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Part 2


“Are you sure we are going the right way?” “Yes. I am following the coordinates on my detector.” “You sure that thing is working we have been flying forever.” A short ball headed man whispers to another, “I hope we get there soon so we don’t have to listen to him.” His younger companion grins and nods. “Veggeta if Trunks says we are on course then we are on course. Are you complaining cause you are tired?” asks Goku. “What! Me tired? No way. A little flying is nothing.” “So then why don’t you be quiet about it then,” counters the short bald headed man. “Quiet you,” shouts Veggeta. “It’s right up ahead,” announces Trunks. “Finally,” huffs Veggeta. “Come on guys,” Gohan says speeding a head. “Huh, what the? Wait up,” Veggeta says as the rest leaves him behind.

    “Wow this looks great,” observes Gohan. “I think the registration is right over here,” Trunks points to some tables. “O man paper work!” Goku whines. “Relax dad I’ll do yours,” says Gohan. “I can figure it out. I think.” “Hey kid, you can do mine,” says Vegetta. “I am not a kid anymore Veggeta.” “I’ll do yours father,” offers Trunks. “Fine I’ll do it my self,” Veggeta grabs a pen and sheets and walks over to a table off to the left. The rest of the guys use a table adjacent to Veggeta’s.


 “Man. Are we there yet Gillion?” “No Gene you have an hour left.” “Fine then lets put some speed on.” “Gene I don’t think…” “Hey, who’s the pilot around here?” “Yes, but…” “Then let’s go.” The ship blasts off. “Gene I would advise you to slow down.” “May I ask why?” “You will miss your destination.” “Oh. Well why didn’t you says so.” “I tried too but you where sleeping.” Gene smiles, “Oh hehe.” “We will arrive in seven minuets.” “All right.” “Gene why are you carrying your caster gun? This is camp right?” The ship docks. “Yeah, a training camp. See ya Gillion,” says Gene opening the doors and walking down the ramp. “Hum, now what?” Gene looks around. “Paper work!” He spots the other guys at the tables. He walks over to the table with one person at it. “Hi my name is Gene Starwind.” The other guy lifts his head, “I don’t care who you are.” Gene a little taken back looks over at the others. The one with black funky hair seems to be rattling his brain over the questions; “My favorite foods?” He looks at the paper. “That’s not enough room.” Gene starts question these guys in his mind. Oh man what have I gotten into? 

Vrooooom   vrooooom …

Dust is thrown up behind the tires of seven bikers. They ride in on a small road coming through the forest. As they all stop their bikes in the clearing the dust falls over them. They stand with their helmets on waiting for the dust to clear up. The guys at the tables stare. One biker takes his helmet off. He shakes out his blue hair as it falls over his eyes. “Well here we are.” Another takes his helmet off, “It sure is beautiful,” he says shaking out his blond hair. “Man that was a long ride. When’s lunch?” “That’s Kento for you only thinks with his stomach.”  “What do you think Rio?” asks the first biker. “Definitely a nice place. What do you guys think?” he asks addressing the remaining two. “Well,” one says shaking out his purple hair, “Sounds quiet, we must be one of the first ones here.” “Guys over here.” “What is it Anubis?” “What are those?” asks Kento. “They are forms,” says Sage. “Does anyone have a pen?” asks Kento. “Boy when Kento gets hungry he gets things done,” says Sai. The guys nod. “Guys over here. I saved you a seat,” Kento calls. While waiting for his comrades Kento looks over at the others getting up to go to their cabins.

     A video camera zooms in on each camper for photos. “These guys don’t look too impressive. Wonder what potentials they have,” Zechs comments to him self.


“Hey look there is light up ahead.” “Gees, we have been walking in this forest forever.” “Well come on.” “You know I hope this camp doesn’t get too violent. I mean being a training camp and all.” “You worry too much.”

   Finding their papers they take a seat at the table with Gene. “I am Gene Starwind.” “I am …” gets pushed out of the way. “I am Nicholas D. Wolfwood,” says the second. “Well nice to meet you. Guess I’ll see ya around,” says Gene getting up.


