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  Chapter 10


    Lita awakens to the birds singing outside her window. She sits up and notices Trunks is missing. She gets out of bed and listens downstairs. She hears the shower running. “Guess I should clean up myself.” Lita quickly changes her clothes and freshens up then heads downstairs. The bathroom door opens and Trunks walks out. “Shall we clean up this mess together?”

“Sure,” smiles Lita.

Working together they quickly clean up the ruminates from the party. “Look here are some pictures,” says Lita. They laugh as they look through them. “Remind me not to give Serena the camera again.”

“Can I take one of them?”

“Sure take any you want.”

“Good thing you had this Polaroid camera around.”

“Yeah,” sighs Lita.

“Well I need to get ready to leave. I’ll be out back. You’re welcome to join me.”

“I’ll be out in a minute.”

Lita goes into the kitchen.


Trunks throws the capsule containing his time capsule onto the ground.

“What are those things by the way?” asks Artemis coming from behind a tree.

“They are storage capsules. My mom invented them.”

“So are you leaving soon,” asks Luna from an overhead branch.

“Are you here to see me off?”

Luna blushes. “At least we don’t have to spy on you any more.”

“True,” Trunks smiles.

“So who’s up for a picnic?” asks Lita bringing out a blanket and food.

“Thanks Lita,” compliments Artemis.

“I figured Trunks wouldn’t want to leave on an empty stomach.”

Trunks blushes.


After everyone has their fill Trunks rises. “Time to start up the machine.”

“Need help?” offers the cats.

“You two can check the systems on the inside and I’ll check the outside.” They get to work.

Trunks turns to Lita.

“Guess it’s time.”

Trunks hugs her. Lita melts in his arms. “Now promise me you will be strong till I get back.”

“I’ll try.”

“Besides we still have a game to finish.”

“Sailor Jupiter will prevail!” smiles Lita.

Trunks does his checks around his machine. “Look good out here.”

“Same here,” says Artemis.

Well then it’s time to go.

“He’s such a nice boy,” says Luna.

“Help me sneak aboard.”

“You want me to what?”

“Come on Luna. You know what a broken heart feels like.”

“I hope you know what you are doing.” Luna sneaks her way inside. “Artemis distract Trunks.”


Trunks climbs aboard. Before he pushes the close latch button Artemis asks, “So how does thing work?”

Trunks sees Artemis’s genuine interest and tells him. Meanwhile Luna and Luna climb inside.

“Thanks. Good luck on your trip,” says Artemis to Trunks.

“Thanks. Please tell Lita I will miss her.”

“Trust me, she knows.”

With that Artemis jumps out of the cock pit area. Trunks sets all of his settings, checks his power, closes his hatch, and takes off.

What have we gotten ourselves into? Luna asks herself.