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  Chapter 8


Bang …. Bang …

Trunks is startled awake. The store manager opens the door and walks in.

“Have you been here all night?”

“I guess I have,” says Trunks hiding a yawn.

“I see. Well then use the restroom to clean yourself up a bit and I’ll tell you how to open the shop.

“Great,” Trunks mumbles under his breath.

“And get those cats out of here!”


The girls walk to school together in higher spirits. During the day they found they were concentrating on their school work a bit better and the day was flying by. “Today is such a great day,” says Serena.

“Wow even Serena is having a good school day,” says Mina.

“Correct! Because I am going to stop at Darien’s after school.”

“Ah I see now. Meatball Head is getting tired of us,” says Mina.

“That’s not it at all! And don’t call me Meatball Head!” yells Serena.

“Buy the way has anyone seen Trunks today?” asks Lita.

Everyone shakes their head.

“Strange,” says Ami. “He doesn’t seem the type to skip school.”

“Maybe he has left?” says Serena.

“He can’t I have his circuit,” states Ami.

“Oh well we’ll find out soon enough. Right Lita?” asks Mina.

“Exactly,” says Lita.


Trunks stands behind the counter of the computer store fixing miscellaneous parts, answering questions, restocking, being a cashier, checking stock, and many other tedious tasks. This is boring. I’d rather be in school. I wonder how mom can be so involved with this stuff?

“Good work so far kid. I am going out to get us some lunch. Don’t you dare leave the store till I get back.”

“Yes sir,” says Trunks. Like I have anywhere to go.


Two shadows fly over the city. “Where do you think he’s hiding today?” “Let’s find out,” says a voice has a building blows up. Screams fill the air as people run in every direction. “They look like little ants.”


After school Serena hurries over to Darien’s.

Serena pushes the call button and Darien answers.

“Hey Muffin it’s me!”

She finds her way up to Darien’s apartment. He opens the door and Serena gives him a big hug. He smiles as she looks up at him with warm eyes. They head inside.

“You seem in a good mood.”

“Yeah our sleepover was lots of fun last night.”

“So it seems,” says Darien.

Darien goes to the kitchen and cuts two slices of pie and puts some water on to boil. He comes to sit down. Serena sits right next to him on the couch hugging his arm. “I am glad to see your so happy.” Just then Serena drops her head to hide her face. “What’s wrong? Did I say something …”

“No. It’s just that I wish Lita and Trunks can be as happy as we are.”

“They just need time. He’ll come around.”

“You think so,” asks Serena look up at Darien.

“I do.”

“Have you talked to Trunks lately?” Serena inquires batting her eyes at Darien.

“No. Not really. Why do you ask?”

“Oh we have been curious about him is all.”

“Well as far as I can tell he seems to be on our side,” says Darien smiling back at Serena.

“Oh Darien. I hope you are right.”

The tea kettle boils. “I’ll get it says Serena.” She grabs two cups and starts to fill them. A feeling comes over her. “Ouch!”

Darien hears the tea kettle hit the floor and rushes to Serena’s side.

“What happened?”

“I feel people in pain.”

Meanwhile Mina is sitting in the locker room getting ready for practice. “At least we don’t have any games scheduled soon. Or the scouts would be down some help.” She pulls her hair back into a ponytail then sits down to tie her shoes. She hears a faint beeping. She opens her compact. “Venus come quick the Androids are on a rampage in the city,” says Mercury.  Mina drops her shoe in alarm. “I’ll be there as soon as I can.” She quickly changes and heads to the coach’s office.


“Ah Miss Aino. What can I do for you?”

“I just realized I have an appointment that I am running late for.”

“I see. You may go. But don’t miss the next practice!”

“Thank you. I won’t.” says Mina hurrying off. 

Lita heads to her job. “If only I didn’t need the money,” groans Lita. “I could spend more time with Trunks.”

Lita is hard at work cleaning tables when a glass crashes to the floor. As it falls she hears a blast then screams as it shatters. Lita’s eyes widen and she leans on the table breathing heavily. “Lita? Are you ok?” asks a fellow coworker.

“Yeah I just need a moment.”