    A large ship lands. A young man walks down the ramp. He turns to his ship, “Thank you Ryo-oki. “Meow!” says the ship. Then the ship distorts and becomes a cabbit. “Reeow?” “What, oh right. Hold on let me see. It’s here some where.” The little cabbit’s eyes get big and teary. “Hear it is.” The cabbits ears perk up. “Here you go one large carrot.” “Meow!” In an instant the carrot was gone. “Well let’s register.” He walks over to a vacant table to do his forms. Ryooki plops down to wait.

    “Excuse me.” Tenchi looks up to see two guys standing by his table. “Who me?” “Yeah, what is that thing?” Wolfwood asks pointing to the cabbit. “Oh that’s Ryo-ooki.” “Yeah but what is it?” asks Wolfwood’s companion. “Oh she is a cabbit.” The two take a seat at the table. “What was that ship you came in on? Where did it go?” Tenchi points to Ryo-ooki. “Meow?” says the cabbit tilting it’s head. “What!” says the blond, “No way.” The loud voice scares Ryo-oki and she runs off. “Buy the way I am Tenchi Musaki.” The other two introduce them selves. Then all three turn their attention to the next group that has arrived. “Who are they?”

      Five guys ride up on horses. “Hey guys wait up. Whoa horse!” The horse rears and bucks. The sixth is thrown into the forest. The rest dismount and begin to fill out their papers. The sixth rider comes stomping out of the forest. “Rekka Shien!” His horse runs from the fire. The three stare. “Ha ha did u see that? Guys?” “Taski come fill out your paper work,” says the leader. “What! Oh man. Fine. Hum,” he gets some cards out of his pocket. “Ok who wrote on my cards? Miaka!” “Just sit and do it.” “Oh cause you are the emperor you are ordering me around?” “Chichuri where are you going?” asks the emperor. “I am done,” he says smiling. “Come on bro I’ll help you.” “Thanks Kouji.” “No problem,” he says smiling. They both turn chibi and do a circle dance. The leader shakes his head. Two of the three on lookers fall over laughing. Tenchi leaves with the other two following shortly after.


    Two figures appear in the clearing. “Ok now where is she?” “I don’t know.” “What! the deal was I get you here and you tell me where she is.” “I said if I knew where she was,” he says walking away. “Zel get back here.” “Sorry Xellos.” The two argue the whole time. The six riders leave somewhere in the bickering. Zel is the first done. Xellos quickly rushes to catch up to him.


 A large van pulls up. “Thanks guys for the entertainment.” “Any one who is a friend to Serena is a friend of ours.” “Seiya you coming?” asked one of his two comrades. “Be right there. Well I must be going.” Walking away he turns back, “see you around Darien.” The group of three sits down to help each other with their questions while Darien takes a seat to himself.

     The winds change. A large silver ship hovers over the ground. “Turn the engines off Geo.” “You know I am surprised all of you where able to leave your girls behind,” says master mage Clef. All those he was talking too slip something into their pockets. “Yeah no problem. What’s one summer?” asks a young prince. “Yeah we will make plenty of new friends.” “You just better play nice Ascot.” “I have changed Zagato. I know how to treat my friends.” “Well what are we waiting for?” “We are waiting for Eagle before getting out Lafarga.” “Ah right thank you for reminding me Lantis.” “All right Eagle says we may get off.” “So you are staying then Geo?” “Course he is staying. Who would look after my ship?” They pass by the group of three quietly. Darien looks up from his papers to get a brief look at the new comers. As the large group heads over to the tables the three sum gets up to leave. Darien leaves as the larger group gets settled.


     Birds fly off and the trees shake. Two large metal like suits walk out of the forest. They stop and two young men come out of the suits. Both bare swords. They walk by the larger group glancing at them out of the corners of their eyes. They take a seat.

     “Pardon me. But what are those?” asks the master mage. The young man with black hair looks up. “Those are Guymelef.” “And are you a swordsman?” asks Lafarga looking at their swords. “I am a knight,” says the man with long blond hair. “Are you two coming?” asks Geo as the group leaves. Lafarga shrugs and falls in behind the group.


     Blast. Pow.

Animals scurry to hide. “Dang where is this place. I am so bored.”

He stops and sees the trees parting. “Must be up ahead.” Walking out into the clearing he looks around. “Oh man. Paper work, I left this behind me when I left the tower,” the young sorcerer mumbles.

