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  Chapter 4


     Bright sunrays filter through Lita’s bedroom window waking Lita. She opens her eyes still in a daze from the kiss. In a cheery mood Lita gets ready for the day with a shower and a fresh change of clothes then descends the stairs. She stops to observe Trunks on the couch still asleep. She glances at him thinking about how cute he is. She shakes her head back to reality and starts to prepare breakfast.

As she finishes up she notices Trunks still isn’t up. She approaches the couch, “Come on you don’t want to waste the last day of summer vacation!”

Trunks comes out of a deep sleep. Half awake he tries to remember were he is. As he does he rolls off the couch and falls onto the floor.

Lita giggles, then asks, “Are you ok?”

Trunks, now awake, sits up with his cheeks a little flushed says, “Yeah,” and then smiles.

He’s so cute! Lita says to herself.

“Sorry I was dreaming about home. Guess I am a little homesick.”

“Well we are working on getting you home a fast a possible,” comforts Lita.

“I guess I haven’t said this but thanks for all your help, you and your friends, I mean.”

“You are quiet welcome. But let’s eat breakfast before it gets cold.”


“So what should we do today?” asks Lita while clearing dishes.

“Well if we are starting school soon we won’t have much time to work on my computer chip. So I was thinking on seeing if Ami was available to work on it again today.”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll call Ami.” Lita goes over to the phone and dials Ami’s number. It rings once then Ami picks up. Lita asks Ami her plans for the day. Ami reminds Lita they have a meeting this morning and that she could help Trunks after the meeting. “Ok thank you I’ll tell him. Bye.”

“Well it seems I need to meet up with my friends this morning but Ami said she would be available around 2:00pm.”

“Oh. Ok thanks.”

“Sorry I forgot all about our outing. I won’t be long. If you leave be sure to lock up,” says Lita heading out the door.


Trunks let’s out a sigh, “She is a busy young woman. Well this gives me a chance to investigate my crash site and my time capsule.” Trunks walks to the park. He enters the area his time capsule crashed. Trunks reaches into his pocket and pulls out a capsule and throws it on the ground. His time capsule appears. “Now what needs fixing?” asks Trunks looking it over. “Let’s see, The outside needs a lot of body work. The inside looks ok but I won’t know till the main cuirtcuit is fixed. Looks like the only thing I can do now is check the wiring.” Trunks is deep in thought as he is working when he hears a voice.

“Knock knock.”

“Looks like we found him 17.”

“Since we couldn’t get rid of you at home boy, we can just as easily get rid of you here,” states android 17.

Trunks’s eyes widen as he turns and sees the androids right behind him.

“How did you know I would be here?”

“Only sentimental fools return to the site of the crash,” comments 17.

Trunks’s anger rises.

“Oh did I touch a nerve.”

“Besides we wanted to confirm our suspicions from yesterday,” says 18 challenging Trunks.

Trunks’s eyes narrow, “How did you know that was me?”

“Oh come now you think that lousy disguise fooled us?” asks 18.

“One question before we fight. How did you guys get here?”

“It was easy we traced your ship and followed it,” says 17 sounding bored.

It’s not possible, Trunks says to himself. “Alright then if it’s a fight you want let’s fight!”

“We thought you’d never ask,” says 17 as he blasts Trunks.

Trunks quickly puts his ship into a capsule and doges the blast.

He uncapsules his sword and flies at the androids.


“So who is this new fighter called Blade?” asks Mina.

“I haven’t the slightest clue. I haven’t seen him around here before,” states Rei.

“He’s very powerful,” says Ami.

“It seemed as though the androids knew him,” says Rei.

“Talk about weird,” states Serena

“That is strange,” Lita says softly. “It also seemed he was avoiding us.”

“He sure didn’t want to stay around to talk,” huffs Mina.

“I have a question,” says Luna. “Where was Trunks during this time?”

“We left him at the arcade,” states Mina.

“But when you returned he wasn’t there, right?,” asks Rei.

“And when I found him he was all scratched up,” says Lita.

All of a sudden the girls sense a presence in the area.

“They’re back?” the girls say in unison.

“Let’s go,” states Artemis.

“Right,” says the girls.

Luna and Artemis run on ahead while the girls transform.

The two cats arrive at the park in time to see the androids attacking Trunks. They see Trunks’s body hits the ground hard right as the Super Sailor Scouts enter.

“How dare you return here. Prepare to be meet your doom in the name of the moon I challenge you!” says Super Sailor Moon.

