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Part 4



    “All right rest hour is up. Listen up for your role in the game for this afternoon. We are playing Capture the flag. We will have two teams the Yellow team versus the orange team. The Yellow team will consist of cabins; 2, 3, 5, 6, 9. And councilors; Artemis, White Blaze, Keero, Tama, Mina, Sally, Sasami, Noin, and Washuu.  That means the Orange team consists of cabins; 1, 4, 7, 8, 10. And coucilors; Luna, Ryooki, Kenooki, Ura, Lita, Lina, Setsuna, Kayura, Zechs, and Ryoko. Please change into appropriate clothing and footwear. Your team color bandanas will be brought to you shortly.”

The Yellow team gathers at one end of the camp and the Orange team at the other. “All right someone please come and get the armbands to wear so we know who’s team you are on and someone needs to grab the team flag.”

    “If you look down you will see the diving line and where the safe zone is. Instead of a game think of this as a training exercise. Anything but severely injuring someone is allowed. So be on your guard. If a team member gets hurt we will freeze the game and will ask someone on the other side to go out to keep the sides even. You have 20 minutes to get the flag hidden and set up positions. A horn will go off to start the game.”

Orange Side: “So what are we going to do?” asks Duo adjusting his orange armband. “Well usually there should be someone to guard the flag and the jail, and then the runners to find the other team’s flag,” says Zechs. “I’ll guard the flag,” offers Tomahome. “Duo will help you,” says Heero. “What!” responds Duo. “I will too,” says Kento. “Count me in says Taski.” “We need some feminine power so I’ll join in.” says Lita. “Any volunteers for guarding the jail?” asks Rowen. “I will,” says Setsuna. “I will help,” says Lafarga stepping forward. “I will guard the weak,” says Wufei. “I want to help,” volunteers Lina. “Well we need some at the front lines,” suggests Trowa. “I’ll go,” says Cale. “We will too,” says Akio and Touga. “I can help,” suggests Xellos. “I’ll back you guys up,” says Geo. “I’ll lead us to victory,” says Zechs. “So the rest of us are the runners. Now we need a plan,” says Yaten. They do a group huddle. After making plans they walk around to hide the flag and set up a jail.


Yellow Side: “So what should be our first move?” asks Gene. “How about we set up first,” suggests Noin. “So huh what do we need to do?” asks Krillin. “Well the flag needs to be hidden and guarded. A jail needs to be found and guarded. And then a front line would be good,” states Chichuri. “So any volunteers for guarding the flag?” asks Rio. “I will,” says Mina. “Me too,” says Kerobearu. “We will,” says Zagato and Clef. “I’ll help,” says Ashrum. “Now how about a front line?” asks Trunks. “I’ll go,” says Krillin. “Me too,” volunteers Quatre. “Count me in,” says Allen. “I will help,” says Hotohori. “I’ll guard the front,” says Sally. “And me,” says Anubis. “I’ll help guard the jail,” offers Sasami. “Me too,” says Washuu. “Us too,” says Ascot and Zel at the same time. “All right then let’s hide the flag and think of a strategy,” Eagle says to motivate the group. All nod and follow.


The horn blows and both teams set in their positions.


Krillin, Quatre, Allen, Hotohori, Anubis, and Sally stand on one side of the line and Geo, Cale, Akio, Touga, Zechs, and Xellos on the other. “You won’t get past us,” challenges Krillin. “Wanna bet?” says Geo taking the challenge.

            Team Orange charges through Team Yellow’s line then runs back. “Did they get anyone?” asks Luna. “Yeah. I think… they got… Tenchi… and Ryouga…” says Gohan a bit out of breath.

Yellow Side: “How many did we get?” asks Lantis. “Two,” says Vash holding a prisoner and Gene holding another one. “Come on to jail with you,” says Gene.          

Yellow Side: “Well we are over the line,” says Sage. “Well then let’s spread out and look for the yellow flag,” says Ryoko. “Bad idea.” “I agree with Trowa,” says Wufei. “Let’s break up into pairs so maybe at least our partner can get back to tell the team what we found. To save us from rescuing those in jail,” says Trowa explaining. “Ryoko you come with me.”

