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  Chapter 9


“All right everyone time for school,” says Rei ringing a gong outside.

Everyone slowly wakes up except for Serena who snores away.

“Well I’ll see you guys at school,” says Ami leaving already dressed and heading out the door.

How does she do it? Mina asks herself. “Come on Serena wake up!” yells Mina. Serena rolls over knocking Mina on the head. “What? Huh?”

“It’s time for school. Move it!”

“But I don’t wanna!”

“Let’s go! See you guys later,” says Mina pushing Serena out the door.

“I am going to check on Trunks,” says Lita. Rei nods.


“Trunks,” Lita says softly. Trunks slowly awakens.

“I am heading to school.”

“Don’t look so sorry for me. I’ll be fine. You’ll see.” He picks up her hand and gives it a short squeeze, to comfort her.

“I will be back after school.”

“I will be able to walk by then,” Trunks winks.

Lita smiles, but can’t tell if he’s kidding or not.

Trunks falls back to sleep.


Lita goes into the office before her first class to tell them that Trunks is sick. Then she heads to her first class. Throughout the day Lita’s mind wonders about Trunks. How he is doing? What secrets he is hiding? When will he be leaving? She half listens to her lectures and she continuously watches the clock. At lunch she nibbles her food.

“Lita calm down. He promised,” Mina comforts.

“He may have his program finished and the main circuit but he still has to fix him time machine,” comes Ami’s voice from behind a book.

Lita lets out a relief, “True.”

“Are you going to eat that?” asks Serena eyeing Lita’s lunch.

“Stay away Meatball head,” demands Lita.

“But I’m still hungry…” whines Serena.

“What else is new?” says Mina under her breath.

“What was that?” challenges Serena. The two start bickering. Lita smiles glad to have things close to normal.

By the end of the day Lita has mentally worn herself out. She gathers her energy during her last class to make the trek to Rei’s house. Lita quietly enters. She heads down the small hallway to the room Trunks is occupying. She knocks on the door. There is no answer. Lita opens the door a bit to find the room empty. Where did he go?

She steps back out into the hallway.

“The young man you seek is in our traing room,” says Rei’s grandfather.

“Oh? Thanks Mr. Hino,” says Lita heading out of the living quarters and down the way to the training rooms. Sure enough Lita sees Trunks doing light stretches and body work.

How can he? Is all Lita can think.

“Who are you looking at?” comes a vice from beside her. Rei watches Trunks also. “But how…it’s not possible,” says Rei flabbergasted.

“Come have some tea and cake wile he finishes up,” says Rei’s grandfather from behind them. Though a bit reluctant to leave they agree. They sit on an open room with a table low to the floor. There is a nice breeze that circulates through the room. Lita and Rei sit in silence while they wait. Trunks comes in as they finish up their snack.

“Sorry I lost track of the time.”

“And what were you doing?” asks Rei with her brow twitching.

“I was doing exercises so my body wouldn’t cramp up on me,” states Trunks.

“I see,” says Rei still skeptical.

“I need to change I’ll be right back,” says Trunks.

“So what do you think Lita?”

“I am not sure what to think. But sooner or later we will find out.”

Trunks reenters the room and asks, “Have you seen a sword?”

“So this is yours?” asks Rei holding it up.

“Yes it’s mine…,” he says taking it from her.

Rei and Lita exchange a quick glance. “Well we better get going,” says Lita. “Thanks for the hospitality Rei.”

“Come again soon,” says Rei in a more cheerful voice.


“So are you going to tell me?,” questions Lita.

“Tell you what?”

“About who you are, why you’re here, about the androids.”

“So you have  found out some things?”

“I only had to because you won’t tell me. Do you not trust me? Or do I look ignorant to you?”

“I didn’t want you to know cause I didn’t want you to get hurt. Besides I am not the only one with secrets around here,” Trunks counters.

As they reach the house Lita hurries inside. Does he know about us? She runs upstairs to change for work. Trunks sits down on the couch, still feeling a bit weak. Lita comes back downstairs and notices he looks pale.

