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  Chapter 6


        In the morning Lita descends the stairs and hides a yawn behind her hand.

As Lita comes down the stairs Trunks stretches as he gets up off the couch. He heads to the bathroom to clean up and change.

“Ready for some breakfast?” Lita asks as Trunks heads into the kitchen.

“Sure, sounds good. Need any help?”

“No I think I have it. It will be just another moment.”

As Trunks takes seat Lita brings over plates piled with eggs, bacon, and toast.

“Wow. This smells great.”

In between bites of her own meal, Lita asks how his first day went.

“It was a bit rough but I am getting used to school again. Finding my way around is the most challenging part.”

“At least you already know a few people who go to our school.”

“I just hope I can survive school,” Trunks says finishing up.

Lita laughs. “It’s not that bad. If Serena can survive high school, anybody can.”

“There’s always an exception to the rule,” he says, grinning.

“Ok, ok. You made your point.” Lita’s compact goes off. “Be back in a second,” she says heading upstairs.

“Hi Lita. We will be walking by soon you goanna join us?” asks Serena.

“Yup, see you then,” says Lita closing her compact. Lita heads back downstairs. She notices all the dishes are cleared and put in the sink.

“I figured you wouldn’t have time to clean up before we left.”

“Oh, thank you,” says Lita a bit miffed.

Lita walks with her friends to school, she keeps glancing back at Trunks. Trunks blushes and tires to keep a straight face. Ami catches this out of corner of her eye as she is reading. “So Lita how are you two getting along?”

“Ok I guess.”

Serena takes a close look at Lita. “Hey Lita do you have another boyfriend?”

Lita becomes defensive. “What gave you that idea?”

“Well then if you won’t tells us we can ask Trunks,” says Mina.

Lita eyes go wide.

“Uh Lita?” asks Serena a bit scared.

Lita grabs Mina’s arm. “Don’t you dare!”

“Well that confirms it,” says Mina.

“Confirms what?” Lita huffs.

“Nothing,” says Serena meekly.

The girls walk in silence. Mina has a slight smile on her face as she watches Lita out of the corner of her eye.


As they arrive at school Trunks excuses himself and heads to the office where he receives his class schedule and such. Mina is waiting outside the office for him. He raises his brow with a questioning look.

“Ready to go to our first class?”

“Our first class?”

“Yup see we have the same class.”

“Really?” asks Trunks comparing their schedules.

“You coming?” asks Mina from down the hallway. Trunks heads in the same direction towards his classroom. Trunks finds a seat in the back and Mina of course sits close by.

The class wasn’t very interesting for Trunks since he has never read the books they were discussing. As he watched the clock he hoped his next class history would fair better. When the bell rang Trunks filed out with the rest of the class. Mina tried to get to him but Trunks headed towards his history class. He approaches his next classroom a bit flushed. Lita was in the classroom reading. He at once felt a bit more comfortable.

“So what are you reading?”

Lita looks up. “Oh hello,” says Lita a bit startled. “I was reading a bit ahead,” says Lita sheepishly.

“Well it’s good to see you are very studious,” says Trunks sitting down next to her.

“So do you like history?”

“Actually I do,” smiles Trunks.

Lita kept loosing focus on the class and kept looking over at Trunks. The bell startled her.

After class Lita and Trunks walked down the hall together. “So what class do you have next?” Asks Lita.

“Some type of a math class.”

“Ami is taking a math class maybe you’ll have the same class.”

“I don’t know she seems too intelligent for this type of a class. But it looks like I have plenty of people to help me study,” comments Trunks.

“I bet,” laughs Lita. “Alright well good luck. See you around lunch time.”

Throughout the day Lita has half her attention on her school day and the other half she is thinking about Trunks. Why is he so different from my other boyfriends? She keeps asking herself.

Trunks finds his math class and decides to look over the textbook. “I can do this stuff.”

“It’s not bad once you get the general theories and rules.”

“Yeah,” says Trunks looking up and meeting Ami’s face.

“Mind if I sit here?” asks Ami.

“No not at all.”

Trunks loved the math class and was a bit disappointed when the bell rang.

“Let’s go meet the others for lunch,” says Ami as they walk towards the lunch room.

“Where is the other girl?”

“You mean Rei? She goes to a private school.”


Ami and Trunks go over to sit with their friends.

Trunks realizes he did not bring a lunch nor does he have money.

Lita sees the realization in his eyes. “Trunks I forgot to tell you I brought lunch for us. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Actually I was hoping you would.”

Everyone laughs. “Yeah Lita is a great cook,” says Serena eating one of Lita’s rice cakes.

“Hey meatball head that was mine!”

The girls start arguing again. Trunks sighs.

The girls sit and talk while they eat and Trunks begins to feel at easy with them.

The bell rings.

“Trunks let’s meet outside after school,” says Lita.

“I’ll be there,” says Trunks about to head to his next class.

Everyone gets up except Serena. Trunks notices Serena pouting.

“Serena get up! You know you have to go to class. You don’t want to be late again,” scorns Mina.

Serena’s eyes water, “I don’t want to go to chemistry.”

“How about if we go together will that help?” asks Trunks.

Serena’s face dries up. “I guess so. Well let’s head to chemistry,” says Serena grabbing Trunk’s arm.

