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Part 3


      A wake up call brings all campers out of their cabins and in front of the Lodge. Many still tired slump down on the picnic tables. “Good morning campers.” The guys sit up, sort of. “Before we eat I am going to introduce you to your councilors, some of them you might have met. And then you guys are going to come up by cabin and tell the rest of us your names. Again my name is Une and I am in charge in overseeing this in the camp.” Clapping. “Good morning gentlemen my name is Treize Khushrenada. I am the one who runs this camp. You will not see much of me but I am around for any important situations. Thank You. And welcome to The Legendary Outlands.” Clapping. “My name is Sally Poe and I am the nurse. I am always at the nurse’s cabin right over there if you ever need healing, had an accident, need rest, or what ever the case, please come see me.” “My name is Sasami. I am the nurse’s aid. If you need to see Sally you can ask me or I may be able to help you.” Clapping. “My name is Setsuna. I am in charge of security. I make sure the camp is safe and that you guys behave.” Whispers. “My name is Zechs Merquise. I am in charge of the training facilities. Any questions, comments, concerns are to go through me. I am also going to help plan your training schedules and battles. I house your fighting tools and weapons for safety reasons.” Claps. “My name is Noin. I am the riding instructor, as in horses. This activity is for fun and is actually a good training technique to master. Both English and Western pleasures are available and if you want we can may be have shows.” Clapping. “My name is Little Washuu. I am the one behind the cameras and technical equipment. I also fix any machines or electronics.” Clapping. “Good morning. My name is Lady Kayura. I am in charge of the outdoor events. These contain hikes, camping, wall climbing, courses, team events, and much more.” Clapping. “My name is Lita. And as you all know I am the cook. I will take into consideration some of the food requests you have given me. Also if you would like to help me in the kitchen feel free.” Clapping. “Hello my name is Mina. I am the lifeguard. I am in charge of both the pool and the lake. Be sure to get your swimming test done before swimming on your own.” Clapping. “Hello guys. My name is Lina. I am in charge of the entertainment during your free time. Any suggestions you have please write down and give them to me. I have supplied many games, various activities, a small carnival, and much more.” Clapping. “ My name is Ryoko. I am the party planner. Yeah. We will have parties on the weekends so feed back is good. I’ll provide decorations, themes, games, food, music, whatever. Lina and I sort of plan these together so either one of us you can talk to. Later.” Eight animals walk up to the microphone. “Good morning. My name is Luna. All of us up here are helpers for the councilors around camp. We will fill in or help out sometimes.” “That’s right. My name is Artemis. The other two cats are Ura and Tama. The white tiger is White Blaze. The lion is Keero. And the cat and rabbit like animals are called cabbits. The brown one is the female and is called Ryooki. The white one that is male is called Kenooki.” Claps. Une steps back up to the mike. “Now it’s your turn. Cabin 1.”

         Five guys step up to the microphone. “Hello my name is Duo Maxwell.” “They call me Kento.” “I’m Goku.” “My name is Taski.” “And mine’s Kouji.”

          “Thank you cabin1. Cabin 2.”

          “Hum, I’m Krillin.” “I’m Chichuri.” “The name’s Gene Starwind.” “My name is Nicholas D. Wolfwood.” “Mine’s Vash.”

           “Thank you cabin 2. Cabin 3.”

          “My name is Quatre Raberbra Winner.” “I am Sai.” “I’m Amboshi.” “Mine’s Zel.” “Mine is Ascot.”

          “Thank you cabin 3. Cabin 4.”         

          “The name is Li.” “I am Gohan.” “I’m Tomahome.” “oh, I’m Tenchi.” “I am, hum, Ryouga.”

         “Thank you cabin 4. Cabin 5.”

           “My name is Rio.” “Mine is Trunks.” “My name is Eagle.” “I am Ferrio.” “I’m Allen.”                

          “Thank you cabin 5. Cabin 6.”

          “I am Hotohori.” “I’m Lantis.” “I am Darien.” “I’m Taiki.” “I am Miki.”        

          “Thank you cabin 6. Cabin 7.”

          “My name is Orphen.” “Mine is Geo.” “I am Seiya.” “I’m Van.” “I am Lafarga.”             

         “Thank you cabin 7. Cabin 8.”