     “Fly card return. At least Sakura let me barrow the fly card.” Looking around, “this doesn’t look like a training camp.” He walks over and reads the paper forms. He grabs a pencil off the table. “My name? They want my name and they asked me to come here.” He looks around. “I don’t sense a Clow Card.” “Ok then my name… Li Shoaron. My abilities?” He watches as two guys with swords get up and leave. “What is this camp?”


A man dressed in black with long hair walks into camp. His sword gleams in the sunlight. He wastes no time filling out the forms and leaves.


Vroom, vrooooom, vroooooooooooom…… screeeeeeeeeeech.

A car skids to a stop. “Well Miki how was the ride?” “It was great thank you Akio.” “Be fore you go can you take pictures of us on the car?” “Sure Touga.” The photo session goes on for a while, till the camera runs out of film.

     The young sorcerer gets up reading over his answers. Li follows behind.

“Thanks for the ride Touga, Akio, see you around camp.” Miki takes a seat with full concentration on his forms. “Since when does a student council president do paper work?” Touga sneers. “Be sure to put down your best qualities,” suggested Akio.


A young man comes wondering aimlessly out of the forest. “So this must be the place. I have been looking for this place for three days.”


    The ground starts shaking. The air becomes still and hot. Five shadows fall out of the sky. A young man runs through camp, “It’s a Gundam!” he runs into the forest and disappears. Five large suits land and five young men drop out of their cockpits. “Never fear, The God of Death is hear,” announces one of the pilots. The others keep walking. “Hey, wait up guys.” Calls The God of Death running to catch up. “Where did our suits go?” asks the blond. “I destroyed them,” says one as he kept walking. “Very funny Heero,” says The God of Death. “They will show up,” says the quiet one walking on a head with Heero. “All right fine,” says The God of Death. And once again he is left behind.

     The campers prior to the pilots leave and walk on ahead. When they complete their forms the pilots too head to their bunks.


“So Heero which cabin are you in?” Heero looks at his piece of paper, “cabin 8. “Oh,” Duo says sounding bummed. As they walk up to the cabins numbered 10 back to 1 their little group trickles a part. “So Wufei which cabin are you in?” asks Heero. Noticing he had not moved to leave yet. “Cabin 10.” Heero says nothing. Duo holds back a smile. “Well I’ll leave you guys here, see ya around,” says Duo. The quiet group walks down to their cabins.

     “Hey you must be Duo,” says a young man, escorting Duo in the door. “Yup that’s me.” “Great, my name is Kento, here let me help you with those bags,” offers Kento piling them up on his shoulders. “Uh thanks,” says Duo. “Hey guys glad you made it. My name is Goku,” says a second cabin mate putting his hand out. “Good to meet you I am Duo,” he says offering his hand. “Ouch,” “Sorry I don’t know my own strength sometimes,” says Goku smiling. “Hey kid up here,” says a blue haired young man. “My name is Kouji and this…” “My name is Taski, nice to meet ya.” “Nice to meet all of you. Hey Kento put my bags over there by that bunk.” “Sure Duo will do. Watch it coming through.” Duo thinks to himself what kind of training programs are some of these guys on? 


Ding…   Ding…  Ding…

      All guys in the cabins turn to look at each other. Most shrug and ask questions.

Down in cabin 8 Rowen looks at a piece of paper on the wall. “Hey guys that is the dinner bell.” Rowen says looking at his watch checking the time. “Makes sense,” says Heero. “Well then let’s go,” says Cale heading out the door.  

     “Hey Rowen what was that about?” asks a friend form cabin 5. “Oh hey Rio. That was the dinner bell.” All guys in cabin 1 look at each other and bolt for the door. Soon all the campers head up to the Mess Hall.


      Une stands at a microphone off in the corner of the dining area. “All please be seated at the table with your cabin number. You will be called by tables to go to the buffet style line.” All sit and talk to wait on their turn. “Ok cabins 1 and 2 may go through the line. You may not go back through till all have been through.”

      “Come on guys that’s us.” “We want to get there before Goku does.” “Hey Krillin I’ll try and save some for ya,” says Goku at the head of the line.


“Oh boy hear they come,” muffles Lita.


     “Wow this all looks so good,” drools Goku. “Thanks,” says Lita. “Hey Kento no cutting!” “Sorry pal you drool you loose.” As cabin 1 filters through cabin 2 enters.