“Are you sure? I can cover for you if you need to leave. We aren’t busy.”

“Would you?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you so much. I’ll return the favor sometime,” says Lita rushing out.

Rei returns home to the dojo. “Hi grandpa. I am going to do a fire reading then help with the floor. Be back in a minuet.” Rei changes into a kimono then sits in front of a small fire. She does some hand signs then looks into the fire. She sees what seems to be a strange sword. Then the image vanishes.

Ami is studying in the library after school.


“What do you think they are looking for?” Artemis asks the small group watching the Androids.

“I am not sure. But there is no method to their destruction,” says Super Sailor Mercury.

“Have you called the others?” asks Luna.

“They have been contacted,” says Super Sailor Mars.

“We might need more help,” says Artemis.

“Right,” says Luna. “I won’t be gone long,” she says running off.

“Watch out!” Yells Super Sailor Mars as a blast comes their way.

“Well, well. What do we have here 17?”

“It’s the Sailor brats,” sneers 17.

“That’s Sailor Scouts to you!” says Super Sailor Moon appearing along with Super Sailor Jupiter and Venus.

“What is it you are looking for?” Super Sailor Jupiter asks.

“Why should we tell you?”

“It’s not what but who,” says 18.

The Super Sailor Scouts look at each other.

“Come 18 let’s look else were.”

“Stop right there!” a voice demands. The Androids turn and see four more Super Sailor Scouts behind them.

“I am Super Sailor Uranus.”

“I am Super Sailor Neptune.”

“I am Super Sailor Pluto.”

“And I am Super Sailor Saturn.”

“We demand to know your reasons for being here!” says Super Sailor Uranus.

“Great more Sailor brats,” grumbles 17.

“Let’s get out of here for now.” The two Androids flew off into the distance.

“Hurry after them,” yells Super Sailor Pluto. The Outer Scouts follow.

The Inner Scouts gather together.

“I think they want Blade,” says Sailor Mars.

“That makes sense,” says Sailor Venus.

“Let’s be the first ones to find him then,” says Sailor Jupiter.

“I will see if I pick up any other high level readings,” says Sailor Mercury.

“Find anything?” asks Luna.

“There’s too much interference here,” Sailor Mercury confirms.

“Then let’s split up and search,” says Artemis. The others agree.


Trunks takes a quick break to pack up his laptop and gather all the information they had found to create the program. He puts it all in the laptop carrying case from school. He heads back up to the front desk. He sits back down at the computer at the front desk and begins working on inventory. He hears voices outside. The door opens then closes but no one enters. What the? Then Trunks looks down. “Luna? What are you doing here?”

“The Androids are looking for you. They are searching the whole city.”

“What! Oh no … this is my fault.”

“Well then help us do something about it,” says Luna leaving.

How does she know?

“Who was that?”

“A friend. Sorry but I have to go,” says Trunks grabbing his bag and heading out the door.

“Kids,” the store manager says taking over.


Trunks quickly changes into Blade. “Now to get rid of the Androids once and for all!” He senses his surroundings and heads towards the city.

“Oooh. Where could he be? It’s like he doesn’t want to be found,” Super Sailor Moon complains.

“I am not catching anything on my readings… wait,” states Sailor Mercury.

“Hey there he goes,” says Super Sailor Moon.

“Quick Sailor Moon notify the others,” says Luna running up the street.


“Where do you think we should look next?” asks Sailor Mars.

“Where haven’t we looked?” asks Sailor Venus.

Beep … Jupiter opens her compact then closes it. “We are heading back towards the city. Blade was sited heading that way.”

“Let’s go,” says Artemis.

“Where did the androids go?” asks Sailor Neptune.

“They are fast,” states Sailor Saturn.

“I have an idea,” says Sailor Uranus. “Let’s surround them then create a barrier to hold them till the others arrive.


“Come out, come out,” says 17 blasting buildings left and right.

“This is getting boring,” sighs 18.

“Then how about some excitement.” Says a voice from behind.

“Well look who’s here 18.”

“You two are going down!”

“Ha! Don’t make me laugh,” says 17.

“I just did,” Trunks glares at them.

“Enough talk boy. Let’s go,” says 18 blasting him.