“Are you ok?” she asks bending over and putter her hand on his knee.

“I think I still need some rest.”

“Of course you do. You are pushing you body too hard. Is there anything I can get for you?”

“I think we need to talk.”

There is a slight pause. “I agree to if you promise  you won’t leave me.”

Trunks stands up and looks Lita in the eyes. “I won’t leave without telling you.”

“Tonight then we will tell the truth agreed?”


Lita heads off to work and Trunks lays down to rest is weary body.


Trunks wakes up a couple hours later. To loosen up his muscles he decides to take a shower. The heat and the moisture feels good on his skin. In the shower he thinks over what he is going to tell Lita and her friends. “I should just tell them everything,” Trunks sighs. “They’ve had the right to be wary of me. Besides they might know everything by now.” Have I been wrong not to tell them sooner? Trunks turns off the shower and dries off. He puts his clothes back on. Trunks heads back out to the living room. He sits down then stands up a few moments later. He starts pacing. I need to do something, but what? He pulls out the capsule containing his time capsule. As he looks at it in his hand he hears a noise at the window. He walks over to the large window and sees a white cat. Then it disappears. What the? He heads outside and to the back of Lita’s house. Two cats seem to be waiting for him. “Luna? Artemis?”

“We figured you might need some help with your time machine,” says Artemis.

Trunks doesn’t know what to say.

“Let’s get to work,” says Luna.

“There is a problem. I don’t have the main circuit Ami was working on.”

Luna reaches into the inside of her collar. “Here she gave it to me this morning.”

“Thanks,” says Trunks as he throws a capsule down. The time capsule appears. “Fascinating,” says Artemis.

“You guys can look it over while I go get the computer. Be careful what you touch,” warns Trunks.

“Do you think it will be difficult on Trunks and Lita to be separated?” asks Artemis.

“Certainly,” says Luna. “Love is a very strong emotion.”

“Yes it is,” says Artemis. “That’s why I am worried.”

Trunks returns ands hooks up the computer to the control panel and replaces the main circuit. He turns on the time capsule. He runs the program through the system. After a few moments he gets feedback about the problem areas of the time capsule. “Some of the wiring has shorted and some of the main panel needs some fix ups,” analyses Trunks.

Trunks and the cats work on the time capsule throughout the day. Trunks is finishing up some last details inside when he hears a voice, “Trunks?”

“In here,” he says coming out from inside the time capsule.

“So how’s it coming?” Lita asks looking over the strange machine before her.

“It’s done. Well it’s as done as it can get, for now anyway,” reports Trunks.

“I see. Well the others are coming over shortly. Are you ready?”

“As ready as ever,” Trunks smiles meekly.


Trunks cleans up a bit before the others arrive. Meanwhile Lita cooks in the kitchen. The doorbell rings. Lita opens the door. “Hi Ami. Come on in. I need to finish up in the kitchen.”

“Need any help?”

“You can get the door as the others arrive. And keep the cats company.”

“Ok,” Ami smiles as she pets Luna.


Loud chattering approaches the door as Ami opens it Rei and Mina enter. “Hey Ami. Where’s Lita?”

“Hi,” says Lita from the kitchen. “Come on in I’ll be there in a second.”

They sit around talking when there is another knock at the door. Mina opens the door. “Hi Serena. Hi Darien,” smiles Mina.

As the others talk Lita sets out snacks. She heads down the hallway near by, “Trunks?”

I can do this. Just tell them straight out, Trunks coaches himself. “Coming.” Trunks takes a deep breath and heads towards the living room. Lita gives him a convincing nod as he enters. Trunk’s shoulders relax a bit as he takes a seat. All ears and eyes are on him.

“All right here is goes …” Trunks tells why he left his time and how he crashed. He talks about creating Blade to hide his powers. How he worked many hours on the program. About his healing powers. Why he eats so much. After his confession the room grows silent.

“Well since you have shared your story I guess we should share ours,” says Artemis.

