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  Chapter 5


    Lita rolls over sleepily hearing her alarm clock go off. It can’t be time to get up already. I was having such a great dream, she groans inwardly. Flipping her covers to the side Lita turns the alarm off. “Well, I better get ready,” she sighs as she heads to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she dresses in her school uniform. As she pulls her hair up into a ponytail she says, “Time to wake up Trunks.” Lita makes her way downstairs carefully, not wanting to startle Trunks. Making her way over to the couch she pokes Trunks.

“It’s time for school.”

“School,” Trunks groans. “I was hoping you might forget.” He stands up and yawns. “Do you mind if I use the downstairs shower again?”
“Of course not,” Lita says turning on the living room light. “I’ll make breakfast and get lunches ready. Don’t forget to wear your uniform.”

“Thanks, for reminding me.”

Trunks walks out into the kitchen in his school uniform. “These are ridiculous,” he says, tugging on the collar. “How are you supposed to concentrate on anything but being uncomfortable?”

Lita laughs as she sets out breakfast. “At least you fit in. Nobody likes them, except maybe Ami. She loves school. Be warned she’ll want us to come to study sessions.”

“You mean study after school?” says Trunks sitting down.

Lita nods. Trunks shakes his head in disbelief; his thoughts drift back to his own time. Laughing to himself, he thinks about how much Ami sounds like his master and dear friend Gohan. The only difference was that Gohan was forced to study.

“Hello? Earth to Trunks,” Lita says waving her hand in front of Trunk’s face.

“Wha…oh, sorry. I was just thinking.” He says looking rather sheepish.

“It’s ok, but we better eat now or we’ll have to skip breakfast to get to class on time.”

Trunks agrees and sits down. “Having to go fry my brains is bad enough, but being late on top of that probably wouldn’t be a good idea.”

“Yeah, probably not.”

As Trunks adjusts his uniform Lita clears the dishes and dumps them in the sink, then grabs their lunches and heads toward the living room. She picks up her school bag and puts the two lunches inside.

Lita hears her compact in her pocket go off.

“I need to do something. I’ll be right back.”

Lita goes upstairs. “Hello?” she says into her compact.

“Hey Lita! It’s Mina was wondering if you found out anything else yet?”


“Oh come on you know who.”

Lita blushes. “I will tell you on the way to school.”

“Ok then… want to walk to school together?”

“Definitely. See you then.” Lita’s mind wonders back to Trunks and their date.

“Shouldn’t we head to school?” asks Trunks as Lita comes down the stairs.

“Oh yes school,” says Lita coming out of her daze. “Mina and the others want to walk to school with us.”

Trunks nods rather reluctantly and follows her out the door. Trunks tugs on the collar of his shirt as they head down the street.

These have to be torture devices, he groans internally. “So what is school like?”

Lita sighs. “It’s a lot of work. But I think you will do ok. Just don’t get into trouble,” Lita smiles.

Trunks smiles.

The small group walks to school. Lita tells the others about her date with Trunks. Serena, Mina, and Lita talk quiet loudly on the way about relationships while Ami reads a book. Trunks follows close behind feeling uncomfortable and unsure what to say.


They reach the school. “Come on Trunks let’s head to the office,” says Mina grabbing his arm. Lita is a bit irritated by this. Lucky for Trunks, they are too busy in the office to really notice how odd his name sounds. Then again, he is a “foreign exchange student.” Not only that, but they are too behind in their paperwork to make out a schedule for Trunks, he is told to just follow Lita and her friends around for the day.

Mina leads Trunks decides to her first class.

“So what class is this?”

“Economy,” states Mina.

“Oh,” says Trunks.

Averyone sat down and the teacher began. The schedule and layout of the class was discussed along with grades and classwork load. Then the teacher started into his discussion. Afterwords he stated the new terms for the students to know and study then gave out their homework. The bell couldn’t come soon enough for Trunks. Trunks rushed out the door and saw Serena in the hall. She looked a bit upset.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh hi Trunks. Nothing really. I was just late to my first class.”

“What happened?”

“Well I was given a stern warning this time and extra homework,” sniffs Serena.

“What class was this?”

“Mathematics,” wails Serena.

“I see. So where you headed next?”

“Astronomy,” groans Serena.

“Well we better get going then.”

“Thanks Trunks,” says Serena smiling.