“Oh look the Sailor Scouts have come to play.”

“Well then let’s not keep them waiting,” says 17 sending an energy blast their way.

The Super Sailor Scouts brace themselves. Super Sailor Moon steps in front of the others taking the blow.

“Sailor Moon!” the Sailor Scouts cry.

“These two are getting on my nerves. Mars …. Flame …Sniper!”

“Ooo that stung. How dare you! Take this…” says 18 pointing at Super Sailor Mars and letting an energy blast go.

“Mars!” Luna yells.

Trunks meanwhile lies on the ground watching. What are they doing? They don’t have a chance. I have to do something.

Super Sailor Venus approaches the androids. “No don’t,” protests Super Sailor Mercury as she looks over the readouts on her visor.

“What’s wrong Mercury?” asks Super Sailor Jupiter.

“These things are way too powerful.”

“Things? You mean they are not human?” asks Super Sailor Mars tending to Super Sailor Moon nearby.

“They are actually robots, androids.”

“Venus …Love and Beauty … Shock!” says Super Sailor Venus releasing her attack at 18.

18 snickers and turns Super Sailor Venus’s attack back towards her. Sailor Venus unprepared goes into a defense block but is sent to the ground.

“Sailor Venus!” Artemis yells.

“Mercury let’s do it,” commands Super Sailor Jupiter.


In unison Super Sailor Mercury and Jupiter attack.  “Jupiter … Oak… Evolution!” “Mercury… Aqua… Rhapsody!”

17 and 18 easily divert their attacks skyward.

“That’s not good,” says Trunks in a low voice. He quickly finds a place to change.

The androids sneer as they both let off a ball of light towards the Super Sailor Scouts.

Hidden by the light of the blast Trunks runs and dives in front of the Super Sailor Scouts.

In the aftermath Super Sailor Mercury and Jupiter wonder what just happened.

They see Blade getting up and a bit singed.

“How did he?” gasps Luna.

Blade stands in front of them hardly injured.

“How did you survive that blast unhurt?” asks Super Sailor Mercury.

“Stamina,” says Blade.

“What did you think you were doing?” asks Super Sailor Jupiter.

“I am protecting you!”

“What about the androids?” asks Super Sailor Mars breaking up the argument.

“What can we do?” asks Super Sailor Venus.

“I’ll put a stop to them,” says Super Sailor Moon getting to her feet. “Silver… Moon… Crystal … Power… Kiss!”

“What is that bright light?” asks 18.

“I don’t know. Let’s retreat for now,” Says 17.

The androids quickly leave.

Blade is impressed by Super Sailor Moon’s power. As he sees the Super Sailor Scouts a bit more closely he feels as though he knows them. “Well I should go.”

“Thanks,” the Super Sailor Scouts yell as he leaves.

Trunks looks down at his watch and notices it’s a little after 1:00pm. “I should hurry back to Lita’s and clean up before heading to Ami’s.”


The girls continue with their meeting.

“It seems Blade and the androids have a connection,” comments Rei.

“But how and why?,” asks Mina.

“Did you girls see anyone else during the fight?” asks Luna.

The girls shakes their heads.

“Just Blade,” says Serena.

Luna ponders if she really saw Trunks there or not.

The girls all sit thinking things over.

“I will process the data I gathered in time for our next meeting,” says Ami. “I need to go. I am meeting with Trunks soon about the main circuit. Talk to you guys at school,” says Ami leaving.

“Let’s follow,” says Artemis to Luna. The cats follow Ami out the door.

 “I don’t want to go back to school!” Says Serena with tears gushing.


Ami arrives at her house in time to clean up a bit before Trunks arrives.

Trunks knocks on the door

“Come in,” he hears a voice say. Trunks slowly opens the door and enters the house. Closing the door behind him he sees a white cat. Not knowing where Ami is in the house he decides to ask the cat. “Hey kitty do you know were Ami is?”

“Meow,” says the affirmatively heading downstairs, Trunks follows. He finds Ami hard at work on her computer. 

Trunks comes in and notices two cats in the house. “Now you have two cats?”

“I guess in a way I do. You already met Luna Serena’s cat. This is Artemis Mina’s cat. They like keeping me company,” smiles Ami.

“Oh I see. What can I help with?” asks Trunks.

“Let’s see…you can help to decipher the system code so when we reconnect it with the main system it will function correctly.”

“My mother showed me the code once but I have forgotten.”