         “The name’s Heero.” “Call me Trowa.” “I am Rowen.” “I’m Yaten.” “The name’s Cale.”

         “Thank you cabin 8. Cabin 9.”

         “ I am Veggeta.” “I am Ashrum.” “I am called Zagato.” “I’m Anubis.” “I am Clef.”                       

         “Thank you cabin 9. Cabin 10.”

         “I am Akio.” “I am Touga.” “The name’s Wufei.” “I am Sage.” “I’m Xellos.”

         “Thank you cabin 10. Now please proceed into the Mess Hall.

    “All right,” the campers yell.   


         After breakfast Une makes announcements. “After you all are done please carry your dishes over and clean off your table.” Guys hurry and clean up then sit back down.

      “Ok now this is important. You each know the reason why you were brought here, to train. Well in a little while you will show the rest of us your talents, secrets, whatever you posses. I want you to get together with those in your same show or group for a short demonstration. And councilors will join you so you will see theirs as well. No one will take what they know beyond this camp so you are all safe. If you need special arrangements please come and ask. I will give you a half hour to plan your presentations. We will demonstrate them at the largest outdoor arena at the training facility. You may go.”

       “So Heero what’s the move?” “Duo calm down.” “Oh come on Wufei. I get to show everyone who I am.” “You’re the God of Death, yes we know.” “Yeah sure you guys do, Trowa, but they don’t.” “I wonder how we all are different?” “What was that Quatre?” “What Heero? Oh I was just thinking out loud.”

        “Hey Rio are we going to show them the white armor?” “I don’t know Kento.” “Why not? Une said not to keep secrets hidden.” “Sage’s right the Inferno armor is definitely a secret,” says Rowen. “I mean it’s not like we are battling or anything,” says Sai. “Yeah guys you are right. Let’s show them the power of the Inferno.”  


       At noon all the guys gathered to demonstrate their special skills. All of them sit together in their groups waiting their presentations. 

      A lone young man walks up to the microphone. “Hello…” Screech. The young man takes a step back. “My name is Ryouga I am from Ranama ½. I study the martial arts.” Rouga demonstrates some of his moves. “Thank you.” He says bowing and leaving. The rest clap as he leaves.   

      A trio walks on to the stage. “My name is Lina Inverse sorcery genius, I do all sort of spells and fight off evil.” Lina demonstrates her power. Her spell doesn’t work too well. The audience choughs their hidden laughs. “My name is Zel. We are from Slayers. I am a chrimea. I have some attacks too.” “I am Xellos. I am a wizard. I know a great deal about magic.” Xellos shows his powers to grater extent than Lina. Lina stands off to the side fuming. As they head off stage Lina yells at Xellos for showing off.

      A young man and a little flying lion come on to the stage. “I am Li Shoaron from Card Captors. I am a descendant of master Clow Reed. I control the elements and have martial art skills to help capture The Clow Cards.” Lee pulls out his board and shows his control of the elemental powers. “Oh yeah. And this little stuffed animal is Kero.” “What!” Kero grows into his full size stepping on Lee. “What was that kid? Thought so.” Says Kerobeau as Lee shuffles out from under him. The audience hushes their laughter. “I am Kerobeau guardian of The Clow Cards. Clow Reed was my master. My new master is the new card captor Sakura Avalon. I am helping her train and learn more about the Clow Cards.” The audience applauses, a little more awake now. Before leaving Kero turns back into his smaller form.

      Next stands a man in black. “I am Lord Ashrum from Record of Lodoss War. I am a knight fighting for the power to rule. I have fought dragons, magic, sorcerers, witches, and the evil surrounding the island of Lodoss. I helped to defeat the evil witch Carla and bring Lodoss back.” The audience is touched by is story.

       Three young men walk onto the stage. “We are from Utena Revolutionary Girl. I am Akio, this is Touga, and he is Miki.” “Touga and Miki are on the student council at our school and I am the chairman. If you are an official member of the student council you have a rose signet ring,” says Touga showing his. “The ring allows you to challenge other members for the prize of the rose bride,” says Miki. Akio takes a seat in his car. “Touga I challenge you to a duel,” says Miki. “I accept,” says Touga. The “Eternal Apocalypse” song starts playing. “The one to knock the rose off the other’s chest is the winner,” says Akio now sprawled out on his car with the microphone. The crowd watches intently as Miki and Touga duel. And then, swoosh… blue flower petals swirl in the air. “Touga is the winner,” says Akio as bells announce his victory. The audience applauses wildly as they bow.

