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Part 1


“Ah yes this will be the perfect site. I want this camp to be perfect for out guests.” “And what will the camp’s name be?” “How about The Legendary Outlands.” “As you say sir.” “The councilors should be arriving shortly.” “Correct.” “Go meet them, and see that they are comfortable.” “Yes sir.”

      The ground shakes as two mobile suits appear above the clearing preparing to land. “The Epyon and a Taurus.” The pilots climb down. “Welcome Noin and Zechs. I am pleased to see that you have taken in our request of your help.” “You very welcome Une,” compliments the young man with long blond hair. “Please follow me to your quarters.”

      A large army truck pulls up into the clearing. “This looks to be the place.” “Welcome Sally to our humble camp.” “Hello Lady Une. This is a nice place.” “Let me show you to the nurse’s station. It has all the pleasures of home.” “This is a nice set up.”

      “Meeeeooow.” A large ship falls out of the sky and crash-lands in the forest. A group walks out of the forest, as the ship seems to have vanished. “Poor Ryoooki,” says a little girl holding a rabbit and cat like creature. “Meow.” It says. “Reow,” says another like it, sitting on the girls shoulder. “Well if someone would have followed instructions this wouldn’t have happened,” says a woman with red hair. “Hey, it’s my ship. I think I know how to handle it mother,” shouts a blue haired young lady. The woman with red hair coughs. The blue haired young woman stops and sees their escort. Smiling she stops her argument. “Welcome all to The Legendary Outlands. Come and I will show you your quarters.” “Sasami you will be joining Sally Poe in the nurses station, it has all your home necessities. “Ok, thank you,” she says running to her quarters. “The rest of you will be joined by the other councilors in the Bunk House.”

    A young lady appears in the clearing. She keeps repeating a spell over and over. “Excuse me. What do you think you are doing?” asks a small yellow lion. The young lady stops her spell and looks around. “Yes I did it!” The little yellow lion starts to fly away. “What a cute stuffed animal!” The little lion feels himself being grabbed. “Oh you are so cute.” The little lion frantically says, “let me down, stop, let me go!” “Where did you come from you are too cute,” she says hugging it. “Alright this has gone on far enough,” the little lion states. All of a sudden the lion grows to his full size standing over the young lady. “Yipe, get off me. I am Lina Inverse, I will hurt you.” “Not likely,” states the lion. “I am Kerobearu, guardian of the Clow Cards.” They both growl at each other. “Excuse me, but you two are both here for the camp correct.” Both nod. “Well then let me introduce you to your coworkers and cabin mates. This way please.” The two follow in silence glaring at each other. 

     The warm air begins to pick up. The leaves rustle up in the trees. A clanking sound is heard. The noise echoes throughout the forest. Clank…. the winds swirls around the clearing. Clank… Clank… the sound picks up faster. An illusion of a woman forms. As Une comes closer the new comer walks out into the clearing. The sound and winds stop. “Welcome Lady Kayura.” “I am pleased to be here Une.” “May I show you to your quarters?” “Please lead the way.”

A little white cat with brown spots follows the two ladies.

     “Isn’t this great! We get to be councilors at a camp,” says a brown hair young lady with a ponytail. “Something feels strange about this camp.” “Oh Luna relax it’s summer,” says a blond with long hair. “This camp does seem a little odd,” seconds a male cat. “The notices we got didn’t say much,” says the driver. Her passengers stare at her. “Exactly my point Setsuna,” says the female cat. “I agree with Luna,” says the white male cat. “Hey Mina let’s just enjoy the ride and we’ll show them that this will be nothing to worry about,” says the brunette. The blond nods in agreement with the burnet and stretches out in her seat, “Yeah, loosen up you guys.”

    “Well here’s the camp,” says Setsuna after a couple hours had passed. After the car is parked the group walks towards the camp. “Good afternoon. I am Lady Une. I will assist you to your quarters.” “Thank you,” replies the group in unison.