Orange Side: “Haha. Our plan worked.” “Shh. We don’t want them to find us.” “Right.” “Let’s spread out to look for the orange flag,” suggests Sai. The other two nod in agreement. “I’ll check in the woods,” says Artemis disappearing. “I’ll check around the buildings,” says Sai. Chichuri smiles and turns into Ryouga. He starts walking around to look for the flag.

 Yellow Side: Trowa and Ryoko sneak around. Sage and Wufei creep around a building. “Well what do we have here?” asks Noin. “Women are weak.” “Is that so Wufei?” Sage charges at Noin, only to be hurled to the ground by four giant paws. “Get off of me White Blaze!” yells Sage. “All right boy. Help me take these two to meet their team mates.”      

Orange Side: Chichuri disguised as Ryouga wonders around the Orange side. “Hey Ryouga glad you made it back,” says Gohan as Chichuri passes by. Gohan walks over to Taski. “Man our team was fast.” “Why do you say that?” questions Taski. “Cause Ryouga is back.” “What do you mean? No way. They can be back yet.” “Are you sure?” asks Gohan now very confused. Taski realizes, “Where did you see him?” “Over that way.” “Well don’t just stand there go grab him!” “He is on our side.” “No you dope. That’s not Ryouga that’s Chichuri in disguise!” “Oh!” Gohan hurries off in search of Chichuri.

Yellow Side: As Noin brings the two orange team members in, she alerts her team members. “Be on the look out for others.” Ryoko and Trowa climb on the roof tops to get a better view. “The jail is over there,” points Trowa. “Yeah and so are four of our team mates.” “And what do you two think you are doing?” asks Vegeta raising a brow. “O’ look another peeping tom,” says Ryoko. “Who? Me. What the…” “Oh come now. Don’t tell me that you…” “No I do not woman. And get away from me,” says Vagetta back ing away. “Ok if you insists.” Ryoko runs. “Hey. Get back here.” Ryoko stops, “I really wish you would make up your mind. Bye now.” Ryoko and Trowa run off. “After them,” Vegeta yells. Amboshi and Ferrio follow quickly behind the orange team runaways. Amboshi and Ferrio both jump to grab Ryoko. Ryoko fades as they think they have grabbed her. Amboshi recovers and leaps to tag Trowa. Trowa flips and leaps down across the line to his own turf. “Dang it,” shouts Ferrio.

Orange Side: “Hey Gohan good catch. Well actually I had some help.” “Yeah well I found my friend Sai here sneaking a bit too close.” “Kento aren’t you a guard?” “Yeah why?” “Well shouldn’t you be guarding.” “Huh yeah! Here take him too. Bye.”

 Yellow Side: “Did you find anything?” asks Heero to his orange team members. “It has to be out in the open.” “Roger that. Team two let’s move out.”

Orange Side: Artemis meanwhile sits low and surveys the orange team’s strategy. “Obviously the flag is here in the forest. But where?” Artemis slips among the leaves as he creeps above the orange team. “Well I think it must be on the obstacle course, the climbing apparatus, or…” Artemis stops as he sees more guards in the area. He sits and observes. 

Yellow Side: “Well where is our team members?” asks Gene out of breath. “Hey red head!” Gene looks towards the orange side. “If you want your teammates you need to pay the bail!” “You’re on Duo,” Noin shouts back and winks at Gene. “Let’s send out the second squad,” suggests Lantis. “Why not send two squads so we get more done?” They turn and see Eagle. “So one goes after the flag and the other the prisoners,” says Lantis. “Right my group will look for the flag and the others the prisoners.” “Shouldn’t we wait on word from Artemis?” asks Rio. “Well I will lead a fake attack then,” suggests Lantis. Others nod. “Keep them on their toes,” says Noin. Lantis yells, “Charge,” and some follow taking some of the orange members off guard. Yet some were lost on their own side. “Yeah we got three more!” says Gene. “Welcome Geo, Yaten, and Kayura to your new dwelling,” says Washuu. “But we lost six of our own,” says Eagle.