       A large group makes their way onto the stage. The young man speaks. “Hello my name is Tenchi Musaki. We are all from Tenchi Muyo. I am the prince of a planet called Juri. I have powers that can bring forth a sword to fight my enemies.” Tenchi stands and focuses. The crowed is silent. Soon his sword appears. The audience applauds. “And my name is Sasami. I am the second princess of Juri. My sister Aiaka is the first. I communicate with the trees because of the spirit of Tsunami is inside me.” “Meow.” “Oh, these two creatures here are cabbits. They act like cats and look like rabbits. And boy do they love carrots.” “But that’s not half of their function,” says a young lady throwing Ryiooki into the air. “Ryiooki transform.” “Reeow.” On command the cabbit turns into a large ship. “My name is Ryoko says the young lady. I am a space pirate and this is my ship Ryiooki. The white cabbit is Kenooki. He too can transform into a ship.” “And my name is Little Washuu.” Says Washuu butting in. “I am the smartest scientist in the whole universe.” Washuu sits down in a weird chair and brings up her computer showing all these different screens. She goes through explaining some stuff. The audience looks dumfounded. “And that is the basics of my research.” The rest of her group is already sitting down. “Oh, and remember that for the quiz later in the week.” “What!” is the reaction from the audience.

           A young man with a long coat and red hair steps up to the microphone. “The name is Gene Starwind. I am an outlaw. What is an outlaw? Well it took me a while to find that out myself. Pretty much it is a way of survival in outer space. In outer space I came upon a ship. Which I called The Outlaw Star, hence the name of my show.” A large red ship lands by the stage. “With in this ship came an android named Melphina and the ship’s computer, Gillion. I also had a crew and a partner who helped me out. But the cool thing is my caster gun.” Gene pulls out the gun. “Yeah this is a classic. Shells for this baby are hard to find. But this is not the only weapon I use. I have lots!” Gene pulls his various weapons he has used out from his coat till there is a fairly large pile on stage. “Well that’s about it I think. Oh, if you ever need any type of problem fixed just call the office of Starwind and Hawking. Later.” The audience claps.    

           Two large machines come walking up to the stage. Two young men sit in their cockpits talking. “My name is Allen. I am a wondering knight.” “And I am Van. I am a prince. I am also the operator of the Escaflowne, which is this machine here.” “These suits called Guymelefs, are called upon to defend cities from those who want to destroy them. Our series is called Escaflowne.” The audience whispers stuff about the suits.

            Another large group appears upon the stage in a puff of smoke. “I am master mage Celf. I protect the Tower, our ruler, from harm.” “I am Lantis. My brother Zagato and I have trained under master Clef. We too are mages. I am also a knight defending the innocent.” “I am Zagato. I fell in love with the princess who was our past Tower, and disliked seeing her suffer. For as the Tower she was the one who created our world. She was torn between her people and her love for me. Thanks to the Magic Knights the kingdom has been saved and the princess freed.” “I am prince Ferrio. My sister was the last pillar Zagato was speaking of. I am also a wondering knight. But I work for food.” Feerio’s tummy growls. The audience chuckles. “I am Lafarga captain of the guard. I protect the Tower and the castle.” A large ship appears behind the group an image is projected from the ship onto a wide white screen. “I am Eagle the ruler of my home planet Autozam. (shows picture of planet) We have agreed to have peace between each other. So we can learn from each other. I have a battle suit called the FTO.” A suit flies out of the ship and lands on the stage. The screen blips back on. “And I am Geo, captain of master Eagle’s ship NSX. I have lot’s of mechanic skills and piloting too.” Screen blips out. A shy young man comes forward. “I am Ascot. My friends are the monsters that once roamed our world. Our show is called Magic Knight Rayearth after our knights who saved our world with the help of their special machines.” The audience claps.

          Two young guys almost trip their way up to the stage. “Hello, my name is …” “This is Vash. And I am Nick Wolfwood. Our show is called Trigun.” Says the second young man pushing his friend out of the way. “Yeah it’s really a wild and fun show.” “Though Vash doesn’t like violence all that much.” “Oh look who’s talking priest.” Woolfood pushes Vash down the stage steps. The audience looks at each other and claps.