    “Hi there my name is…” “This is some great food.” “Hey there miss, the name’s…” “Oh brother,” states Krillin, “Heay Chichuri can you do something about him?” Chichuri drags Gene out to his seat. “Oh my,” says Lita. Cabins 3 and 4 proceed in.

     Except for Lita blushing at some guys it went well. Groups 5 and 6 file in.

  Group five talks amongst them selves. Lita looks up to see a young man with purple hair and her face turns red. “Hey Lita.” Lita turns, “Darien?” looking again, “Taiki? How? Why?” “Funny coincidence hum Lita?” says Taiki. “Hum yeah I guess so,” is all Lita could get out. Cabins 7 and 8 proceed in.

    “Hey there Lita, wow this is really nice.” “Hey Seiya, it looked better.” “You are not surprised to see me?” “It’s not that, I already saw Taiki and Darien.” “I see well then see you around.”

   A very quiet cabin filters through. “Hello Lita,” says Yaten. “Hello,” Lita says smiling. “You know her?” asks a cabin mate. “Sure do, she is one of our close friends. Right Lita?” says Yaten smiling. “Yes,” says Lita in a whisper.

The other cabins go on through and some come back for seconds, thirds, and so on.


     Une gets on the microphone during the end of dinner. “Ok all cabins except for cabin 1 please report back to your cabin and do the activity listed on your board.” “I don’t like this,” says Duo. “Ahh come on this means no stupid games,” says Kouji. “Exactly,” says Une from behind them. “You are the first cabin to do dishes.” “What!” yells Taski. “This will take us a while,” says Duo looking at the stacks of plates, dishes, and silverware. “The key is to make it fun. Right Taski?” Kouji elbows him. “Right. I’ll heat up the water, Rekka Shien!” “I can carry the stuff over,” offers Kento. “Duo and I will wash,” says Kouji. “Wait a moment,” says Duo trying to catch up. “I’ll dry,” says Goku. They all do their duty in no time.  


 “We have basket ball next?” says a voice in cabin 10. “Let me see that.” “Well then let’s change,” says Touga. Akio nods and follows. “I don’t know about you guys but I think there is something about them.” “Who are you to judge who is weak?” “That’s not what he meant Wufei.” “Oh sorry, Sage,” says Wufei going to wait on the picnic table outside. “Hey Xellos you ready?” “Yeah just waiting on those two.” “Here we are.” “Shall we play?” “You’re on,” says Sage taking the ball and running to the court.

      Getting to the court they see their opponents from cabin 4. “They look like our opponents,” observes Li. “I would assume so,” says Tomahome. “Should we play three on three?” suggests Gohan. “I am guessing that they want us to play as a team,” thinks Tenchi. “Oh right.” “Hey Ryouga where you going?” Ryouga comes to sit back down. As the cabins meet they warm up, decide positions and pairings, then start the game.

      “Come here kid,” says Wufei. “Come and get it,” counters Li as he shoots and scores. “That puts us up,” Tomahome says looking at the scoreboard. “Don’t quit now says Sage mocking them from the court as Tomahome and Ryouga take a drink. “You’re going down,” Touga challenges. “Wanna bet,” says Gohan taking the ball. The cabins play head to head.


   “Ok so what are we doing?” asks Gene lazing in his bed. “Well it says here something about a group game,” says Wolfwood. “What? Let me see that,” says Gene grabbing the sheet. “Seems to me we go into the forest to find this game,” Krillin says. “I agree, so let’s get going,” says Chichuri heading out the door. “Wait for us,” the other three yell.

     As they walk they meet up with cabin 8. “So where are you guys headed?” asks Gene. “To some type of game.”

 “Is this it?” asks the blond. “Yes, what is your name?” Heero inquires. “I am …” “This is Vash,” interrupts Wolfwood.  “So you mean this web like thing is a game?” asks Krillin staring at some ropes tied between two trees in the shape of a spider web. “Guess so,” says Trowa. “Hum it seems that we are to get to the other side some how,” observes Yaten. “Correct,” says a white male cat. The guys stare.