A large white tiger appears out of the misty woods. “Ahh good. White Blaze could you help carry their belongings to their quarters?” The tiger nods his head. He walks over to the female cat unsuspectingly and picks her up. He gently tosses her onto his back. Then walks over choosing a small carry on and carries it towards the Bunk House. The little female cat says, “Thank you for the lift, I think.” White Blaze purrs. The male white cat is a little miffed. “Poor Artemis do you want me to carry you?” teases Mina.

Behind them out of the forest comes another cat. This cat is yellow with long orange fur from its head on covering the tail.

    On the speakers around camp an announcement is heard: This is the camp director. Tomorrow morning at 10:00 we will begin your training here at The Legendary Outlands. You have two weeks to become familiar with your jobs. The campers arrive after this time and we need you to be ready for them. Take all the time you need for health habits, dieting, and daily routines. Thank you for your cooperation.

    “What ever happened to beauty sleep?” asks Mina as they approach the Bunk House. “Well I guess it will be up to us after the first day to develop our own schedule,” says Lita as they walk up to the door. “Well you guys ready?” Lita says opening the door.

They walk into a room of chatter. Everyone is sitting in a common room on the sofa’s and chairs. “Wow this place is huge,” says Mina. “Well let’s take things up to your rooms then you can meet your co workers,” suggests Une.

     They walk up the steps along the rail. Une stops before the rooms. “Your names should be on your doors. If you would like the name changed please go to the office in the Lodge to do so. Please enjoy your stay,” she leaves them to unpack.

“Well I don’t have to walk any further to get to my room,” gloats the white male cat seeing his name on the first door. “Well mine is right next to yours,” replies the female cat jumping down from the tiger’s back. “Enough you two,” replies Setsuna from down the hall. “Why is your room over there?” asks Lita. “Yeah,” asks Mina. Setsuna’s room was along the a jointing wall, there is a closet at the end as the walls merged into a corner. “It seems I have a single room.” “What!” the two say in unison. All go into their rooms quickly unpacking, and head out into the hall to wait for each other.

       Together they descend the stairs down to the Common Room. White Blaze goes over to talk with another large cat. Luna and Artemis engage conversation with two other cats and some rabbit and catlike animals. The rest mingle in with the others getting to know their coworkers.

     A bell goes off. “What does that mean?” asks Artemis. “That’s the dinner bell,” replies Noin. All head over to the Lodge where the Mess Hall is locateded.

     “While everyone is eating I will take this time to fully introduce myself and go through some more information about The Legendary Outlands. My name is Lady Une. I am the co-director here. I will be the one to keep order. The main camp director is Master Treize. He is around but mainly keeps a low profile. If you need anything, have any reports, or problems come to Master Treize or I, and we will handle it. After dinner I will hand you a form describing your job here and what it entails. Tomorrow morning I want you all to head for your job areas and set them up and get a routine down for every day use. When you are not needed your time is up to you. You will be given three days and a week off. The campers all get Sunday off. We will have planned events in which we will ask your help for. If you have any suggestions or ideas about an event please see the councilor in charge of them. Once you all have had your training a title will go on your doors so campers can find you. Yes some of you will have offices in your assigned area or in the Lodge, so you don’t have to take work home with you, so to speak. Any supplies you need make sure the orders get to the office soon so you have them in time. Yes you won’t know the needs of your campers yet so judge on enough for at least two days.

      Now for more information on the campers. They will be variegated by ages and skills. They are coming to this camp to have fun but also to train. There will be fifty campers here. That’s why I will need your help in many areas. As I call your name come up here introduce yourself and I’ll give you your assignment.”

     After their brief meeting all head for their beds yawning. “I am too tired to look at my sheet,” says Lina. The rest nod in agreement.