The class was entertaining for Trunks since he knew most of it. He tried to explain things to Serena. By the end of the class Serena seemed to be in a happier mood. Trunks lingered after class to talk with the teacher. He notices Ami walking down the hall and excuses himself. “Hi Ami.”

“Hi Trunks,” says a voice from behind a book.

“Where are you headed?”

“Biology. Want to join me?”


They enter a very large room filled with seats. Ami heads down to the front. As soon as the teacher enters he introduces himself then starts in on his lecture. Right before class endd Trunks asks Ami about the lab part.

“We switch off between lecture and labs.”

“Makes sense.”

“You want me to show you to Lita’s next class?” Ami offers.

“Hum sure,” says Trunks a bit bashfully.

Ami leads him down the hall around a few corners then points down the hall. She will be in the third classroom on the right.”

“Thanks.” Trunks wait a few minutes. “Hi Lita.”

Lita walks down the hall then looks up. “Trunks!”

He smiles. “Shall we,” he says gesturing towards the classroom.

Lita leads the way. They find two seats next to each other. “I am excited. We are going to be reading some great pieces of literature.”

“Yeah sounds great,” Says Trunks not so enthused.

The class was however informative. Trunks actually enjoyed some of the things they discussed. He was a bit disappointed when the bell rang.

“Great,” says Lita stretching. Trunks looks at her puzzled. “It’s lunch time,” says Lita cheering him up. Just then his stomach growls. They laugh together as they head towards the lunch area. They meet up with the others. They all sit down and Lita pulls out their lunches from her bag. They sit and talk about their day so far.

“So Trunks sounds like it’s time to go to health,” says Mina getting up to go.

“How so?”

“Well you have been everyone else’s classes so let’s go.” Trunks finding no way around her argument follows. Trunks was so bored in the class that he almost fell asleep. Mina poked him to keep him from daydreaming. Trunks had a hard time getting energy to even raise out of his seat. He stood up and stretched. Lita’s head peeks in through the doorway. “Hey Trunks. Come on we can’t be late,” Trunks follows quickly behind Lita.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

They enter a classroom with small kitchens. “A cooking class?”

Lita smiles. “Hey guys over here,” comes a familiar voice.

Serena is standing in one of the small kitchens as Lita and Trunks join her. Well this should be entertaining says Trunks to himself. During the class Serena managed to get flour everywhere, burn herself and burn her batch of cookies. Serena once again feels sad. “Here have one of my cookies,” says Lita smiling to cheer her up.

“Thanks Lita,” Says Serena.

“Here Trunks you can have some,” says Lita as she cleans up.

Trunks takes a bite. “These are wonderful!”

“Lita’s a great cook,” compliment Serena. Lita blushes. “I have an idea. Why don’t you go meet up with Ami. Her last class is computer programming or something like that.”

They tell him how to find the classroom.

“I’ll find you afterwards,” says Lita.

“Ok. Thanks. See you soon.” Trunks finds the hallway. He walks by a classroom and sees Ami inside. “Can I join you?”

“Sure,’ says Ami.

He finds it very intriguing and informative. After the class had ended Trunks and Ami were talking about computers. After the last bell rang Lita ran around the school looking for Trunks. She finally came across the room and found Trunks and Ami working over a computer.

Lita clears her throat. “What are you guys up to?”

“Oh my  it’s late,” says Ami.

‘We were just discussing computer stuff,” says Trunks.

“Oh?” says Lita.

“Yeah sorry we lost track of time,” says Ami. “I need to go anyway. See you guys later”

“Bye,” says Lita and Trunks.

Lita takes a deep breath.

Trunks can tell something is on her mind. “Sorry I get caught up in electronics. It’s in my blood I guess,” says Trunks ruffling his hair.

Lita seems to become less tense. “Well I have a little time before I need to go to my job. Oh! I forgot to tell you about it. I am so sorry,” says Lita sheepishly.

“A lot has been going on. Really it’s ok.”

“I have an idea you want to go to the arcade before I go to work?”

“Sure sounds fun. Bet I’ll beat you this time.”

“Ha! No way pretty boy!” says Lita rushing out of the room with Trunks right behind.


They play at the arcade till Lita glances down at her watch.

“I am going to be late for work, darn it.”

“We can finish the game another time.”