    “Did that cat just talk, or is it me?” asks Krillin. “My name is Artemis,” addresses the cat, “I am one of the camp councilor helpers.” Guys nod. “The object as Yaten has stated is to get on the other side of the web.” “What about this bell?” inquires Vash pointing at a bell tied onto the web. “That detects if or when you touch the web.” “What!” they all yell. “There are some restrictions; 1) no touching the web, 2) you must go through the holes, 3) if the bell rings you start all over, and no going under, around, or over it. You must get all team members to one side, but every time a hole is used you can’t use it again.” “I think we can do this guys,” says Rowen. “A couple more things, please put any weapons over by me and retain use of any powers or magic during this game.” “Oh man,” says Wolfwood. “And last but not least Krillin put this blind fold on, Chichuri must refrain from speaking, Cale please put these ear plugs in, and Vash and Nick will be tied together.” “How in the heck are we going to do this then?” expresses Gene.

     All start thinking. “Well there are eleven holes…” “And you can’t use the middle hole or the bottom right one,” puts in Artemis. “Ok nine holes…” says Gene thinking out loud. “Two are actually divided in half and the middle ones are sort of narrow,” observes Rowen. “If we could only jump or through people over,” says Krillin. “Why not lift them through?” states Heero. “That might work,” ponders Yaten. “What are you guys discussing!” asks Cale. Trowa walks over to the web to show Cale their idea. “Well then some can crawl or jump through,” says Cale. “Well there are 10, I mean 9 of us,” states Rowen. “What! We are separate people here”, says the duo tied together. “Well you will count as one going through a hole,” states Heero. “This means we will need lifters on both sides,” thinks Yaten. “Yes,” agrees Chichuri. “Ok then how about this,” starts Rowen, “Gene you use the middle hole at the bottom so you can get on the other side. “Got it.” “But who is small enough to fit in the bottom left hole split in half?” asks Cale. “How about Yaten and Krillin,” suggests Trowa. “What, who me?” says Krillin. Cale sees them point to the two suggested. “Hey Gene, help guide Krillin through,” Rowen instructs. “Ok,” says Gene slipping through his hole. Chichuri guides Krillin over to the web. “Ok Krillin crawling on hands and knees crawl straight through the hole,” instructs Rowen. “Ok I think I got it.” “Watch out for the rope under you as you crawl,” says Heero. “Oh, ok thanks.” All hold their breaths as Krillin crawls. “Yes he made it,” says Gene. Krillin smiles. “How to get Yaten through the other half?” thinks Rowen out loud. “Watch out,” says Yaten standing far back. “What’s he doing?” asks Gene. The guys shrug. Yaten runs and dives through the half of the hole. Silence. “Wow!” says Cale, “He made it.” “Let’s do Wolfwood and Vash next,” offers Trowa. “Good idea,” says Heero. “Which hole?” “The upper left, Gene,” says Yaten. “Guys you ready?” asks Trowa watching the duo tied together. Both look up and smile, “Yes…” “We’re ready.” Rowen grabs their shoulders and together Heero and Trowa handle their feet. “Hold still,” says Heero. They are lifted up to the web. They are passing through the hole. Vash’s shoe gets caught on the rope.

Ring, ring, ring.

“Dang it says Krillin. And they start over.

 Getting the first campers through successfully they come upon to duo tied together, for a second try. “We got them,” Yaten says. “Are you sure?” asks Rowen. “Yes”, calls back Gene, “boy they are heavy.” “Let us down!” whines the two tied up. “Whew,” sighs Gene. “Next?” asks Heero. Cale comes. They lift him through the top half of the upper hole on the right and Chichuri next on the bottom half of the hole. “Who’s left over there?” asks Krillin. “Well Trowa, Heero, and I, Rowen, are the three left. “You’re next Rowen,” says Heero. “But what about?” Trowa and Heero look at each other, “We can handle it.” They put Rowen through the middle left hole. “Heero,” Trowa picks him up as Rowen reaches from inside the middle right hole to get Heero’s feet. “He’s through,” says Yaten. “What about you Trowa?” asks Gene. “Stand back,” instructs Trowa. Trowa runs, leaps, dives through the top middle hole, summersaults, and lands on the other side. Silence. All clap. “We did it,” says Gene, Vash, and Nick jumping up and down, the two still tied together. 