     The next morning everyone was hurrying to wake them selves. In the kitchen downstairs the coffee pot was in constant motion along with opening and shutting of the refrigerator. The bathroom felt like a sauna with many taking morning showers. The opening and slamming of doors are heard up and down the hall. As the time of 10:00 grows near all start gathering down in the Common Room. Everyone pulls out their sheets and reads their job description. Lots of eyes grow big. Others try to understand English. The room grows silent with people staring at each other. “Well I guess we better get going… see ya,” says an energetic blue haired young lady heading out the door. The others disperse trying to find their office and job placement.

“And how are our nurses this morning?” asks Lady Une. “Just fine says Sasami smiling.” “Do you have an equipment list ready Sally?” “Yes, it’s on the counter over there.” “Do you have any questions?” “Yes a couple. Should I use my jeep if transportation is needed?” “I think we can get it supplied for you. Anything else?” “What about major emergencies?” “Well we do have a couple water healing chambers, a doctor on call, and you can always ask assistance of others.” “Ok, just wanting to be sure.” “Well good luck. This place is looking great.”

“How is Wind doing?” slightly smiles. “Are we keeping code names?” “If you want, at least you don’t hide behind that mask.” “So what am I exactly doing Lady Une?” “As the campers arrive Zechs you will get statistics, power levels, weapon use, training level, the whole works. You need to devise a schedule for them. It will be up to you to help them train also. If you need to you can meet with them to get any further information, I warn you some will be more than they seem.” “So I help them train. And I can set what days they need what? Classes, how about classes?” “Some very good ideas Zechs, work with those. I leave you to think on it.”

 “How’s are naturalist doing?” “Very well actually,” says Lady Kayura. “The forest is very healthy and full of life, the climbing equipment is safe, and the camping gear is ready for use.” “That’s good to hear. Well do you have a list for me?” “Yes I do. Oh, there were a couple things I wanted to add.”

 “How’s the cowgirl doing?” “Good morning Une. We are all fine around here. Just horsing around.” “Any supplies needed that we missed?” “Well we got a couple new horses so that means…” “We need to add more items got it. Thanks Noin.” “No problem.” 

A bell tolls. “Lunch time everyone.”

All rush in very hungry. “Ok everyone step back there will be no cutting or shoving in my kitchen. There is plenty for all.” “Lita?” “Hey Luna hope you approve your lunch. Well at least I know you are a wonderful chef.” Lita blushes. “Hey you two stop taking all the deserts. Yes, there is plenty for seconds.” “Hey Lita, keep up the good work.” “Thanks Artemis.” 

     Once all sit down to eat, Une gives afternoon announcements. “I have some good news for you. If you are done with your checking for supplies and daily routines then you may have the rest of the day off. You may swim, play sports, sun bathe, whatever… just remember to marrow you need to be getting into a routine so you can do this as quickly as possible and have thought out every possible situation and know how you can fix it. I will be checking your knowledge in two days, so know your stuff. That is all.”

“Yes time for some fun,” says the winged stuffed animal. “Hold on there Kero,” says Une. “Aw man.” “I need to talk to you, White Blaze, the cabbits, and the cats. Tell them to meet me in the Common Room of the Bunk House. “You got it,” Keero flies off.

       “I have called this meeting in order to give you further details on your duties. You guys are going to be our ears and eyes. You are to report any trouble, send for help, whatever the situation. Also I suggest you sleep during the mornings because you will help Setsuna with security at night. I will have you trading off days and jobs. So what I need you guys to do is help each councilor set up so you know were they are and what they are in charge of. And if we need to Kero, Luna, or Artemis, and maybe Ura can sub in for a missing councilor. All of you can assist them if and when they need you. Any questions?” “So who do we report all this to?” asks Artemis. “Either I or Master Treize.” “If you have no further questions you may go.” A stampede of paws rush up the stairs.