“Your on. Well I’ll be home around 6:30pm,” says Lita rushing out the door. She almost runs into Serena on the way in. Serena yells at her, “Hey watch it! Why are people always in a hurry?” sighs Serena. “No matter. It’s time to game!” “Serena shouldn’t you go home and study?” asks Luna. Serena paying no attention to Luna goes into the arcade. “Trunks?”

“Hi Serena.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Lita and I were playing before she had to leave.”

“I see. Well we can play and I won’t go easy on you,” says Serena. “I choose Sailor Moon,” says holding up a peace sign. “Who are you playing as?”

“Sailor Jupiter,” says Trunks.

“Oh really,” taunts Serena. “Alright then let’s begin.”

Loud shouting and pushing button madness goes on for five minutes.

“I think I have had enough,” says Trunks.

Serena continues to play.

Trunks leaves the arcade and starts to walk. He passes by a dojo. He sees Rei. He walks up to her.


Rei looks up from her sweeping. “Hello Trunks.”

“So what you up to?” asks Trunks.

“My father owns the dojo and I help clean up and such.”

“I see. Well you seem very busy. I’ll go see if the others are around.”

“You won’t have much luck. Mina has volleyball practice and Ami will be studying.”

“Oh I see. Well thank you for the information.”

“No problem glad to help.”

Trunks decides to walk around to get to know the area a bit. He sees a computer store along the way. He walks in and looks around. He goes up to a computer and starts to figure out how it works. One of the guys at the counter has been watching him since he walked in. He approaches Trunks.

“Do you like computers?”

Trunks’s attention is broken and is a bit startled. “Yeah you could say that.”

“You seem to know how a computer works.”

“I am a quick learner I guess.”

“You in school?”


“Do you have any after school commitments?”

“Not really. Why?” asks Trunks aggravated.

“Well we are looking to hire someone to work here. Earn yourself some extra cash.”

“Sorry I would but I am just visiting the area for a bit.”

The guy nods and walk off.

Trunks exits the shop and continues his walk. He comes upon a sign.

“Garage for rent.” Trunks thinks for a moment. I could fix my time capsule if I can get the money to pay for the space. Trunks goes to check on the garage space and rent price.


Trunks heads back to Lita’s. Trunks thinks about the computer code over and over in is head.

“Hey Trunks,” a voice calls to him. He comes out of his thoughts as Lita walks up next to him. She grabs onto his arm. Trunks just smiles. “So have you found something to do after school?”

“Actually I have been thinking about it. I think I would like to rent a place to work on the circuit. So I don’t intrude on Ami. The only thing is I don’t have the money.”

“I see well maybe my friends and I can help. We can ask them at school tomorrow. They might have some good ideas.”

“Sounds great,” says Trunks hugging Lita.


Once at the house they fix dinner.

While Lita is in the kitchen Trunks sets the table. For the placemats he chooses the nicer set. He also finds some candles for the table. He turns the lights down a bit. Lita comes in to put the food on the table and is a bit stunned. She steps back in shock. Trunks takes the food from Lita’s hands. Lita blushes. Once Trunks places the food on the table he helps Lita to her seat. Trunks and Lita sit across from each other at a small table with the candles between them. They sit looking at each other in the candlelight. During the dinner the alternately look at each other. During desert Lita can’t help it and looses herself inside Trunks’s eyes. Trunks looks up and is fascinated by how the candlelight caresses Lita’s face. They lean across the table. Their lips lock. They kiss but a moment but for Lita it seems eternity. After the kiss they look at each other not knowing what to do next. 

“By the way how’s your ankle?”

“It’s a bit bruised but it’s better.”

“Why don’t you head upstairs. I’ll bring up some ice for it,” says Trunks.

“Thank you,” says Lita heading up the stairs in a daze. At the top of the stairs she leans against the wall with her knees about to buckle. To puts her sweaty palm on her warm brow as her face turns red.

Trunks looks up the stairs after Lita. His face flushes and his knees are weak. He takes a seat on the couch on the couch. Trunks hangs is head and lets out a deep sigh to calm his pounding heart. He listens upstairs till he is sure Lita is in bed. Get fixes up a bag of ice from the kitchen and picks up the bandage wrap off the counter. He heads upstairs to Lita’s room. It seems that Lita has quickly fallen asleep. Trunks gently goes to put the ice and bandage around her ankle. But it seems as though her ankle is fully healed. Trunks shrugs it off and goes back downstairs. He heats up some frozen food he finds in the freezer as his tummy growls. After eating he quickly falls asleep on the couch.