         During the confusion the next group flies up, landing on the stage. “Hi, my name is Goku and we are the Z fighters. Our show is called, huh?” Krillin whispers to Goku. “Oh yeah, Dragon Ball Z. Here is the rest of the team.” “I am Goku’s son, Gohan. I took over my dad’s place in protecting the Earth after he left.” “I am Krillin Goku’s best bud,” says a short bald man. “I am Veggeta the prince of all Saiyans.” “And I am Trunks, Vegetta’s son and Gohan’s pupil. We will now demonstrate our powers.” All the Z warriors power up. The crowd is silenced as they watch. “Now that we are powered up we will show you some of our moves.” “Hey Kakarott stop talking so we can battle.” They team off with Goku versus Vegetta and Trunks and Krillin versus Gohan. The small scrimmage lasts three minuets. The audience watches the whole time with large eyes. The crowd wildly claps after wards.

            After the stage is cleared a group of quite diverse guys stand on stage. “My name is Tomahome. I am the leader and one of the Suzaku seven. We all come from a book. As the book was read the reader and her friend became a part of our story. To get home they had to become the princesses and gather up their seven people that hold the power to call upon their god to grant them wishes.” “My name is Amboshi. I was a part of the Seiryu seven. Our side was the evil side. Some how I turned good in forgetting about my past, that is until my evil twin came to me.” “And I am Chichuri another one of the Suzaku seven. Each one of us wears a mark and posses special powers. I have my magic.” Chichuri pulls out a cat from his hat. “This is Tama. And these are our symbols.” All the guys show their marks, except Kouji. “My name is Taski I am a thief. I am the head thief now because of my fan. I have various other tricks too.” “And I am Kouji, Taski’s best friend and partner in the thieving business.” Taski and Kouji hook arms and do a little dance. “I am Hotohori the Emperor of Konan. I too am one of the Suzaku seven. I swore to protect our princess with my life.” “We have been through a lot together. We have shared our personal struggles and losses. We hope you all will become good friends as we have.” Shares Tomahome in closing. The audience stands and claps as they leave the stage.

         “Well that will be a hard act to follow.” “You’re right Artemis. But we can do it.” “Right Luna, let’s start.” Color lights flash. “Here is some of the cast from Sailor Moon.” “You guys should remember me. I am a wonderful cook and my name is Lita. But my hidden identity is… Sailor Jupitor.” Says Lita pulling out her wand. “I am Mina and can be more than a lifeguard. For my secret identity is… Sailor Venus.” Says Mina pulling her wand out as well. “And I am Luna a moon guardian. These girls are a part of the inner scouts along with Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars. Together they are The Sailor Scouts. Show them your stuff girls.” “Right Luna… Jupiter Star Power… Venus Star Power…” They transform. Audience shocked. “My name is Artemis. I too am a moon guardian. Besides the inner scouts there are the outer scouts which protect the outer planets. These consist of Sailor Mini Moon, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and…” “I am Setsuna. Besides having a job as security manager, I have a secret identity know as… Sailor Pluto. Setsuna pulls out her wand. Pluto Star Power…” Pluto transforms. “My name is Darien, says a young man walking towards the front. I am prince of the Earth.” His prince out fit appears. “I along with the Moon Princess, also know as Sailor Moon,  help to protect the Earth and moon from evil. That’s why I disguise my self as….” Darien transforms. “Tuxedo Mask.”  Three young men walk forward. “We are known as The Three Light music group on Earth. But on our home planet we are the Sailor Starlights. We protect our princess Fireball. My name is Seyia. I am the leader. I am know as… Sailor Star Fighter.” He transforms. “My name is Yaten. I am know as… Sailor Star Healer.” He transforms. “My name is Taiki. I am known as… Sailor Star Healer. He transforms. All three once transformed say, “Starlights stage on.” And there on stage stands three girls. The audience stares in disbelief. The lights go black then turn on again.  “Now the Three Lights have a song for you.” “Thank you Luna,” says Yaten. “You’re welcome,” says Luna with big starry eyes. The song calms down the audience.