    “Good afternoon Washuu.” “That’s Little Washuu,” she says smiling. “So how’s all our electrical equipment?” “Well it is defiantly new and works well. It fits your purposes. All is up and functioning. No problems to report here.” “That’s very good to hear. Your first job will be to catch the campers on tape as they come in to get photo ids and statistics. The stats you need to send to Zechs.” “Ok I got it.” “Thanks Little Washuu,” Lady Une says smiling.

“The water looks inviting.” “Oh, good morning Lady Une,” says Mina. “I hope these campers won’t be too much for you.” “I have taken swim emergency classes. As for the cat calls I think I can put up with them.” Une smiles, “I hope so.” Mina smiles back. “Have you stocked your concessions?” “Yes I did, I am just about to thoroughly check on the water equipment.” “Then I’ll leave you to your work, carry on Mina.”

As Une passes the Bunk House she hears yelling. “I want this song to be played.” “No you got to choose the banners, I get to choose the music.” “But you choose the food.” “You wanted decorations.” “Ladies, ladies… Une cuts them off. What’s the matter?” “We are having a disagreement on some things,” says Ryoko. “No it’s a misunderstanding,” counters Lina. “Ok and what are you planning?” “A welcome to The Legendary Outlands day for the campers,” they both say. “Well there is one agreement. But although it sounds like a good idea we aren’t going to have any thing like that until the second week they are here.” “Hum this means the party will be better and bigger,” ponders Ryoko. “With more entertainment,” says Lina. “All right!” they both yell. Une leaves the two to plan their new activity. Leaving she hears another argument starting.

*    *     *

     “Now that you have had a week of training you need to be ready for the campers coming next Monday. Feel free to ask any questions or voice concerns or opinions. Once you have gotten these out of the way then you are free till Sunday morning,” Lady Une announced at lunchtime. “I have an idea,” spoke Noin. “How about a sleep over in our Common Room inviting all the councilors and even Une and Treize, if they would like.” All look very excited. “So when should we have it?” asked Luna. “How about tomorrow night,” suggests Lita. “Artemis why are you feeling sad? Of course the guys are invited too,” says Mina winking at Zechs. Noin smiles.

     During the day the girls plan the sleep over and set it up. “I have an idea,” says Lina, “let’s make flyers and give them to the others.” “I’ll deliver them,” offers Ryoko. “Sounds good,” says Mina. They busily work to get there overnight planned.

     As the lights flicker off around the camp Une walks into her office. “Are you planning on coming to the sleep over, they did invite you.” “Are you going.” “Sounds fun to me.” “Then I have no choice,” smiles Treize.

      The morning sun brings silence. No one stirs. Many still are dreaming in their comfy beds. As the day drags on more start awakening and work on the project. At lunch everyone sits at one large table to hear the full details.

       After dinner everyone heads to their rooms to change into pajamas and meet in the Bunk House Common Room. All the Bunk House members finish setting up as the others arrive. “Welcome Sally, Sasami,” greets Lita. Lady Une comes in followed by a hansom fellow. Mina whispers to Sally, “Who’s the hunk?” “That’s Master Treize.” Mina is shocked. “Good evening all,” starts Une. “Good evening gentlemen, ladies, my name is Treize Khushrenada,” he says bowing.

        Noin breaks the quietness. “Let’s form a large circle. And we will each stand and say a little more about ourselves. Remember this should be a bonding experience.” “I’ll go first,” volunteers Mina.

    “My name is Mina and Artemis is my guardian cat. Lita is one of my best friends. Setsuna also is a part of the team along with Luna, who is our leader’s guardian. In our team we fight to keep the both the Earth and Moon along with their inhabitants safe, we are know as the Sailor Scouts. I am Sailor Venus.”

     “I Lita am a Sailor Scout also, I am Sailor Jupiter. I enjoy cooking and the mall."

      “My name is Setsuna. I am an outer Sailor Scout, I am Sailor Pluto.” 

     “I am Luna the guardian cat of Sailor Moon, our leader. I have helped the scouts gain their powers.”

