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  Chapter 7


      Trunks tosses and turns all night as he thinks about what to do. He wakes himself up and can’t get back to sleep. “What time is it?” Trunks looks at the clock. He decides to get up and take a shower.

Lita comes down the stairs and sees that Trunks is not on the couch. She glances around the down stairs to see if he is elsewhere. Then she hears the shower. “At least he made it back,” she says under her breath. She reaches the kitchen. “What should I do about breakfast?” She looks in the pantry and sees oatmeal. “Perfect,” she says pulling down the container. She heats up some water on the stove. Meanwhile she cuts up fresh fruit and places it on a platter. She puts some oatmeal in a bowl and then adds hot water. She places the fruit tray on the table along with a pitcher of orange juice and another bowl and spoon. As soon as Lita starts eating Trunks enters the kitchen. He meekly smiles at her. “This looks good.”

“Thanks,” Lita responds.

There was a long silence.

“Lita I am sorry. I was busy doing something last night and lost track of time. And I know we both have feelings for each other but we also have things we need to do. So what I am getting at is that we need to trust each other to make this work.”

Lita nods her head and manages a slight smile.

Internally Trunks sighs with relief.


The walk to school was a typical one. Ami had her nose in a book while the other girls argue and talk loudly between each other.     

Trunks can’t seem to focus all day. He spaces out during classes, he felt unsocial, and he was almost late to a class. By lunchtime he looks a bit ruffled.

“Well you made it through half way,” says Serena cheering him up.

“Man I already have homework,” Mina huffs.

“Anyone want to have a study session tonight?” asks Ami.

The girls become quiet. “Uhm no that ok really,” they all say.

Trunks half smiles then peers over a Lita who continues to talk with her friends.

Trunks starts to get in the swing of things by the afternoon. Trunks is relieved at the sound of the bell at the end of the day. Lita had been avoiding him all day. He tried to talk to her but she would just give him the cold shoulder. Trunks decides just to amble home.

He passes by an apartment building.

“Hey Trunks.” He hears someone yell. Trunks looks around.

Darien was just exiting the apartment building.

“Would you like to come up?”

“Weren’t you just leaving?”

“Actually I was just inside checking my mail when I saw you.”

“Sure I’d like to see your place.”

Darien takes Trunks upstairs.

Trunks looks around the apartment. It is very modern and clean.

Trunks seems quiet and withdrawn.

“You seem to have something on your mind.”

Trunks goes over and looks out the window.

“Care to discuss it? Nothing leaves this room.”

Trunks sees Darien as a genuine guy. “May I ask what you see in Serena?”

Darien is caught off guard a bit. “Well I see what most people don’t about her. She is a true friend and devotes herself to love and protect those dear to her.”

“I see.”

“You like Lita don’t you. I can tell. If you do you should tell her. Besides I think she might feel the same way.”

“I am afraid if I do I will just end up hurting her.”

“Telling the truth can be hard but coming face to face with it is even tougher.”

A large shadow falls over the apartment.

“What the?” says Darien.

Trunks’s fists tighten as he looks up to see the androids. 

“Tag. Your it,” says android 17.

“I don’t have time for your silly games,” states Trunks.

“Too bad. Guess we will just have fun without you,” says 18.

Trunks and Darien look at each other as if to ask, “What now?”

“If you don’t want to come out and play then let us in,” says 17 raising his palm towards the windows.

Trunks puts his arms up to cover his face as the glass shatters. He looks around for Darien. “He’s gone?”

“Seems like your friend abandoned you,” comments 18.

“I don’t need him.”

“Ooo we hit a nerve. Well since we destroyed all of your friends in our time why not the ones here too?” says 17.

What! Oh no they won’t! They won’t hurt anyone else ever again. Aggravated Trunks flies at them and hits 17 in the chest and dodges and attack by 18.

“You’ll pay for that boy,” grunts 17.

I better get to the ground before we draw any unwanted attention. Trunks flies down towards the courtyard by the apartment. He dodges the androids blasts and lands on the ground. The androids land across from Trunks.

“Let’s do this.”

With that cue Trunks and the androids start fighting. They move so fast the blink in and out around the courtyard.


Rei is outside cleaning the floor of the dojo. She is working hard when a slight breeze ruffles her hair and rings a chime near by. “Father I will be back shortly,” she calls. She  quickly transforms, “Mars crystal power, make up,” then runs towards Darien’s apartment.