       “My name is Orphen from Orphen Sorcerous Stabber. I am master magician, a teacher, and a master swords man. Watch as I take theses barrels behind me and lift them over to left side of the stage.” Orphen stands with his hands up. His magic surrounds the barrels picking them all up at once and setting them down in a heap on the left side of the stage. “            Next.” Orphen brings out drink in a glass container. He drops it. Then he put his hands over it and it comes back together. “Give me the power, to the sky.” Orphen stands in mid air. “Give me the power, light white array.” A white fuse of magic shoots up into the air.  Audience cheers. 

        “All right our turn.” “Calm down Kento,” says Sage. “My name is Rio. I am the leader and together we are called … they change into their under armor, The Ronin Warriors. I am Rio of the Wildfire, Toa Jin…” “I am Sage of the Halo, Toa Chi… ” “I am Kento of Hardrock, Toa Gi…” I am Sai of the Torrent, Toa Shin…” “And I am Rowen of the Srata, Toa Inochi…” The Ronins stand in their full armor. “This here is White Blaze,” says Rio scratching the ears of a white tiger. “As the Ronin Warriors we crushed the evil Dynasty using our powers. Such as… “Arrow Shock Wave,” “Iron Rock Crusher,” “Lightning Bolt Cut,” “Super Wave Smasher,” “ and Flare Up Now!” Each demonstrates their power. “But our individual powers weren’t enough. We found that giving our powers to Rio brought forth a greater power,” says Sage. “Let’s do it. Armor of the Inferno…” All they guys give their energy to Rio. “With Rio’s new found power we defeated the evil plaguing the world,” says Sai. “Along with Rio’s new armor White Blaze transformed onto Black Blaze. A black tiger who carries Rio’s new swords,” explains Rowen. Black Blaze jumps to give Rio his swords. “Power of the inferno!” The audience stands to cheer the Ronins on. “But the Ronins were not the only ones with power. Anubis and I both have armor.” The lights flash and when they come back on Anubis and Cale are wearing armor too. “The ancient one came to me and showed me the Ronins were free of control and so I shared this with the other Warlords; Dais, Seckment, and Cale. Soon we all fought with the Ronins against Talpa. For we discovered our armor was one in the same.” “Yes Anubis was freed by the Ancient as I was. I am Lady Kayura, the last of the Ancient clan. Together we all saved the human race.” The audience claps again. 

            The ground starts shaking. The campers all hang onto the tables or lay on the ground. A young man runs across the stage “It’s a Gundam!” Three people walk on the stage unaffected about what is going on. As the ground shakes less the campers resituate them selves. “As you know my name is Une. I have been known as Cornel Un and Lady Un as well. I have worked under master Treize.” “I am Sally Poe I have worked to keep peace and to destroy those who cause problems.” “My name is Lucrezia Noin. I go by Noin. I have served in a number of various groups and have chose to help the Sank kingdom along with the Gundam pilots. Us three have piloted these machines called mobile suits but have not come close to mastering them.” One of the suits opens. “I am Millardo Peacecraft. I am from the Sank kingdom. But I am not a ruler. My sister Relena is more fit. I belong on the battlefield with my suit the Epyon. On the battle field I have the identity of Zechs Merquise.” The Epyon’s eyes flash green. Another suit opens. “I am Treize Khushrenada. I was the leader of many groups until I saw the beauty in the Earth. So I took it upon my self to protect Earth from outer space. I remodeled the Gundam prototype and created this suit the Tallgeese 3.” The last five suits all open at once. Their pilots drop down onto the stage. “We are The Gundam Pilots. My name is Heero Yui. My Gundam is Wing Zero.” The eyes glow on his suit. “Duo Maxwell is my name and I am also called The God Of Death. My Gundam is Deathscythe.” Deathscythe’s eyes glow. “My name is Quatre Raberba Winner. My Gundam is Sandrock.” Sandrocks’s eyes glow. “I am called Trowa Barton. My Gundam is Heavyarms.” Heavyarms’s eyes glow. “My name is Chang Wufei. My Gundam is Shenlong.” Shenlong’s eyes glow. The five pilots and Zechs return to their cockpits. They pair off to show their abilities and the uses of their Gundams. The audience sits awed by the power of the machines. Then wildly claps.