Orange Side: “Come an meet some old friends,” says Setsuna to her new captives. “Well we got them back this time,” says Cale. “So who do we have here… Krillin, Quatre, Allen, Miki, Taiki, and Anubis.” “Well our teams are about even now,” says Cale leaving. Artemis slips back to the Yellow side.

Yellow Side: “Trunks, Darien, Rio. Follow me,” says the white male cat. “I found where they have the flag.” Others wait with anticipation. “It is deep in the forest on a very large tree. The only problem is there isn’t much cover in that area due to the smaller trees. “Guess we will just have to be quick,” says Rio. “Or quiet,” says Amboshi walking towards their group. “Eagle and Noin said you would need my help more.” The others nod in agreement. “Any ideas?” asks Artemis.

Orange Side: “We know where the jail is. We could just rush them and be done with it,” says Heero watching the Yellow side. “True. This is a game not a battle zone,” says Trowa. “Where are they going?” asks Heero spying Akio and Touga. “Looks like they have a plan.” “They won’t make it.” Trowa nods in agreement. Soon enough the two were found and jailed. Ryoko gathers a new team to search for the flag.

Yellow Side: Ryoko’s team creeps their way along the sides of the houses and to the rooftops once more. “Where did you guys think it would be?” asks Seyia. “Trowa and I figured it should be out in the open,” says Ryoko. Something pats her on the shoulder. Van points. They look in the direction. “And how do we get to the flag pole in the middle and out in the open?” asks Li. “Leave that to…” “You again!” says Veggeta. “Oh look it’s the …” “Shut up woman,” demands Vegeta. Soon the four where surrounded. “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” asks Gene. “We aren’t going down with out a fight,” says Li. The orange teammates nod. “Suit your self,” says Gene.” Before the yellow team knew it the orange team had split. “Find them!” shouts Vegeta. Vash and Nick run after Van, Vegeta goes after Ryoko, and Gene goes after Li. “Get back here kid,” he yells after Li. Seyia sneaks back over to the orange zone.

Orange Side: “Now,” Seyia tells the next group. Sayia whispers to Rowen. “Look on the flag pole.” Rowen quickly catches up to his teammates.

“Shh follow me,” says Artemis with Trunks, Darien, Rio, and Amboshi following. They sneak over the heads of the orange team towards the flag’s location. “Looks like all their strong team members are guarding the flag,” notices Trunks. “How many are there?” asks Darien. “Five,” says Artemis. “What should we do?” asks Rio. “Shh…”

“Did you hear something Tomahome?” Asks Kento seeing Tomahome looking around. “Not sure.” “I feel a presence,” says Kento.

“Oh no. Kento can feel I am here,” says Rio. “Guess that means I’ll create the diversion,” says Rio disappearing. Rio jumps out in front of Tomahome and Kento. “Hey guys.” “Wait he’s on the Yellow team,” says Kento. “Bye,” says Rio running with Tomahome and Kento behind him.

“Hey Kento what’s up?” “Taski beware Yellows are around.” “What did he say?” “You hear him Duo. He said Yellows are near.” “Well then let’s throw them a welcoming party.” “What!” “To bring them out of hiding.” Explains Duo backed up to a tree by Taski.

“I’ll take care of Taski,” says Amboshi. “Be right back.”

Flute music is heard. “That melody,” says Taski, “sounds familular.” Taski starts to wonder in the direction of the music. “Taski! Where are you going?” yells Duo. “What’s the matter Duo?” “Huh. Oh hi Lita. Nothing, just that the Yellows are closing in.” “You say that’s a nothing!”

Team yellow talks behind the yelling match. “Hey Trunks do that quick movement you guys can do and act like you are stealing the flag. Then those two will chase you and I can get the real one and give it to Amboshi when he gets back,” says Artemis. “Got it.”