Serena, tired of being pestered by Luna, is on her way home. “Do you sense that?” asks Luna. Just at that moment Serena’s compact goes off. Serena ducks into the shadows and yells, “Moon eternal make up.” Then rushes towards Darien’s apartment.


Trunks misjudges an attack and gets slammed to the ground. As the androids go after him they encounter a shower of roses. “What is this?” questions 18.

They see a man in a black tuxedo and cape on top of the apartment building. “And who might you be?” asks 17 aggravated.

“Tuxedo Mask,” says Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars.

During the distraction Trunks hides nearby.

“Oh great. Sailor brats,” comments 18.

“What did you say?” asks Mars.

“Ooo what a temper,” scolds18.

Mars powers up to attack, “Mars … flame … sniper.”

Tuxedo Mask faces off with 17.


Trunks finds a hidden area in the courtyard and uncapsules his outfit and sword. Next he powers up into his Saiyan form. After doing so he attempts to approach the androids from behind. As he does so he sees the Sailor Scouts fighting the Androids. They send attack after attack but their attacks seem only to annoy the Androids. Trunks runs out of his hiding spot and blasts the Androids from behind.

“Oh look he wants to play cat and mouse,” says 18.

“Let the Sailor Scouts go. It’s me you want!”

“He has a point,” says 17.

Blade flies up to challenge them.


“What should we do?” Mars asks.

“I don’t think there’s anything we can do,” states Artemis.

“We can attack defensively from the ground,” says Jupiter.

“But Blade challenged them alone,” says Venus.

“Sailor Scouts let Blade decide if or when he needs your help,” says Tuxedo Mask.

“Tuxedo Mask is right. He won’t let us do anything unless he feels we are effective,” states Luna.

Ami meanwhile takes readings on the battle at hand.


Blade dodges and diverts most of the Androids attacks. Every once in a while he gets an attack in. He defensive move is to move quickly to try and through them off guard but they always seem to be one step ahead of him. After a while Blade lands on the ground. This isn’t working. What else can I do? Trunks takes a moment to think and catch his breath as the Android descend. Wait. “Sailor Moon use your crystal when I tell you too,” says Blade. Sailor Moon stands ready. Blade raises his sword and rushes at Android 17. “Now!”

“Silver… Moon… Crystal … Power… Kiss!”

“What is that light?” asks 17.

“This feeling …” says 18.

“Let’s hurry and get out of here!” says 17 feeling uncomfortable.

As he says that they see Trunks coming at them and have little time to react. 17 tries to block the sword and 18 fires a ray at Trunks.


“Blade!” Jupiter feels herself call out.

Lita? Blade thinks as his body hits the ground. He looses his Sayian form. Trunks is partly conscience when he hears, “Darien he is over here.” Trunks sees Artemis before all goes dark. Tuxedo Mask picks him up and carries him off. By the time the Sailor Scouts reach the area they are gone.

“Where could he have gone?” asks Sailor Moon.

The others look around puzzled except for Lita who is unusually quiet.

They decide to change back.

“I think you girls need to spend some time together tonight,” suggests Luna.

“Not another meeting,” sighs Rei.

“It wouldn’t hurt,” says Luna.

“I know. How about a slumber party instead?”

Everyone agrees and start planning out their night.


Trunks awakens on a leather couch.

Where am I? As he fully awakens he recognizes Darien’s apartment.

He hears mumbled voices in the apartment at his senses come back to him. He slowly sits up. He feels the bandaged area on his chest.

“You had a close call,” says Darien entering the room.

Trunks doesn’t know what do say or do. “Huh thanks, I guess.”

“Glad to help out a friend,” says Darien smiling.

The doorbell rings. Trunks raises his brow. “I figured you would be hungry. Excuse me for a moment.”

As Darien goes to the door a white cat comes and sits next to Trunks on the couch. “Artemis?”


Darien comes back with a whole armful of carry out food.

Trunks is astonished. “Why did you get so much?”

“Well. I figured you would be hungry so I just ordered what I usually get.”

“You eat all that?”

“No, no. It’s not all for me Serena eats a lot. She loves to eat, heh.”

“Oh, I see.” Sounds weird to me.

“Dig in. Artemis help yourself as well.”

Artemis meows his thanks.


After they eat they sit in silence letting their stomachs settle. Trunks keeps trying to go over how he could have gotten here.