      “Well what are we to do?” demands Vegetta. “It says go to the Training Complex,” reads Ashrum. “Is that all?” “You want to come read it then?” asks Anubis. “Are you implying some thing?” “I don’t feel like going,” states Veggeta. “Why not just fly?” asks Zagato. “I don’t feel like it,” huffs Veggeta. “Allow me,” says Clef. “What are you doing?” In a moment all of them are standing out side the Training Complex. “What? How?” Veggeta asks perplexed.

      A metal door opens behind him. “Good Afternoon gentlemen. My name is Zechs Merquise. I will be assisting you with your training needs. Please follow me, for a tour of the facilities.” The group walks behind Zechs looking around the very large and open building. “It has a very sturdy structure,” says Zechs. “You should see the training rooms and battle areas,” replies Zechs. Zechs shows them where the locker rooms, shower facilities, weight room and exercise areas, and also the battle and training areas. “Wow these are huge! Why are they so large?” asks Anubis. “You will see.” They enter into a storage area in the back of the arena. “This is where vehicles and combat gear type items are kept.”

     “What are these things?” asks Veggeta. A young man comes running through screaming, “It’s a Gundam!!!” All guys star after him. Those are mobile suits called Gundams,” Zechs explains “That’s why some rooms are so large,” says Clef. “Exactly,” says Zechs. “There are also outside arenas of different sizes along with seemingly endless open space. We have facilities for all types of combat and fighting.” “Any dragons?” asks Ashrum. “We have to make some exceptions with fancy tricks, but it feels real enough, trust me.”

      “Since we are done with the tour do you guys want to make out your training schedules? At first it will be just conditioning then you will start battling those you know then others later on.” “Yeah what ever. I will go first,” says Vegetta following Zechs to his office. After each one makes out his schedule he is free to train during the rest of the time available.    


    As Mina sets up the pool area her first campers come out of the changing room. “If you guys would please take a seat on the benches against the wall I’ll be right with you. I need to tell you some instructions and rules.” After waiting for the changing room to clear out Mina stars. “My name is Mina. I am obviously the lifeguard. I am in charge of both the pool and the lake. Please do not keep me from my job, in case of an emergency.  Ok first line of business. All of you need to take a swimming test. Sorry but it is policy. Before we get into the water I need to go over the rules here on this sign. No dunking, no running, …” Mina continues on. “I have plenty of items to use in the pool. You can use them as long as they are used in a safe manner. And please clean up the items when done playing with them. During swim breaks the snack shed will be open. You will be allowed up to a certain limit per day, to be fair to the other campers. Any questions? And no you can’t have my number.” Guys put hands down. “All right I’ll call your name please come get in the water and do as instructed. After receiving your wristband look up what your color means and that is your designated area when you swim. Please enjoy the pool safely. Ok first Amboshi…”

      “Now that you all have your bands have some fun,” says Mina. All the guys rush into the pool. “Hey Quatre watch this,” says a young man diving off the board into a jackknife and into the water. “Wow. That was great Sai.” “Hey Lantis want to swim laps with me?” “Sure Darien, be right there.” “Can I join you?” “Sure Taiki,” says Darien. In the shallow end of the pool the less advanced swimmers hang on to the wall. “Hey you guys need some fun. Here would you guys like a ball or Frisbee?” asks Mina. Ascot nods talking a red ball. “Throw it here,” says Zel backing up. “Me next,” says Amboshi still staying close to the side of the pool.

    “Watch out below,” says Hotohori as he and Miki take a ride on the water slide and in to the pool. As the two cabins play in the water Mina observes them.


    “I wonder what activity we are to do?” “Well it says here Rio, that we are to find the obstacle course laid out somewhere in the woods,” says Trunks. They quickly change into some comfortable clothes and shoes. “Let’s head out,” says Eagle leading cabin 5.        

    “Hey Geo wait up!” says Eagle spying cabin 7 up a head. “Eagle sir, where are you guys heading?” “The obstacle course,” says Ferrio. “Oh hello there Ferrio,” grins Geo. The cabins walk towards their destination in chatter. “Hey Van.” “Hello Allen.” “The name’s Orphen.” “My name is Rio.” Everyone get through their introductions as they reach the obstacle course.