      The campers sit around talking, about mainly them selves, and asking each other questions. After a 20 min talking period Une gets on the microphone. “All right campers please listen up. Cabins are now breaking up into activities. Cabins 1 and 5 are in the pool. Cabin 7 head over to the archery area. Cabins 2 and 10 please head to the training arena. Cabins 8 and 6 are at the climbing wall. Cabin 9 is starting their basic training today. And cabins 3 and 4 are at horseman ship. You will be at these stations till lunchtime. After lunch we will have a rest hour then an all camp involved activity.”

     The guys slowly move to their stations. “Hey guys did she say pool?” Taski asks stopping. “Yeah dude come on,” says Kento putting his arm around his shoulders walks towards the cabin to change. “Hey Kento guess I’ll see you there.” “Yeah see ya Rio.”


 “All right let’s have some fun.” “Stop right there Goku.” “Huh?” “Remember me the life guard? and the swimming test?” “Oh yeah, guess I forgot,” says Goku with a smile. “All right please take a seat on the benches against the wall. First we will go over rules in my pool then you will each take a swim test. This test will determine which area you can swim in. For those who would like help to become better swimmers I can do so during training time or free time. Ok, so let’s get started.”  Mina goes over all the rules and everyone takes their swim test. “Hey Taski watch this,” says Kouji going down the water slide. “Wow,” says Taski bummed out standing in the shallow end. “Here I go…” says Goku off the board. “I can do better,” challenges Duo. “Hey Kouji I want a turn on the slide,” yells Kento. Allen and Eagle take to swimming laps. “Hey Taski want to play a game of water basket ball?” “Sure hum..?” Tries to remember name.  “It’s Rio. You and I against Trunks and Feerio?” “Sounds good to me,” says Taski feeling better. Cabins 3 and 4 pass by the pool on their way to the barn. “Hey Taski remember that’s water your in,” yells Tomahome. Taski starts to sink. “Hey don’t do that,” says Trunks. “Sorry I just freak out around water,” says Taski getting out of the pool using the latter. He lays on a recliner to dry off. “Taski don’t you want to play?” asks Ferrio. “Let’s leave him for a while,” suggests Rio.

      Taski hears footsteps approaching. “Sorry Kouji I tried, really but I lost it.” “It’s not your fault. Tomahome was just teasing you, you know that right?” “Yeah but…” “At least come and sit on the side.” “Ok. Give me a minuet.” “Sure.” Kouji jumps in. “Hey watch it!” “Sorry Kento.”

     “Hey Rio how about another game of basket ball?” “Sure Taski.” “In the shallow end?” “Sounds good.”


 “So we are doing archery?” “Don’t worry Van it’s easy. All you do is put the thing on the dot on the other end.” “Well Orphen sound like you’re a pro,” mocks Seiya. “Well here we are,” announces Geo. “All right let’s get started,” says Orphen. “Wait for instructions.” “Thank you Lafarga.” “Hey it’s the talking cat,” says Geo. “That’s Luna the talking cat” “Sorry.” “Ok well then let’s get started. First I will explain the basic concepts of archery then explain how it is done. Then you guys will give it a try.” Luna goes through the safety and the basic stance for using a bow and how to cock the arrow. “All right everyone stand by a basket of arrows. Now straddle the rope line, cock your arrow, and release.” Only three arrows make their way on to targets. “Looking good,” Luna encourages. After five shots all five campers had their arrows on the target some place. By fifteen arrows most had gotten close to the center of the bull’s-eye. “Enough practice let’s do some challenging archery. Behind you stands another rope line. This one is for the hidden target course. First I will start you out on visible targets in different locations, distances, and sizes.” Guys turn to startle the second line. “Now hit the targets if you can.” The first target pops up. “A star?” They shrug and start shooting at the different targets as they show up. “This is too easy,” says Orphen yawning. “Oh it is huh. Well then you guys take a break. I’ll be right back.” “I wonder what that cat…er Luna is up to?” ponders Geo. “Oh by the way nice shot back there Lafarga.” “Thanks Geo. But Van and Seiya has some nice ones too.” “The star was easy,” says Seiya modestly. “Everyone knows you kill a dragon by taking out it’s heart,” says Van. The others stare at him.

Luna returns. “Ok well I have added on a challenge to the archery game. There will be figures popping out of all different places and it is up to you to shoot them before they disappear.” “Sounds easy enough,” says Van. “But there are also figures of your fellow campers. You can only mistaken them seven times before you are out of the game. And if you hit a councilor you start the game over. As you hit targets you will be given points based on where you shoot them, which means points will also be deducted if you hit wrong targets.” “Can we have a practice round first?” “Nope. Straddle the line Orphen.” Says Luna as the game starts.   