“Ok,” says Trunks letting him self be led away.

Once they reach the classroom every seat was taken except the two front seats.

Serena speaks up, “You can be my lab partner.” Trunks isn’t too thrilled about the idea, “Uh ok.”

Besides working with Serena the class went over well. “Well let’s go,” says Trunks.

“Huh? Oh yeah. Eeek we got to hurry,” she says looking at the time. They quickly put their stuff away and head towards their next class. Lita is already there waiting.

“Sorry we had chemistry,” says Trunks.

“So what are we cooking today?” asks Serena.

“Rolls,” says Lita.

Serena didn’t get flour all over but she did forget to add something to her rolls. “I don’t know what happened.”

“Did you follow the recipe?” asks Trunks.

“I tried too.”

“Hurry up everyone time to clean up,” says the teacher.

After class Trunks walked out of class with his head and shoulder slumped. “That was rough. Hopefully my last class will be better”

Trunk’s last class of the day had to do with computers. Trunks walked in and found a seat at a computer. It was a new challenge to explore. Just then Ami walks into the room. “Hello everyone I am your teacher Ami Mizuno.” Trunks was a bit shocked at first but then thought about possibilities of her knowledge of technology. Trunks liked the class right off because it gave him an opportunity to learn about how their computer systems work.

During the class Trunks had trouble focusing on his work. He had so much in his head already. What if I fail my mission? What if I never returned home? How am I going to be able to leave Lita?

Ami seemed to sense he was having trouble. After class she approaches him. “Are you ok?”

“I just have a lot on my mind.”

“Is there any way we could help?”

“Actually there is. I need a computer. I am grateful for your help but I should probably work on the programming myself. I found a place to work on it.”

“Well I can help you with the computer. You can loan out a school computer.”

“Really? Thanks.”

“That should at least get you started. Oh and here. This should have the data to get you started on the code,” says Ami handing him a disk.

“Thanks.” Trunks looks down at his watch. “Damn it.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I was supposed to meet Lita before her job.”

“Well why don’t you go there and apologize.”

“Thanks for you help Ami,” says Trunks leaving.

Trunks runs off school property and all the way to the restaurant Lita works at.


“Lita I am sorry,” says Trunks looking at an angry Lita.

“You broke a promise.”

 “I know and I feel awful.”

“What’s that?” asks Lita pointing to a black strap across his chest.

“It’s a computer. I had to get it after school.”

“So that thing is more important than me?”

“No! I…”

“How did you know I worked here?”

“Ami told me.”

“I see. Excuse me but I have a job to get back to,” says Lita leaving.

Trunks feels a heavy weight hit him.

He begins to walk around to clear his head. He comes upon the computer store.

“Hey are you back to accept my offer?”

“No sorry. But I need space to work on something.”

“I see.”

“Well one of the guys left early for the day you can use his office I guess.”

“What do you want in return?”

“Clever aren’t you?”

“How about working part time for us?”

Trunks is unsure for a moment. “It’s a deal.”

“Great let me show you the way.”

Trunks settled into his space and began to focus on the code. He strained to make any sense of it. He would try one way then another. Nothing worked. He worked for hours trying to decipher it.


Lita is still fuming on her way home from work. As she walks a black cat walk by her. It tenses and tries to run. ‘Oh no you don’t!” says Lita grabbing her.

“Let me go!”

“Luna what have you been up to?”

“For you information I have been helping out Trunks.”

“Oh?” says Lita shocked.

“Yes I have. Now if you don’t mind I need to go.”

“Sorry Luna,” says Lita as the cat vanishes.

Lita returns home in better mood.

“Trunks?” Lita searches the house and finds him gone. She goes upstairs to shower and change. She returns to the kitchen to find he still hasn’t returned. She looks around for something to fix for dinner. I swear some of my food is missing. Lita decides to watch some TV till Trunks returns. Where is he?


 A knock came on the door. Trunks broke out of his thinking mode.

“Just letting you know we will be closing soon.”

“Ok thanks.” Trunks looks at a clock. His widen and he gathers his stuff and leaves.

Trunks looking around seeing no one decides to fly to Lita’s house. Once inside he notices the place is dark except for a light on near the couch. He glances up the stairs and Lita’s bedroom door is shut. “What have I done?”

Trunks just sits on the couch as stuff rushes through his head. “I need some air.”

Trunks walks to the park. He hoped he would find someone to talk to. “What am I thinking. No one is out at this time of night.” Trunks looks up into the moonlight. I am both home sick and love sick. Is there no one to help me? As he thinks this he sheds a tear.

A rose shoots down at his feet. Trunks looks up to see a man in a black tuxedo and cape standing on top of the light next to him.

“Love is a precious and delicate thing. To begin to understand it you must take the road less traveled.”

What is this guy saying?

“There are those that can help you. They protect others with their love and kindness. Use your heart to judge them. I know your heart is true.”

“Who are you?” asks Trunks puzzled.

“I am Tuxedo Mask,” says the figure disappearing.

Trunks thinks over what was said to him. “His he saying I should trust the Sailor Scouts? But I don’t know who they are. Or do I” Trunks decides to fly back to Lita’s. Before bed he heats up a frozen pizza. Feeling a bit better he falls into a deep sleep.