The Outer Scouts watch from the sidelines.

“Well we found them,” says Sailor Saturn.

“So this is the guy Luna was talking about?” asks Sailor Uranus.

“Seems to be so,” agrees Sailor Neptune.

 “He seems to be strong,” says Sailor Pluto.

Blade counters every attack by the Androids and they counter his.

“We seem to be even at the moment,” says 17.

“Seems you guys are rusty.”

“No. That was just a warm up.”

“So then let’s get serious …” as he says this Trunks powers up to Super Saiyan 2.

“What was that?” asks Sailor Neptune.

“Seems it was a power surge,” states Sailor Pluto.

“What have we missed?” asks Jupiter as the other Sailor Scouts catch up.

“Blade looks different,” observes Sailor Venus.

“It seems he has had a recent power surge,” says Sailor Mercury.

“He also a very skilled fighter,” observes Sailor Mars. Is that a sword on Blade’s back?

“I am glad he is on our side,” smiles Sailor Moon.

“Shouldn’t we form a plan of some sort to get rid of these two?” suggests Sailor Venus.

“Pluto could you do the honors?” asks Luna. Sailor Pluto smiles and winks. The others are a bit puzzled.

“So what should the rest of us do?” asks Sailor Uranus.

“We need to help out Blade till Pluto gets her chance,” says Artemis.

“So we should spread out,” says Sailor Neptune.

Everyone agrees.

Blade had the upper hand once he transformed but the Androids were still a bit faster. In one attack he singed 17’s bandanna and 18’s hair. On another he blinded them then sent them towards the ground. He pulled out his sword and cut 17 on the check then elbowed 18 as she came from behind. After this the Androids became very aggravated. The Androids decided to up their double team attacks. From then on Blade had a tough time getting an attack in. Blade could barely block the attacks. He got out of one attack by using one of his own. Blade tried rushing at 17 but hit a powerful barrier sending him crashing into a building. Blade quickly moved out of the rubble as the Androids floated above him. He flew up towards them then created multiple figures of himself.

“Ha ha. Nice trick,” says 17.

“Destructo Disk,” yells 18 letting go of a large energy disk that cuts through every figure but the actual Blade.


“Pluto do your attack,” says Sailor Saturn.

“I can’t. I don’t want to take out him too.”

“This doesn’t look good. I don’t know how much longer he will be able to fight,” says Sailor Uranus.

“He’s pretty tough,” says Sailor  Mars.

“But he is getting hit with a lot of damage power,” states Sailor Mercury.


Damn it. I can’t beat them and they know it, says Trunks to himself. Trunks catches a glimpse below him. “The Sailor Scouts. There are more of them?” He also notices they are in a circle formation below him. They must have a plan. I guess it’s time to stop fooling around and start to fight back hard! “Burning Attack…” says Blade holding up his fingers in a triangle towards the androids. Both androids are pushed back from the blast.

“Looks like he’s getting his fighting spirit back.”

“Let’s crush him,” states 17 making a fist.

The androids fly quickly at Blade. As they get close Blade powers up his fists. On in contact with the androids he yells, “Devil Blast!” Both androids grab their gut and let the energy’s momentum push them away.

“Ouch, What was that?” asks 18.

“Damn him!”

Blade not letting them rest starts bombarding the air with energy blasts. This keeps the androids on the move. The androids counter attack. Blade moves quickly to get away from the attacks or blocks them.

17 works his way close to Blade. He creates a powerful blast straight at Blade. Blade more than ready reflects the blast right at 17 who is sent hard to the ground. 18 closes in fast. Blade once more creates his after image technique. 18 uses her Destructo Disk to once again clear away the images but Blade is not there. “Burning attack!” 18 hears from behind as she plummets into a building below.


“Quick. Sailor Scouts ready…”

The girls hold hands and begin to create a powerful circle barrier around the fallen androids.

“What are they doing?” asks 18.

“I don’t like this,” says an angry 17.

Super Sailor Moon raises up her crystal.

“No not the crystal again!” yells 17 grabbing his chest.

18 cringes from an unknown pain inside her heart.

“No. I won’t give in.” All the while 17 is building up for a powerful attack.