    Cabins 2 and 10 arrive at the training facility. Zechs shows them around. “Wow these training rooms are awfully large.” “I agree,” says Sage. “Don’t you guys remember the demonstrations?” Says Wufei standing against the wall. “Some of us like to use heavy machinery,” says Gene. “Well now that I have my training schedule I am going down to use the equipment.” “Wolfwood wait up,” Vash calls after him. The rest wait on their turn for planning a schedule.


 Cabins 6 and 8 walk in silence to the climbing wall. “Hello campers I, Lady Kayura will be helping and instructing you along with Artemis here. If you would take a set on the benches around our climbing courses I will explain the rules and what you will be doing.” Guys take a seat. Lady Kayura goes through the rules of the rock wall and obstacle climbing. Artemis takes over the demonstration lecture. “Kayura will be the one holding the ropes or the belayer. I am the one with the harness or the climber. Kayura will take up the slack in the rope as I climb so I don’t fall down.” Artemis starts climbing the guys watch Kayura belay the ropes and Artemis demonstrate the right way to climb. “Please team up into pairs as Artemis brings out your climbing equipment. We will start out on basic wall climbing then intensify it for those who want a challenge. So I advise team up with someone you think might be at your same level. Artemis will be at the top to guide those who might need it.” As Artemis looks around from the top of the climbing tower the pairs consist of: Trowa and Heero, Rowen and Darien, Hotorhori and Yaten, Miki and Taiki, and Lantis and Cale. “Ok who wants to go first?” “We will.” “Ok then Trowa and Heero who is going to climb first?” “I will.” “Ok then Heero put on the harness, pads, and helmet. And Trowa hold the ropes for him.” “Ready.” Kauyra clips Heero to the climbing rope. Heero shimmies up the wall very quickly. Artemis instructs him on how he’ll get down. He waits for Trowa to let him down. As Heero takes off his helmet and goes to hold the climing rope for Trowa, Trowa is putting on his gear. “Ready.” “Go,” says Heero. Trowa takes little time to concur the wall. “Ok next group.” Rowen and Darien approach already in gear. “I’ll climb first.” “Ok.” Rowen step up to the wall. Rowen climbs up easily. He then switches positions with Darien. Darien takes his time climbing. Lantis and Cale wait their turn. After they all had a chance to climb Artemis puts forth a challenge. “How about timed climbs?” So on the second time around they are timed. “That was too easy,” says Heero. “Alright then how about doing it blindfolded?” Artemis challenges. “Your on,” says Heero accepting the challenge. Others try too. Artemis keeps bringing forth new challenges for the climbers.


Cabins 3 and 4 head towards the horse barn. “What’s that smell?” asks Tenchi. “Haven’t you ever been around horses before?” asks Tomahome. Walking up to the barn they see a white stallion tied to the fence. “Hello gentlemen,” says Noin. “Well I am glad you have showed an interest in horses. I will first instruct you on how you are to behave in the barn and around the horses then we go to grooming and maybe riding them later. Follow me.” As they walk in the barn Noin gives a tour and the safety precautions and rules. “Ok now I need you to fill out this equine aka horse information sheets. On these are any experiences you have so I can determine what riding level you are at and which horse to pair you with. So answer truthfully on the self-character sheets too. While you do these I’ll bring in the horses.”

Noin heads to the back of the barn and through a gate closing it behind her. Horses are seen running left and right. Some vocalize while others kick. “Hey, whoa.” Noin walks over to the doors opening the first door, which leads into a large stall divided into half by a large wood board. One horse goes in one side while Noin hooks the divider another goes into the second stall. Noin heads to the next door doing the same thing until all the horses are in. “Whew.” Noin walks back into the barn. She walks into a small room. The guys hear noises from the small room as the horses whinny and move around in their stalls. Noin brings out food buckets for the horses.