     “And I am Artemis guardian cat of Sailor Venus. I have helped to unite the Sailor Scouts. Also Luna and I have a daughter named Diana.”

     “Well my name is Ryoko. I am a space pirate. But I have been laying low for a while. I have powers and can float through walls. That’s about it.”

     “Well my name is Little Washuu. I am a scientist. I actually created Ryoko, so she is my daughter. I am the smartest scientist in the whole universe.” She smiles giving a peace sign.

     “My name is Sasami I am the younger princess of Juri. My older sister is Aika. I love nature especially plants.”

     “Meow?” “Oh, and these here are cabbits. They look like rabbits but act like cats. And they love their carrots. These creatures can turn into space ships. The brown female is called Ryo-ooki she belongs to Ryoko. The white male is Ken-ooki.”

    “My name is Sally Poe. I have worked to keep Earth safe. I work to stop the violence and prevent wars. I can operate machines called mobile suits. We use these to help us. I have joined forces with various groups to unite are efforts.”

    “My name is Lucrezia Noin. I have been an officer in many operations. I too can operate the mobile suites. I have worked for many groups to find my path. I have helped those know as the Gundam pilots to save outer space. I also have helped Relena Peacecraft of the Sank Kingdom. I hope to help a lot of others in the future.”

    “My name was Millardo Peacecraft. I am brother to Relena Peacecraft of the Sank Kingdom. But I do not have the strength to rule. I have been a leader of a group and I have worked under Master Treize. I hid behind a mask and became known as Zechs Merquise. With this identity I fight in mobile suits called Gundams. I have fought the Gundam pilots. I have bloodied my true name Millardo Peacraft, but my love for outer space has grown. To defend outer space and Earth I kept the identity of Zechs Merquise.”

     “I am Lady Kayura the last of my clan. My clan was known as the Ancient Ones. I do not remember much since the Evil Dynasty emperor Talpa whipped out our clan. I was put under a spell and forced to obey him. He had tried to erase my memories but they kept breaking through. Finally my opponents, the Ronin Warriors, broke Talpa’s hold on me. Actually it was the Ancient One who set me free. Since the Ancient died I became the new Ancient One.”

     “Grrrrr.” “Oh and this here is White Blaze. He is Rio of the Wildfire’s guardian. White Blaze helps in battles and carries the swords to Rio’s white armor known as Hariel’s armor. He also protects the Ronin Warriors and their friends.”

     “Well my name is Kerobearu. And I am not a stuffed animal! I may look small but I can grow into a large lion, with wings might I add. I get my power from magic cards called Clow Cards. The cards were created by my original master Clow Reed. The new card captor is Sakura Avalon. Let’s just say she’s learning.”

     “And my name is Lina Inverse sorcery genius.” She says striking a pose. “I am on a quest to find a book for my friend Zel. I am the leader, and I use my magic to defeat anything in our way.”

    “My name is Une. I have been known as Cornel Une when I led the mobile suit forces and troops. I was known as Lady Une when I helped to gain peace between outer space and Earth. Now I have just kept the name Lady Une or just Une.”

   “And I am Treize Khushrenada. I have represented and led many organizations. However I love the Earth. I now prefer to live in the shadows, rather than in the spot light.”

    Lita, “All right since we all know a little more about each other we will play some group games and then we will watch videos and snack.”

  “Yeah!” all shout.

As the night drags on they all fall a sleep in pairs.


     The morning sun wakens the sleeping councilors. Many roll over and go back to sleep. Others get up to head for daily grooming. The others kind of listen and hear those getting up around them. “Well with only two days left I rather spend them resting,” says Luna. “I agree,” says Artemis. “Can you guys keep it down?” asks Lina as she pulls the covers over her head.                                                          

For the next two days the councilors do their own things after checking on their job stuff. They socialize and get to know each other well.

 The little brown cabbit runs off.