“Excuse me but is this the flag?” asks Trunks. Duo and Lita break out of their yelling match to scream, “YES,” and  start up again. “Ok thanks,” says Trunks walk away with the flag. “Hold it.” Lita stands watching Trunks. “Oh, I bet you want this,” Trunks points to the flag. “Well come and get it he says running off. “Comeback here!” Says Lita on his tail. “Come on Duo.” “Coming.” Duo stops and sees Artemis on the top of the tree with… “The Orange flag!” “What… was… that?” asks Taski huffing. “Why are you back here?” “I followed Amboshi back…” “The flag!” Duo points. Amboshi takes the orange flag from Artemis who jumps on to Amboshi’s shoulder. “Let’s go,” says Amboshi.

Yellow Side: “So which way should we come from?” asks Gohan. “First we need to see our opponents,” says Heero. “I’ll go,” says Kouji slipping away. “I feel the presence of heavy magic,” says Orphen. Kouji returns. “There are five guards. The yellow flag is on the flag pole.” “Why put it in such an obvious place?” asks Gohan. “Because we have to be in the open and more vulnerable to take it,” states Rowen. Heero nods. “Besides we have the stronger team.” “So what’s the plan?” asks Orphen. “I say rushing at them would be our best bet in an open attack.” “I agree with Heero,” says Rowen. “I say down and close to the buildings are our best bet. They have guards on the roofs,” says Kouji. “Some of us sneak around the far side of this building the others on this side and then storm them from two different directions,” says Heero. “Sounds good to me,” says Gohan. Rowen, Gohan, and Kouji sneak to the far side of the building. Orphen sends up a blast of light. “Go!” shouts Rowen. Orphen and Heero come in contact with Zagato and Clef. “Mages,” says Orphen. “I see the kid has powers too,” says Zagato to Clef. “I am a full mage too,” says Orphen. “I don’t see that helping you to get the flag,” says Clef. Rowen doges Ashurm while Gohan tries to deal with Mina. Kouji tries to go for the flag in between tries Kerobearu tries to get him. “Hurry up!” “You know this is kind of difficult,” yells Kouji back to Heero. “Need help?” says a purple blur running up the flagpole. “Who?” “Kouji keep Kero occupied,” the voice says. “Hurry Luna we can’t dodge this stuff all day,” says Orphen. “Speak for yourself,” says Gohan. “Chill out you two,” says Rowen. “Got it!” comes out of Luna’s mouth muffled by the yellow flag in her mouth. “Time to go,” says Orphen. The rest take off. Luna jumps down onto Rowen’s shoulder. “After them!” shouts Kerobeau flying right behind them.

Orange Side: “Did you see where they went?” Duo. “No Taski did you?” “Damn! Go warn those in that direction and I’ll go this way.” “Right,” Duo runs off alerting his team members the orange flag has been taken.

Yellow Side: “We are trapped,” says Luna seeing the front line of yellow defenders. “Luna give me the flag,” demands Heero. Rowen and Luna slide into the safety zone. Heero backs up and sneaks around the back. “Hello Heero,” says a voice in the shadows. “Noin.” He feels a hand on his shoulder and Heero drops the Yellow flag. “The prison is over this way.”

Orange Side: Amboshi and Artemis creep through the high trees overhead. “Let’s take cover in the high vegetation over there and wait for an opening,” says Artemis. “Sounds good,” Amboshi agrees.

“Heero lost it,” says Orphen to Kouji as the cross back over to the orange side. Kouji looks around and sees their team running around. He spies Taski. “What’s up?” “The yellow team has our flag and is around here somewhere.”

“Now why those three are distracted,” says Artemis jumping on to Amboshi’s shoulders with the flag. They take off.

“Grab them,” someone yells. Trowa runs up and trips Amboshi. Artemis goes flying. Everyone stands still watching.

Yellow Side: Artemis lands on the ground. Getting up he spits out the orange flag and looks down, “I am on the yellow side with the orange flag.” He quickly realizes what he said. “We won!!!” His team mates all chant “Yellow, yellow, yellow…” 


While the Yellow team rejoiced the orange team heads back to their bunks for showers and new clothes before dinner. The yellow team was full of gloat and talking as they headed back to their cabins.

At dinner it was very loud from the excitement of the game. The excitement lasted through dinner and into the night. Soon all fell asleep from the exhaustion of the game.