigi. Still don't know him yet. He is Taski's bandit partner, the one that does the little dance with Taski. This is an image of Kouji from the OAV. I liked him cause he an awesome minor character.

And this is Taski. Yeah go figure I like them both. Although really hot tempered he has a soft spot for his comrades. He reacts instead of thinking with waving that fan around yelling Rekka Shien!!! which is followed by fire. He knows some small fighting tricks besides the fan such as the cards. Although horses and Taski don't get along I like him anyway. He's too cute to pass up with the red-orange hair and fangs.

This is Amboshi from Fushigi Yuigi (yeah this series has a lot of characters). He has a twin, but Amboshi is cuter. His power is through playing his flute. Although destined to be on the "bad" side he turns good and actually is a very friendly and kind person, until his brother betrays him (hate Suboshi !!!).

This is Shou from Clamp School Detectives. This is a really good series. Shou is one of three officers in his school. They protect the school and solve mysterious crimes that happen. Shou is a ninja, his family is heavy in the martial arts. He protects the other officers and makes sure the president does his paper work!

This is Setsuna from Angel Sanctuary. He has an angel reborn inside of him, and a female one at that. His good friend is the sword of Lucifer. Setsuna and his sister fall in love due to the angels reincarnated inside them. In the end (of the first OAV) he kills himself to get to Hell to find his sister. The story line is really hard to follow and explain. I loved the animation though! it was sooo good. 

This is Kero from Card Captor Sakura. In his true form he is a grown lion with wings and is called Kerbeaus. He is the guardian of the Clow Cards. He aids the Card Captor, Sakura, in catching the released Clow Cards. In the Japanese version of Card Cpators he his much more supportive and funny. He loves is video games and sweets. "I am not a stuffed animal!"

This is Tori from Card Captor Sakura. Tori is Sakura's older brother. He too has magic powers. He can see spirits and feel or sense magic. He kids Sakura a lot. He plays soccer and is always working at part time jobs. He is very close to his best friend. He protects his sister from others, hence the clash between Tori and Li. 

This is Krillin from Dragon Ball Z. I like Krillin's jokes and sarcastic comments, kinda like me. He has a good heart and is a better than average fighter. Still unsure about his new hair and weird attraction to Android 18. But his daughter Marron is cute, gee I wonder where he came up with that name. 

This is Spike from Cowboy Bebop. He is a rugged fellow. He is a bounty hunter which fits his personality. He flies a small ship called the Swordfish. He acts tough to cover up his true feelings. I like his type of life style, guess I kinda would like to live on the run and on a day to day basis.  

This is Gene from Outlaw Star. Although he starts out as a space cherry he soon becomes an Outlaw. With the help from Hilda he finds his destiny. Finding a ship called the XGP he soon finds his life more interesting. He gathers a small crew and has some wild adventures. Gene himself loves women but is really a softy, but don't get him mad. He is rash using his caster gun or any type of ammunition when possible. 

This is Zagato from Magic Knight Rayearth. He is the bad guy in the first series. The reason he fights against his own world he that he sees it unfair that the pillar, or ruler, of their world must suffer so. He is powerful in magic and very tall, dark, and hansom. He fights for love of his world and the pillar, she is his true love. 

This is Orsen from Lodoss War. As a young child he experienced the horror of his mother killed in front of him. Since he was so scarred he allowed a demon called a Berserker to take over his body. So when ever he sees women in trouble the demon comes out. As a regular fellow he is quiet and good at fighting. He is very sweet and kind. 

This is Cale a War Lord from Ronin Warriors. He is considered a bad guy since he works for Talpa. He and the other three War Lords battle the Ronin Warriors over the rule of the whole human world. Later in the series the Warlords find that the Ronin Warriors and they are one. But Talpa still controls the War Lords, except Anubis. I think Cale is a powerful War Lord and his scar is kinda sexy.  

This is Zechs Merquise from Gundam Wing. Formally know as Millardo Peacecraft he bloodied his family name and hid behind a mask. When the mask broke he became free of being ordered around. He strives to be able to be the best at operating mobile suits by often challenging the Gundam pilots. I still think he is definitely a hansom and mature guy. Over coming his past was hard on him but his future looks bright.

This is Eagle Vision the leader of the planet Autozam from Magic Knight Rayearth. His ship is called the NSX. He pilots a mobile suit called the FTO. He and Hikiru are the two candidates to becoming the new pillar, ruler. Eagle is a very high tech person and has a very friendly personality. He has become very ill and tries not to let it show. Teamed up with the Magic Knights he helps to form a new world.

This is Geo Metro he is the pilot of Eagle's ship the NSX. He takes care of Eagle and the whole ship. He truly cares for those around him. I just though he was a cutie.

This is Miki a dullest from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Miki and his twin sister are trapped in the same world as the others striving to find their place. He is the secretary on the student council. He is a pianist and all around nice person.

This is Helios/Pegasus from the dream world in Sailor Moon SS. He gives children good dreams. Pegasus gives Sailor Moon and Mini Moon more power when he is called upon.  I love mythology and horses so naturally I love Pegasus.

This is Ashrum from Lodoss War. He works towards uniting Lodoss. He seems evil but indeed is true to Lodoss. Talk about a tall, dark, and hansom man. He is very dark and mysterious too.