    “This doesn’t look so tough,” observes Ferrio. “Well then to make it tougher why not give you a little challenge,” says a young woman. “My name is Lady Kayura. I am in charge of activities such as these.” “So what do you have in mind Kayura?” “Good question Rio of the Wildfire. On this course you will be racing against each other, cabin 5 versus cabin 7. The more of a challenge you want the more adjustments will be made. “Oh yeah bring it on.” Says Orphen fired up. “Hey Rio you can challenge me.” “Huh sure Orphen.”

    “Oh and no magic or use of any powers, this means cheating, it is only for fun and exercise. Well I see we have our team leaders everyone team up with an opposite partner.” The guys get in a line behind their leaders. “The course lay out is this; tires, then a wall, a crawl net, then climb up the webbing to a platform, swing to the other side and ring the bell. The bell will single the next challengers to go. And I will not let you start until the bell goes off.”

    Rio and Orphen get into their running stances. “On your mark, get set, go!” Rio rushes through the tires while Orphen has some trouble. Rio has no trouble with the wall with Orphen closing in. The crawling slows Rio down as Orphen picks up speed. Orphen starts climbing the webbing with Rio coming out of the crawl net. Rio quickly passes Orphen and reaches the platform. Rio swings ringing the bell on the other side as Orphen swings right behind him. Trunks, hearing the bell, takes off. Lafarga’s right behind. Trunks slips on the netting.  Lafarga  gets a second a head. The bell rings and Geo races off with Eagle on heels. The two race neck and neck and reach the bells in no time. Van and Ferrio race side by side until Ferrio slips down a couple steps as he climbs the netting. Van shoots ahead. Hearing the bell first Seiya quickly gains the lead. Allen waits and shoots off as the bell tools. Both sides cheer their last runners on. Seyia gets back a couple feet before Allen. Cabin 7 rejoices. “Good job guys,” Rio says as they give each other high fives. “We’ll get them back.”

     “All right now that you guys have a feel for the course you may trade positions.” “All right Allen you want to go first?” “Sure Rio, I’ll go first.” “I’ll go second,” says Ferrio. “Let’s just go backwards,” suggests Eagle.” “Works for me.” “Yeah,” agrees Trunks. “Hey guys they are changing their order,” spies Seiya. “Well then let’s just stay with our opponents,” says Orphen. “Sounds good,” agrees Geo. “That means you first Seiya.” “No sweat Geo.” “All right. On your mark, get set, go!” Although Rio’s team seems to fall behind they quickly catch up. “All right Rio you need to beat Orphen,” Trunks focuses Rio. The two shoot off neck and neck. They make it to the platform. Orphen misses the bell as Rio’s rings. “We won!” Cabin 5 cheers. “It’s one to one,” says Eagle. “Not for long says Geo.”

      “Well I am glad each side has had a win. Now we need to pair you guys up, which means I need Trunks and Lafarga to come with me.” The two look at each other a shrug. The rest of you please listen to Luna for further instruction. “Hello gentlemen,” addresses a purple cat. “For this exercise you will be combined by wrist and knees to a team member while running the course. Beware the end.”