“Pluto now!” says Artemis.

Sailor Pluto raises her staff and a dark dome appears around the androids.

18 is clawing at her chest in pain hunched over on the ground. Meanwhile 17 stands a little bent over with his clothes tattered and skin scratched up.

All of a sudden the dome vanished and a huge burst of energy exploded up knocks Blade out of the sky and into a multi story building. The Sailor Scouts shield themselves from the blast with their arms and try to keep afoot as the ground shakes beneath them. When everything settles Saturn asks, “What happened?”

“I don’t know. I made my dome and then when it disappeared the explosion came,” says Sailor Pluto.

“Well let’s see. It seems that while you trapped the androids Android 17 was creating a field like yours. So when yours disappeared his would create an explosion due to its instability,” sums up Sailor Mercury.

“Wow,” says Super Sailor Moon.

“Well the androids are gone,” states Sailor Venus.

Everyone breaths a sign of relief.

“Well we best get going,” says Sailor Uranus.

“Bye and thanks again you guys,” says Super Sailor Moon.

“See you around,” winks Sailor Neptune. 

“Wait …Where did Blade go?” asks Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Mercury checks her scanner. I am not sensing anything.


Well he could be out of range or his energy is very feint at the moment.

After Mercury says this Jupiter takes off at a run.

Where are you going? Asks the others behind her.

I have a feeling he went this way.

Sailor Mercury keeps checking her scanner. A faint energy comes into view. Go towards the building on your right.

The girls carefully walk into the building.

Is it safe in here? Questions Super Sailor Moon.

As they walk in the sunlight shines down on them from six floors up.

This doesn’t look good. Panic sets in and Jupiter searches for the stairwell. She flings open the door and heads down towards the basement. The others quickly follow. She runs down the hallway searching each room till she stops with her mouth gaping and eyes wide. For it is not Blade they find but Trunks!

Everyone steps into the room in shock. Lita is the first one to break out of the shock. She runs up to Trunks and cries softly into his chest.

He doesn’t look good.

Everyone stand back whispers Super Sailor Moon. She holds up her crystal and focuses her energy into Trunks.

Trunks’s eyes flutter open. They glaze over a moment and he sees the girls in their usual dress. “Lita,” he manages to whisper. He blinks again and he sees The Sailor Scouts. Before passing out. “Trunks!” Sailor Jupiter yells as tears stream down her eyes.

“It’s ok Lita, he just needs some sleep now,” comforts Super Sailor Moon.

“Thanks,” says Lita.

The girls detransform. “So what should we do?” asks Mina.

“I guess the dilemma is do we move him or stay here?” says Artemis.   

“I don’t think we should stay long. The foundation may not be safe,” assess Ami.

“I can carry him on my back,” suggests Rei.

“Mina help me lift him on to Rei’s back,” says Lita.

Who’s house are we going to?

Rei’s house is closest.


The girls take their time walking carefully so they don’t jar Trunks. Once they reach the dojo Rei takes charge. She makes sure she makes Trunks comfortable and gives him some medication to bring down swelling.

“We should let him rest,” says Rei shooing everyone out.

“I will be a moment,” says Lita.

The others head out of the room and down a small hall way and into a room on the right. They walk into a larger room with couches against each wall, a table sits infront of the couches, and a TV rests in an entertainment center against the right wall. The room is pretty open and the floor is carpeted.

“I’ll be right back,” says Rei as she walks back down the hallway and into the kitchen to get some tea and snacks for her friends.

“Man I am tired,” says Serena.

“We covered a lot of ground today,” says Mina.

“I am sure glad those androids are gone,” says Ami.

“Totally,” sighs Serena with relief.

“I am glad Luna thought of getting the outer scouts to help out,” says Rei bringing in the snacks.

“Speaking of Luna. Where did she and Artemis get to?” asks Mina.

“Who knows,” says Serena with her mouth full.

The others laugh.

“What?” asks Serena.


Lita sits against the wall watching Trunks. A million question race through her head. She lays her head on her knees and whispers, “Please get better,” as her eyes become heavy and her body feels fatigued.


“Where’s Lita?” asks Mina after a while.