“So how’s school going for you?” asks Darien.

“Ok I guess.”

“That’s good.”

Not being able to hold back Trunks blurts out what’s racing through his mind.

“How did I get here? I know you two where the ones who helped me.”

Darien raises his brow.

“So you weren’t totally unconscious,” says Artemis.

“So he can talk!” says Trunks motioning to Artemis. Artemis nods.

“Wait so that also means Darien you are …”

“Correct I am Tuxedo Mask,” says Darien pulling a rose from inside his jacket.

Trunks tries to breathe as all the connections come together at once. What? How can this be? Luna too? What about the Sailor Scouts? Trunks becomes calm as he reasons things out. “So you know the Sailor Scouts. Tell me about them. Who are they?”

“Any particular reason why?” asks Darien.

“They interest me.”

“Allow me,” says Artemis clearing his throat. “Once upon a time there was a moon princess who fell in love with the prince of Earth. She had cat guardians along with Sailor Scouts from neighboring planets to protect her. When the moon kingdom was attacked everyone that protected it were put into a deep sleep until they were awaken again. When needed they would be reborn on Earth to protect it.”

“I see. A very interesting story. Here’s a question for you. Why have you been hiding your secrets?”

“It seems you have been hiding some of your own,” counters Artemis. “Besides we first had to find your purpose for being here.”

Trunks becomes silent.

There’s a faint scratching on the door. Darien opens it up and Luna walk in. “Those girls can be so loud and obnoxious some times.” Luna stops. “Oh dear,” she says at the sight of Trunks. Artemis gives her a nod so Luna continues. “Well you should be glad to know that the girls are all over at Rei’s so you can have the night to yourself.”

“Good cause I need a place to work on my circuit and ship, and also to think.”

“Do you need our help? Luna and I know a lot about …”

“So that’s why you were around Ami’s house.”

Both cats look sheepish.

“I know of a place we can work. Sorry for intruding Darien and thanks again,” Trunks says leaving. As he walk to the computer store he is tailed by two cats.

“So you’re back?”

“Yeah I need a space to work again.” They guy eyes the cats. “I am watching them for a friend. They are well behaved, I’ll take responsible if they do anything.”

“Ok fine they can come in but you have to agree to come help us tomorrow.”

“Thank you and I will be here right after school. Oh and I might be late tonight.”

The guy eyes him. I’ll give you the keys to the office you work in and the front door. If you touch anything else you’ll be sorry. And make it all day tomorrow.”

“What!” says Trunks. “Fine. I agree.”

“Poor kid,” says Artemis to Luna. Luna nods in agreement.


Meanwhile at Rei’s the girls sit around talking.

“The androids appeared again! But why?” asks Mina.

“Good question. I don’t know either,” says Rei.

“Good thing Blade showed up to help out this time,” says Ami

“Speaking of Blade where do you think he disappeared to?” says Serena.

“Yeah it was like he vanished after that attack,” says Rei.

“I hope he’s ok.,” says Serena.

All girls nod in agreement.

“Where have Luna and Artemis gone to?” Inquires Ami.

“So Lita how are things going between you and Trunks?” Mina asks. “Lita?”

“What’s wrong? Has he hurt you?” asks Rei angrily.

“No nothing like that. It’s just that he won’t open up. I can tell he’s keeping secrets. I am beginning to wonder if we can trust him.”

The girls become silent.

“Maybe we should make him talk,” suggests Mina

“That won’t do any good,” says Lita.

“By the way how are things going with fixing the circuit?” Rei asks Ami.

“Well I am fixing the circuit and he’s doing the programming. It should be done soon.”

“It seems Trunks wants to get it fixed as soon as he can,” Mina says out loud.

“That could mean he will try and leave soon,” says Rei.

“I just had a thought. Didn’t those androids just start showing up when Trunks did?” asks Ami.

“This is getting complicated,” groans Serena.

“It seems we will have to confront Trunks,” says Mina.

“I’ll do it,” says Lita.

A silence fills the room.

“Alright… let’s have some fun,” suggests Serena.

The others agree smiling, even Lita.


The three of them sit for hours looking over how the program works. At around midnight Trunks yells out, “I got it!” From there it took them two hours to fix. Once finished Trunks lays his head down for a moment. “All I need to do now is to look over my time capsule,” he mumbles. Luna and Artemis curl up and fall quickly to sleep as well.