    “Ok Ferrio and I then Eagle and Allen.” “Sounds good Rio,” agrees Eagle. “All right guys let’s see…” “How about you and I then Geo and Seiya?” “I like it,” Geo grins. Luna attaches Rio to Feerio, Eagle to Allen, Geo to Seiya, and Orphen to Van. “Ready Luna?” “Yes, Kayura.” “All right then… guys on your marks, get set, go!” “Left, right, left, right,” huffs Seiya and Geo. While Eagle and Allen carefully step trough the tires. Coming to the wall took some teamwork along with the crawling. Getting to the platform Seyia and Geo swing. “Wait,” says Allen to Eagle. Seyia and Geo swing to meet Trunks who grabs the rope and shakes them off to the mat below. “Yeah!” they yell. “How do we get around Lafarga, Eagle?” “Well we can swing into him or jump on him and try to reach the bell.” “I am not thinking the swinging into him will work.” “Ok then on three we will swing just out of reach then jump towards him.” “Right.” “One, two, three…” They say swinging towards Lafarga. By this time Geo and Seiya are back on the platform. Lafarga reaches out to grab them and they jump over him. Almost loosing his balance Allen gives him a push while Eagle rings the bell. Seyia and Geo are determined. They swing towards Trunks and Trunks ducks. They land behind him. Trunks rushes at them. “Seiya you ring the bell I’ll keep him busy.” Geo uses their hands to block Trunks. “Well then I’ll just…” Ring. The bell goes off as Seiya kicks it. “All right says Geo,” raising his ands up and knocking Trunks off. “Oops. Sorry!” Rio and Ferrio are through the tires by the time Orphen and Van start. Rio and Ferrio clear the wall and head to the crawl in area. Orphen and Van are quick to catch up and are the first ones to the webbing. “We need to climb at the same rate,” says Van. “Yeah that makes sense,” says Orphen, “Let’s hurry.” Getting half way up the netting Van spots Rio and Ferrio. “They are gaining.” “Ok on three climb as fast as you can Ferrio.” “Ok.” They shimmy up the webbing passing their opponents. “How should we pass him?” asks Rio looking at Lafarga on the other side. “He is cunning and quick,” states Ferrio. Orphen and Van rush Trunks. Trunks swings them back and their rope stops in the middle. “What now?” asks Van. “How am I supposed to know!” yells Orphen. Van drops to the ground pulling Orphen down with him.” Darn it,” says Orphen. “Ok we will rush him.” “Well we can try. But lets hurry,” says Ferrio seeing their opponents climbing back up. “Charge!” Lafarga stands in a fighting stance. They knock Lafarga off balance. “Ring the bell,” says Rio. “I can’t reach it. I need another inch.” As Ferrio reaches for the bell he hears a…. Ring, Ring. They turn to see Trunks knocking into the bell as Orphen and van kick him back. “Dam it,” says Ferrio. Rio undoes their attachments and jumps down. He catches Trunks and jumps back up to the platform.

     “Are you ok?” “Yeah I just had the wind knocked out of me,” Trunks coughs. “Sorry about that,” says Orphen. “Do you want to go to the health center to rest?” asks Lady Kayura. “Sure.” “I’ll take him,” offers Rio. “Luna will show you the way.” “Ok,” says Rio helping Trunks down.

     “Alright as for the rest of you we are going to do a trust exercise.” “A what?” they ask. “I am going to pair you up. One of you will be blindfolded the other will be giving directions. You are to listen to your guide or walk where your guide tells you. You will be using this trail over here.” The guys look at each other unsure.

    “Ok Orphen and Ferrio, Allen and Geo, Eagle and Van, and Seyia and Lafarga. Ferrio, Allen, Van, and Seyia will wear the blindfolds. The others will direct them. Which group wants to start first?

   “We will,” volunteers Orphen pulling Ferrio through the group. “Ok stand right here. Now walk foreword. Keep going.” “Ahh…” says Ferrio tripping over a root. “Oops. Sorry. Ok take five steps forward then turn left for ten steps. And do so carefully.” They head down the trail. “Next?”

   “We’ll go,” says Geo leading Allen from behind. When they are out of sight Eagle and Van start. Followed by Lafarga and Seyia. “Well I should watch them,” says Kayura.

   “Orphen this is the third tree I have run into!” “Well you can take that thing off now. We are at the end.” “Well I am going back to my cabin.” “Not so fast. It’s your turn.” “What!’ says Orphen.” “Ferrio’s right. He will lead you to your cabin,” instructs Lady Kayura. She instructs the same to the others as they exit the forest.


       “Hello?” calls Rio. “Sally. You have a patient,” Luna calls. “Good day gentlemen,” says a woman with two braids. “What has happened?” “Trunks got the wind knocked out of him.” “Thank you…” “My name is Rio.” “Let’s let him rest on a bed in here,” says Sally leading them into a room with some beds. “I am fine really,” pleads Trunks. “Please just stay till it’s time for you to head to your cabins.” “Yes that’s in about an hour,” Luna says. “You look exhausted too Rio.” “I am fine Sally really.” “Then why not stay and cool down and to keep Trunks company.” “But …” “You aren’t missing anything,” Sally says stopping him and walks out of the room. “Thanks Rio.” “No problem Trunks.”

       As the sun sets the campers head to their cabins. Many of them are tired from their end of the day activity and head for showers and their beds, while others talk. Soon the shadows cover the camp and the night sounds are heard among snores.