“Don’t worry it will come to you. Here have a seat at this computer. I will go look at the data I have gotten from the chip.”


After many hours of going over data and looking at computer code Ami and Trunks decide to take a break. Ami brings down some tea and cakes as they sit on the couches in the basement.

“Would you mind explaining what the chip is for, In a general sense so I can get an idea of how to help you reprogram it.” Ami asks.

Trunks head slightly hurts and without thinking starts to answer Ami’s question. “Well it’s the main chip for my control panel.”

“I see. So do you know what caused the panel to malfunction?”

“I think the turbulence caused something to...”  All of a sudden Trunks became aware of what he is saying. “Uhh, I mean … I’ve got to go.”

“No wait … I didn’t mean to …” says Ami as the door slams.

“Poor Trunks,” sighs Artemis.

I need to help Lita, but how? Luna asks herself.


Trunks takes off running towards the park. He finds a bench hidden in the shadows silhouetted by a street lamp. He takes a seat and holds his head in his hands.

Many questions fill his head, How could I have been so careless? What if they find out? Will they still trust me?

As he sits on the bench he feels something rub against his leg. Trunks tenses up and looks down. He sees a black cat with a crescent moon on her head.

“Luna?” Says Trunks puzzled.

“Meow,” she says greeting him. Trunks picks her up and holds her in his lap.

“What do you think I should do? Should I tell them why I have come and how I got here?” He pulls out a capsule out of his pocket and looks at it. Then he looks into Luna’s red eyes. Looking into her eyes Trunks feels he can trust his new friends. “I should tell them. I do need their help. And now it seems this world needs mine.”

“Meow?” says Luna cocking her head.

“It’s weird I feel talking to you is like talking to a person.”

Luna puts her paws on his chest and begins to purr. Trunks gives Luna a hug. “Well you better get going I am sure Serena needs you.”

“Meow,” says Luna jumping out of Trunk’s arms and running off.  So my hunch was right. Now to put my plan into action.


As Trunks opens the door Lita is quietly sitting on the couch.

“Where have you been?” says Lita concerned.

“I needed some time to myself.”

“All I heard from Ami is that you were upset and ran out. I was scared something happened to you,” says Lita with a tear in her eye.

“It’s ok. See I am fine.”

There was a long silence.

“Are you hungry?”

“Sort of.”

Trunks senses Lita is tense. “How about some dinner?”

“I don’t feel like cooking.”

Then how about we go out.”

Lita looks up at Trunks and blushes.

“How about wearing the green dress you just got,” mentions Trunks.

He remembered. “Ok.” says Lita hurrying upstairs to change.

Trunks sighs and plops down on the couch with relief.

After a few moments Lita descends the stairs. Trunks cant’s help but stare.

“Are you ready to go?”

Trunks tries to create the word, “Yes.”

They sit down at a booth in an Italian restaurant. They talk over dinner.

“Lita I am sorry I have been distant lately. It’s just that I have a lot to think about.

 “Please tell me what’s bothering you,” pleads Lita.

“You shouldn’t worry so much about me.”

Lita leans on his shoulder, “I know but I just can’t help it.”

Trunks puts his arm around Lita’s waist. “You care about others so much. Who’s going to take care of you?”

Lita looks up at him. They feel a pull as their lips lock. They both smile afterwards.

When they enter the house Trunks asks, “So how’s that ankle of yours?” He asks thinking about how Lita wearing her green pumps during their date.

“It’s still a bit tender.”

“I’ll be right back then,” says Trunks heading towards the kitchen. Moments later he returns with an ice bag. Lita lays down placing her back against one arm of the couch. Trunks gently lifts her right ankle and takes off the wrapping already there then sets her ankle on a pillow and gently places the ice bag on top of her ankle.

“Move the pillow to the end of the couch,” says Lita.

“Then were will I sit?” asks Trunks.

Lita moves up a bit leaving room behind her on the end. Trunks takes the hint and slips in behind Lita. Lita lays against his chest. “Comfortable?” asks Trunks.

“Very,” says Lita. Trunks wraps his arms around her waist. They seem to hold each other forever. Soon Lita’s eyes feel heavy and so does her body drained from the fight earlier. Sleep quickly sweeps over her. Trunks carries Lita up to bed and tucks her in.

Trunks makes some popcorn relaxing as he sits on the couch watching TV. He decides to make up his bed on the couch and gets some sleep after an hour passes by.