“I’ll go check in on her,” says Rei. She tiptoes down the hallway and peeks into the room Trunks is occupying.  She returns to the others. “She’s fallen asleep,” says Rei returning.

 “It has been a long day,” says Ami.

A silence filled the room as no one knew what to say next.

The snack platters quickly empty.

“Since it’s on everyone’s mind let’s just discuss it,” says Mina.

“Discuss what?” asks Serena.

“The big question is why did we find Trunks when we went to find Blade?” says Rei aggravated as she takes a seat on the couch.

The question stirred up many ideas and the girls thought long and hard. The noise of the discussion filters down the hallway. Lita hears parts of the discussion. She makes her way down the hallway.

“It’s because Trunks is Blade,” comes Lita’s voice from the doorway.

The talking stops.

“How do you know Lita?” asks Serena.

“Now that you mention it. Trunks is wearing Blade’s outfit,” says Mina.

“And he is carrying a sword,” says Rei as it occurs to her.

“But how’s that possible? They don’t look a like,” says Serena.

“And their power levels are different,” states Ami.

“I feel their auras are the same,” states Rei.

“So we are sure Blade isn’t still out there?” says Mina.

“Blade aka Trunks is in the next room,” states Lita as she presents Blade’s sword.

“That’s it. That’s the sword I saw in my fire reading.”

“Well we have a lot to discuss with Trunks once he wakes up,” states Serena.

The girls agree.

“Tonight sounds like a good sleepover night,” announces Rei.

The girls smile and nod in agreement.

“Remember to keep it down,” says Rei heading off to get things for the sleepover. “Need help?” asks Mina following.

“Oh I know let’s watch a movie,” suggests Serena as she looks through the movies Rei has. A few moments later Mina brings in bedding for everyone. “Hey Meatball Head what are you doing?”

“I am looking for a movie if you care to know,” huffs Serena.

Mina investigates Serena’s choices. They start arguing. Meanwhile Lita sits on the couch feeling unsocial. She decides to head to the kitchen to see if Rei needs any help.


Trunks’s body lays the other room. His body twitches as his memory is reliving the last moments of the battle. He faces the androids. They charge at him, and he grounds them, then an explosion! His feels his body as it is hurled through the air then crashes through endless walls of cement. Then he hits the bottom with a …Trunks quickly sits up. Sweat clings to his body as Trunks breaths heavily. “That was a close call.” As he gathers his thpughts he looks around the room. Not much to it besides the wood floor and the mat he was laying on. “So where am I?” He hears voices in a room close by. The voices seem to be arguing over something. He tries to get up. Pain surges through his body in protest. Trunks winces.

Rei rushes down the hallway and into the room she left the girls. “Be quiet remember!”

Mina and Serena stop arguing.

Lita comes in with dinner.

“Wow this looks great!” says Serena.

Ami puts her book down and joins the group.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” says Lita.


Trunks hears footsteps in the hallway. Lita peeks in the room. “Awake already?”

“I woke myself up.”

“The experience was that bad?”

“It just happened so fast,” says Trunks holding his head.

“Try to lay back down. I’ll go get you some tea.”

Lita heads back to the kitchen. Rei sees her and investigates.

“Who’s the tea for?”


“Is he awake already?” asks Rei.


“But how’s that possible? It should take him a couple days to recover,” Rei ponders.

“I don’t think he’ll be awake long,” says Lita pouring a cup of tea and some hot water. She picks up a towel and heads back to Trunks. Lita finds him asleep. She smiles. Lita gets the towel wet and places it on his head. Trunks’s body relaxes a bit. She quietly exits the room to let him sleep.


Lita returns to her friends.

“So how is he?” asks Mina.

“Sleeping again,” states Lita.

“It seems he must be healing rather quickly,” comments Ami.

“How can that be?” asks Serena.

“We can heal quickly too,” says Lita moving her ankle.

“Well there’s no point in talking about it now. So let’s watch a movie,” says Rei.

“First we should get our beds set up,” says Mina.

There is a brief argument on the chosen movie before all goes quiet.

While the others watch the movie Lita falls asleep on the couch, her friends soon follow.