“Ok boys you done?” Guys hand their papers to Noin. Ok I’m going to go over them now right over there so please don’t bother me. You can visit the horses as long as you be careful. They guys walk up to the horses look them over and pet some. “Some of these look scary,” says Tenchi. “They are just animals,” says Li. “I like them.” “Me too Ascot,” says Quatre petting one. “Well they seem friendly to me,” says Amboshi. “Ok I have you paired up with horses now,” announces Noin. She walks over to a white horse. “This is Sugar. Tenchi you will work with her.” “Me?” Tenchi gulps. Going to the next horse, which is mostly black. “This is Beauty. Quatre I have you paired up with her.” “She is so pretty.” Noin moves in front of the next stall. In it stands a beautiful sorrel colored horse. “This is Tasel. I have Ryouga paired up with her.” “Next to her is Gold. Let’s see, Sai you are paired up with Gold.” Sai stands by his beautifully colored palomino. Noin skips a couple stalls walking up to a bay colored horse. “This is Jule. And Li you have her.” Skipping the next one and heading to a buckskin colored horse. “This is Phantom. Amboshi she will be yours.” Noin stops two down from Phantom to a brown horse with white spots on its rump. “This is Rawhide. He is what we call an appaloosa. Gohan he will be with you.” Moving past the next four stalls Noin introduces the next horse, which is all brown. “This is Blaze. Zel you with work with him.” “And this is Thunder Ghost. Tomahome he will be with you.” Tomahome stands looking at a black and gray horse. “And last Ascot. This is Cricket. She too is a bay.” The guys stand looking at their horses. “Ok now come into the tack room over here and grab the container with your horse’s name on it. In this container is your grooming supplies.” As the guys get their equipment Noin goes out front and leads the white stallion into the barn tying him in the cross ties for demonstration. There are two brushes, a currycomb, a hoof pick, and a rag says Noin holding each item up. Use the rounded currycomb and with circular motions. Use it on your horse’s shoulder, neck, belly, back, and rump area. Watch as I demonstrate on Thunderhead. Next take the hard brush a brush off all the dust and hair from the neck and back. Next you will use the soft brush and use that on the legs. Then we will put fly spray on them. The rag is used to put the spray on the face. The hoof pick is used to clean the horse’s feet. I will come around to help you. For now get to know your horse. Since you will sometimes have to go out and bring them in.” Noin walks around helping the guys with their horses.

       After they are done grooming Noin shows them how to tack up their horses, putting on the riding gear. “We will start you off in western style, it is a bit easier than English.” After tacking all the horses Noin shows them how to lead their horses. “Lead them to the horse ties attached to the railing in front of the barn.” The guys lead their horses to where they had entered themselves. “Ok now let me show you how to mount.” Noin walks over and takes the reins of Thunderhead. “Ok you always mount from the horses left. Or if you sand facing the horse your right. Standing on this side pick your left leg up put it in the stirrup. Put your left hand on the horses mane near the saddle and your right hand on the back of the saddle and push off with your right foot and pull with your arms.” Noin gracefully mounts her stallion. “Don’t worry about grabbing horse’s hair it doesn’t hurt them. Once you are on I will come and help you adjust your stirrups. Then we will go on a trail ride.” Noin dismounts and goes around helping the campers.

“All right listen up. The horses need to go in a special order. Some don’t like each other, they have a status, whatever… So listen to where you go. I will lead on Thunder Head. Second will be Thunder Ghost. Next Blaze, Tasel, Gold, Phantom, Cricket, Jule and then Beauty. Last is Rawhide. All right now stay a horse between each other. The horses don’t all like to be close to each other. Follow behind each other and go where the horse in front of you goes. Ok, then we are off.” The horses perk up and start moving. Soon they are off.


Cabin 9 splits up to do their morning routine of their training schedule. Ashrum does sword work in a practice arena in the training facility. Anubis heads for a secluded part of the forest to practice in strengthening his armor’s power. Zagato and Clef work together casting spells and fighting one another. Veggeta meanwhile takes to a well secured room and does some intense training. They train all morning. 

 Bing… Bing… Bing…

“Lunch!” is said all around camp as a herd of campers stampede into the Mess Hall.

After lunch everyone heads to their rooms for some relaxation and time to them selves. “Man rest hour is too long.” “Come on Duo it’s only been fifteen minuets,” says Kouji. “Even Taski can stay quiet longer.” “Yeah when he is sleeping.” “Well then there is an idea for you.” “But…” Soon even Duo fell asleep do to the quiet boredom.