“Wait are you saying that story you told me is true? Then …”

Luna whispers to Serena. Serena stands up and says, “We are The Sailor Scouts,” the girls nod.

“I am Super Sailor Moon,” says Serena.

“I am Sailor Mars,” says Rei.

“I am Sailor Jupiter,” says Lita.

“I am Sailor Mercury,” says Ami.

‘I am Sailor Venus,” says Mina.

“What about the other girls?”

Of course why didn’t I see it before? Trunks asks himself as the Sailor Scout images match each of the girls.

 “They are Sailor Scouts too. It’s just they are just a bit older,” says Rei.

“We protect the moon and Earth they way you and your friends protect your home,” says Darien.

“Speaking of home. I would love to stay here longer but I must get the medicine I have to my friend Goku. So I will be leaving tomorrow.”

There was a slight pause.

“We understand. But before you leave we wanted to give you something,” says Ami.

Lita and Trunks look at each other. Serena goes to the door, “Ok guys come on in.” Four more girls enter.

Where have I seen them before?

As if Mina answers Trunks’s question she introduces the new comers. “These are our friends Setsuna, Amarah, Michelle, and Hotaru, also know as the Outer Sailor Scouts.”

“We have brought the party with us,” says Setsuna holding a box filled with decorations and party supplies. As the others quickly put up decorations and set out food Trunks meets the new comers.

“Hi, I am Trunks. Thanks for getting rid of the androids Setsuna.”

“Oh you’re welcome. I had to send them back to where they came from,” states Setsuna.


 “I used my powers as Sailor Pluto to send them back to their time.”

So they will be there when I return. “I understand and thank you.”

“I am sorry I couldn’t do more.”

 “So here’s the party boy,” says a tall woman with very short blondish hair.

“He’s kinda cute,” says Michelle winking at Trunks.

“By the way my name is Amarah aka Sailor Uranus and this is Michelle.”

“Aka Sailor Neptune. The little one over there is Hotaru aka Sailor Saturn,” says Michelle ending the statement.

“Hotaru is young,” comments Trunks.

“Yeah,” sighs Pluto. “She was reborn so she is young yet.”

Trunks is a bit puzzled by this comment.

“Enough dwelling on things let’s join the fun,” says Amarah.


Everyone talks, laughs, shares, eats, and has fun into the late hours. Many pictures are taken. The last guests leave around 2:00pm. Lita yawns. “Well that was fun,” says Lita turning towards Trunks.

“Your friends are great,” says Trunks smiling and connecting with Lita’s eyes. Lita’s eyes fill with tears. Trunks opens his arms and Lita runs to him. Her arms embrace him and his her. They hold each other for a moment then Trunks grabs Lita’s forearms. He holds onto her as they lean into each other and their lips lock. The moment seems to last hours. Lita blushes as she realizes what just happened. Trunks is a bit shocked. They awkwardly smile. “I think we should get some sleep. You want to be rested for your journey,” says Lita.

“Yeah luckily I don’t have to go far to sleep.”

“How about we trade tonight. I mean you’re the one that’s going to need the sleep.”

“If you insist.”

Lita smiles and nods. “I am going to go up and change. Give me twenty minutes.”

“Ok, thanks.”

Trunks takes a moment to reflect on what just happened. Is this love?

Upstairs Lita changes into her nightgown and lets her hair down. She too reflects on what just happened. Could this be love? She sits on the bed brushing out her hair in a daze. Trunks find himself standing in the doorway watching her. “Should I come back later?”

“No. Sorry was just thinking,” says Lita as Trunks comes over to sit beside her.

“Are you sure?”

“Please stay …” are the words that fall from Lita lips.

“You know I can’t. But I can possibly return.”

“Then can I go with you?”

“You are a very important person here. Besides your friends will miss you.”

Lita lays down in the bed. It’s not fair! 

Trunks places the covers over her. Then lays down next to her. “I’ll stay till you fall asleep,” he whispers in her ear.

“Hold me and don’t let go,” says Lita as her eyes close.